Discover Croatia in photos

Belle plage de Nugal près de la ville de Makarska en Croatie

Are you looking for authenticity and beautiful natural getaways? Let’s head for Eastern Europe and Croatia, a magnificent country we’d like you to discover… in photos!

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And today, we’re taking you to Eastern Europe, and more specifically to Croatia. Long at war under the former Yugoslavia, this country has regained its splendor since its independence in 1991.

Between its superb coastline, its heavenly islands, its towns and villages steeped in a rich history of cultural blends and, last but not least, its incredibly beautiful natural parks, you’ll realize that Croatia is overflowing with treasures to discover! Let’s start this discovery with our top 30 most beautiful photos of Croatia.

The Croatian coast, pearls of the Mediterranean

From the tip ofIstria to dazzling Dubrovnik, Croatia boasts one of the most magnificent coastlines on the Mediterranean. With its turquoise-blue waters, magnificent sandy beaches and mountain backdrops, our first photos of Croatia immediately immerse us in an idyllic atmosphere.

Magnifique ville en Croatie

View of the famous city of DubrovnikPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Creative Travel Projects

Vue sur Dubrovnik

Another photo of the beautiful city of DubrovnikPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Ihor Pasternak

Vue sur les côtes en Croatie

View of the sunset and the Dalmatian coast from the Biokovo mountainsPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Cristina Trif

Magnifique vue en Croatie

View of the Biokovo mountains from the Dalmatian coastPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Gaspar Janos

Superbe plage en Dalmatie

Beautiful beach near the town of BrelaPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Kite_rin

Belle plage de Nugal près de la ville de Makarska en Croatie

Beautiful Nugal beach near the town of MakarskaPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Kite_rin

Vue sur la ville de Split en Croatie

View of the pretty town of SplitPhoto credit: Shutterstock – leonori

Croatia and its paradise islands

How can you talk about Croatia without mentioning its many paradise islands? With no fewer than 698 islands, the Croatian archipelago is the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea, behind only the Greek archipelago!

There’s something for everyone in Croatia: some islands are ideal for relaxing, others for feasting, and the most beautiful for hiking… Escape with our most beautiful photos of Croatia and its islands. You’re sure to fall in love!

Superbe île en Croatie

The island of KorculaPhoto credit: Shutterstock – leonori

Vue sur les îles proches de la ville de Hvar

Aerial view of the Paklinski islands in HvarPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Ajan Alen

Plage de Zlatni sur l'île de Brac

Zlatni beach on the island of BracPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Ajan Alen

L’archipel de Šibenik en Croatie

The Šibenik archipelago Photo credit: Shutterstock – xbrchx

Paysage urbain ensoleillé du matin de la ville de Vrbnik

The island of KrkPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Andrew Mayovskyy

Jolie petite île en Croatie

The island of MljetPhoto credit: Shutterstock – OPIS Zagreb

Île en forme de coeur de Galesnjak dans l'archipel de Zadar

Heart-shaped island of Galesnjak in the Zadar archipelagoPhoto credit: Shutterstock – xbrchx

Relics and emblematic towns

Formerly part of the former Yugoslavia, Croatia has seen many turbulent periods in its history. As a result, it boasts many unsuspected gems, including several Unesco World Heritage sites.

It’s time for culture and discovery in our top Croatian photos.

Jolie ville en Croatie

The city of TrogirPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Alexey Fedorenko

La Cathédrale Saint Jacques de Šibenik

The Cathedral of St James in ŠibenikPhoto credit: Shutterstock – slizard

Vue aérienne sur la cathédrale de la ville de Zagreb

Aerial view of Zagreb CathedralPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Dreamer4787

Le Pavillon d'Art de Zagreb en Croatie

Zagreb Arts Pavilion
Photo credit: Shutterstock – Ilija Ascic

Centre historique de Zagreb

Aerial view of Zagreb’s historic city centerPhoto credit: Shutterstock – xbrchx

La jolie ville de Rovinj en Croatie

View of the pretty town of RovinjPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Marcin Krzyzak/caption]

L'Amphithéâtre de Pula Pula AmphitheatrePhoto credit: Shutterstock – concept w

Natural parks, Croatia’s jewels

We’ve saved the best for last! It’s impossible to visit Croatia without taking a break in one of the country’s many national parks. Nature lovers will be seduced by the beauty of Croatia’s natural landscapes.

With its 8 national parks, you’ll find the varied landscapes and treasures that make Croatia so rich. One of our favorites is the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Parc national des lacs de Plitvice en Croatie

Plitvice Lakes National ParkPhoto credit: Shutterstock – mpaniti

Le Parc National De Krka

Le Parc National De KrkaCrédit photo : Shutterstock – mpaniti

Petite île dans un parc national en Croatie

Small island in Krka National ParkPhoto credit: Shutterstock – Lukas Bischoff Photograph

Les iles Kornati - Parc national en Croatie

Kornati National ParkPhoto credit: Shutterstock – xbrchx

Parc National de Brijuni

Parc National de BrijuniCrédit photo : Shutterstock – goran_safarek

Vue aérienne de la baie de Verige avec les ruines de la villa romaine dans le parc national de Brijuni

Aerial view of Verige Bay with the ruins of the Roman villa in Brijuni National ParkPhoto credit: Shutterstock – goran_safarek

Parc National de Paklenica

Paklenica National Park Photo credit: Shutterstock – seka33

Une cascade pittoresque entre de grandes pierres

A picturesque waterfall between large stones in Krka Photo credit: Shutterstock – rospoint

Magnifique cascades dans le Parc National des Lacs de Plitvice

Magnificent waterfalls in the Plitvice Lakes National Park – Photo credit: Shutterstock – Creative Travel Projects

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