Detailed maps of Athens

Cartes et plans d'Athènes

Visiting Athens? To help you find your way around, use and download our maps of Athens!

Athens is a big city, so if you’re here for just a short or extended weekend, it’s a good idea to get your bearings in advance with maps and plans of Athens, to save time when you’re there.

Below you’ll find detailed maps and plans of Athens to help you when you arrive at the airport, at the central station or in the center if you’re arriving by car. Each map can be enlarged. To download the maps & plans, right-click and « Save as ».

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Detailed map of Athens

This map of Athens gives you an overview of the city’s geography:

Cartes et plans d'Athènes

Detailed map of the historic center of Athens

Here’s a detailed map of the historic center of Athens, the city’s liveliest and most touristic district:

Cartes et plans d'Athènes

Athens places of interest map

Find all the monuments and places of interest in Athens on this map: monuments, museums, parks, tourist attractions…

Cartes et plans d'Athènes

Athens metro map

The Athens metro map shows stations and line routes to help you get around the city:

Cartes et plans d'Athènes

Athens transport map

Buses, metro, streetcars… here’s a complete list of Athens’ public transport lines:

Cartes et plans d'Athènes