Digital Nomad: how do I become a travel writer?

He tells the world through his pen and guides travel enthusiasts. Meet the Digital Nomad, travel writer 2.0!

Being a travel writer means the promise of an adventure to the four corners of the globe. Both guides and witnesses to the treasures of our planet, specialized media are above all collaborative and close to their globe trotters. As the right-hand man for your explorations, they make it a point of honor to work with professionals who are passionate about travel, whether here in France or elsewhere in the world.

The webzine trend? Slip a team of passionate nomads behind each destination! From Uruguay to Canada, Italy to Greece, our « Digital Nomads » support the work of our in-house editorial teams. Their job? To tell you about their country and the countries they explore, by offering authentic, certified « 100 local » stories. Focus on a fast-growing profession.

Digital Nomad, web copywriting beyond borders

Devenir Digital Nomad, rédacteur web voyage

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Authenticity is a fundamental value advocated by media ethics: for a media guide such as Generation Voyage, it is essential to provide its readers with unique, high-quality content. Above all, travel is about telling a story. It’s about sharing an experience to make you want to live it, in turn. In short, it’s about living!

This is where the Digital Nomad comes in. A writer as well as a traveler, the Digital Nomad is first and foremost a freelance web editor, a writer with a passion for travel. His distinctive feature: he lives in another country, and often packs his bags in search of new destinations to explore. His mission: to write articles about the country he lives in, the places he’s been, the places he’s visited, the details that have impressed him and the advice he’d like to give you. His office is everywhere: in an open space, at a coffee shop, with his feet in the sand, on board an airplane… As you can see, the Digital Nomad lives up to his name!

Good to know: Generation Voyage is always on the lookout for new collaborators to join our network of local experts. These experts – travel writers, travel journalists – are generally French-speaking locals or expatriates, who are best placed to share the best places to visit, the best places to eat, have a drink or whatever. To this end, we’ve created a « Local Expert » program that’s open to all, as long as you’re a self-employed entrepreneur. If you live or travel regularly, and think you can make a contribution, then all you have to do is apply to become a Travel Writer at Generation Voyage.

Becoming a Digital Nomad: pros and cons

Rédacteur web voyage : avantages et inconvénients

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In terms of status, the Digital Nomad works mainly on a freelance basis, and is paid on an assignment basis (one-off or regular) according to a pre-determined budget. Like our team of in-house editors, they write on travel-related subjects, drawing strength from their experience and freedom of movement.

Above and beyond the freedom it promotes, the job is above all a challenge, a daily challenge that demands a certain professional maturity essential to self-employed entrepreneurs: in addition to knowing how to write, the Digital Nomad must above all demonstrate a definite ability to adapt and flawless organization. Aware of their lifestyle, they remain lucid about the constraints of their profession, both in terms of the sacrifices they have to make and the risks they run. In short, he needs to be courageous and ambitious, because no, his day-to-day life isn’t always rosy…

So weigh up the pros and cons before taking the plunge!


  • Managing time and work
  • Choosing your desk
  • Sweeping away routine
  • Enrich your culture
  • Broaden your horizons
  • A multitude of encounters
  • Facing instability: money, housing…
  • Managing the stress of the unexpected
  • Manage your budget and, in the case of a digital nomad, your purchasing power depending on where you want to go.
  • Make sure you have an Internet connection
  • Anticipate time differences for good communication
  • Accept the fact that you’re in a fabulous setting without actually being… on vacation!

Editorial opinion

For Generation Voyage, this advice from a « local » writer -often inhibited in the industry- are invaluable and should be put to good use. In this way, thanks to the Digital Nomad’s professional profile, what might end up between the lines of a forum becomes a topic in its own right available to readers and the entire community of the medium in question. To travel is to explore, and that includes your team!