Cruise Sydney Harbour on an 1850 sailing ship

Croisière dans la baie de Sydney, à bord d'un voilier datant de 1850

Discover Sydney Harbour aboard an authentic 1850 sailing ship

There are a thousand and one ways to discover Sydney: by car, by climbing the Harbour Bridge for a bird’s eye view, by discovering the fabulous Opera House… but have you thought of a boat? And not just any boat, but an 1850 sailing ship.



Baie de Sydney, croisière sur un voilier

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Why not enjoy a unique cruise aboard a ship inspired by the mid-19th century? Sydney Harbour awaits you for an unforgettable cruise! Departing from the wharf in The Rocks, you can begin your delightful cruise around this fantastic harbor, taking in not only the Sydney Opera House, but also Garden Island, Luna Park and Admiralty House, still the official residence of Australia’s Governor General.

For the more daring and inquisitive, it’s even possible to take part in the manoeuvres, following the crew’s instructions carefully; comments and advice are in English, of course. And for those who want to live the adventure to the full, why not climb to the top of one of the boat’s masts for a splendid 360° view of the whole of Sydney?

4 booking options

Croisière dans la baie de Sydney, à bord d'un voilier datant de 1850

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Several options are available to enjoy the cruise aboard this 1850 boat. Here are the 4 options:

Standard cruise: during the cruise, you can take the helm and participate in the commands and maneuvers with the crew.

Cruise with Open Bar: a little more in your cruise where you can enjoy unlimited drinks (soft drinks, beer, sparkling wine, etc.).

– The mast-climbing cruise: during your cruise, you can climb one of the ship’s masts for a breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour.

VIP cruise: this option is « all-inclusive », as it includes mast-climbing + open bar.

To know more

The 1850 boat cruise on Sydney Harbour includes the cruise itself, some drinks when the open-bar and VIP options have been selected, mast-climbing (mast-climbing cruise option selected only), as well as poncho rental to protect you from the elements (wind and possible rain), and finally, the accompaniment of a professional team who will give you instructions and advice in English during the cruise. The cruise lasts around 1h30 and takes place every day of the week except Tuesday. There is a single departure time of 3:45 pm, with boarding 15 minutes earlier.

So why wait and not discover Sydney Harbour, one of the most beautiful natural sites in the world? With over 240 km of coastline and waterways, there’s much to discover about this rich Aboriginal heritage.

In addition to the opera, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the Royal Botanical Gardens in the distance, and explore islands including Fort Denison, Shark Island, Rodd Island and Goat Island. And what about Cockatoo Island, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Have you explored Sydney Harbour? Why not do so aboard an authentic 19th century sailing ship?