Detailed maps of Prague

Plan & Carte Prague Monument

Planning a visit to Prague? To help you find your way around, use and download our Prague maps!

Prague is a great place to spend a vacation or discover the city over a long weekend. It’s important to plan your stay so that you can find out in advance where you want to go with maps and plans of Prague, to save you time on the spot.

Below you’ll find detailed maps and plans of Prague to help you on your arrival in this city. Each map can be enlarged. To download the maps & plans, right-click and « Save as ».

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Detailed map of Prague

This map of Prague gives you an overview of the city’s geography:

Plan & Carte Prague

Detailed map of Prague’s historic center

Here is a detailed map of Prague’s historic center, the most lively and touristic district:

Plan & Carte Prague Centre

Map of places of interest in Prague

Find all of Prague’s monuments and places of interest on this map: monuments, museums, parks, tourist attractions…

Plan & Carte Prague Monument

Prague Metro and Tram map

In Prague it’s easy to get around by metro or streetcar. Here’s a map of the Prague metro and streetcar network:

Plan & Carte Prague Métro Tram

Prague bus map

The Prague bus route map shows you all the stops you will need during your stay:

Plan & Carte Prague Bus