Detailed maps of Sicily

Visiting Sicily? To help you find your way around, use and download our maps of Sicily!

Sicily is an island of over 25,000 km², so if you’re coming for just a short or extended weekend, it’s a good idea to get your bearings in advance with maps and plans of Sicily, to save time when you’re there.

Below you’ll find detailed maps and plans of Sicily to help you when you arrive at the airport, in one of the island’s towns or a port if you’re arriving by boat. Each map can be enlarged. To download the maps & plans, right-click and « Save as ».

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Detailed map of Sicily’s regions

This map of Sicily’s regions gives you an overview of the island’s geography:

Cartes et plans de Sicile

Detailed map of Sicily

Here is a detailed map of Sicily:

Cartes et plans de Sicile

Map of places of interest in Sicily

Find all Sicily’s monuments and places of interest on this map:

Cartes et plans de Sicile

Map of Sicily airports

Find all Sicilian airports on this map:

Carte des aéroports principaux de Sicile

Map of main airports in Sicily

Sicily rail map

This map of Sicily’s railroad lines shows you the stations and routes of the lines to make it easier for you to get around Sicily:

Cartes et plans de Sicile

Public transport map of Palermo, Sicily

This map of public transport in Palermo, Sicily, shows you the stations and routes to help you get around the city more easily:

Cartes et plans de Sicile

If you’re renting a car in Sicily and you’re passing through Palermo, you’ll need a map of the city, but above all you’ll need to find a place to park easily. Finding a parking space in Palermo isn’t easy, and getting around the city is even harder if you’re not familiar with it…