Chilowé: France’s micro-adventure specialist

Faire du canoë sur la Charente pendant deux jours avec le Captain Joël

Looking for a micro-adventure in France? Escape with a Captain! More than a travel agency, Chilowé has become the French benchmark for micro-adventures. It brings together adventurers from all over the country to accompany you on unique experiences.

What is a Chilowé micro-adventure?

Qu’est-ce qu’une micro-aventure Chilowé ?

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Snowshoeing snow-covered peaks, canoeing down a river, cycling for several days in a bivouac, roaming the countryside… Now you can experience the ultimate micro-adventure with Chilowé!

Set off into the wilderness for a unique experience with a local guide who will show you around the region and introduce you to exciting sporting activities. It’s simple, rewarding and enriching. The luxury of total disconnection, right on your doorstep. And you’ll emerge from the experience grown up, courageous, intrepid and soothed. Ready to leave with your head full of memories, but without leaving the slightest trace. Because Chilowé is also an eco-responsible trip.

5 good reasons to go on a micro-adventure with Chilowé

5 bonnes raisons de partir en micro-aventure avec Chilowé

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If Chilowé is the micro-adventure specialist in France, it’s for good reason! Here are some of the reasons why we attract so many adventurers, both experienced and novice, every year.

1. Travel while respecting nature

For the duration of a micro-adventure, respect nature by leaving no trace of your passage. You’ll be accompanied by a local guide who will help you taste local dishes and products. And you’ll sleep as close to nature as possible, without damaging it.

2. Benefit from the expertise of a guide

Captains are carefully selected. They are experts in their field and region. They’ll accompany you to make your experience unforgettable. But a guide is also important if you want to step out of your comfort zone and consider more intrepid adventures. They’ll help you overcome your fears and push you to your limits in complete safety!

3. Get wet

Whether you choose hiking, biking, skiing, naturopathy or canoeing: you’ll have to dare the unknown to complete your micro-adventure! So if you’ve been wanting to try out new activities for a long time, let a Captain guide you! He’ll not only give you technical advice, but also local knowledge. You’ll make progress alongside him, and learn lots of new things at the same time. You’ll come out all grown up and ready for new experiences, on your own or, once again, accompanied!

4. Break the routine

No matter how well organized a Chilowé micro-adventure is, no one can predict the weather or mishaps. Let yourself be surprised by the unexpected and learn to let go! And there’s no need to go far. There’s bound to be a micro-adventure near you in France. Take advantage of a long weekend to get away from it all, or simply to learn a new sport and adventure with a professional!

5. Meet new people

Meet new people during your adventure. The people who accompany you are in the same frame of mind as you, and share the same values. You’ll spend time talking about your experience, but also about your emotions. After all, no one emerges from such an adventure unscathed!

4 ideas for micro-adventures with Chilowé

To inspire your next getaway, we’ve selected 4 micro-adventures in France that are best-sellers on Chilowé.

Discover rock sports in the Savoyard region with Captain Alexis


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Looking for a thrill? Multiply your activities in the Savoyard mountains! Captain Alexis will introduce you to via ferrata, rock climbing and canyoning, all set against a backdrop of unspoilt, invigorating nature. Three exhilarating days in which to learn the techniques of these disciplines, and above all, to overcome your fears!

And every evening, after you’ve had your fill of emotions, you’ll enjoy the gîte on the farm, where you’ll be able to taste their local products, accompanied by local produce. Book this micro-adventure

    💙 We love: the unusual overnight stay in the Savoyard farmhouse and its tasty meals.

Reconnect with nature near Paris with Captain Aurélie

Se reconnecter à la nature, près de Paris, avec le Captain Aurélie

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When you’ve had enough of the capital, there’s nothing like a few days’ isolation in a forest cabin to take care of yourself. Aurélie connects you to nature in the heart of Essonne.

The program includes meditating, hiking, forest bathing and relaxing in the sauna before chatting with your companions by the fire. But above all, this micro-adventure provides you with a wealth of knowledge about naturopathy. With each outing, you’ll learn more about wild gathering, the benefits of plants and how to make natural remedies.

You’ll emerge from this experience soothed, but above all connected to others, to yourself and to nature. Book this micro-adventure

    💙 We love: the comfort of the secluded cabin in the forest and the wellness workshops.

A three-day self-guided tour of the Basque Country with Captain Julien


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If you’re an experienced hiker and you’d like to discover minimalist, self-sufficient hiking, follow Julien across the Basque Country for three days! Much more than a stroll through the mountains and Basque villages, Julien immerses you in the region’s authentic landscapes.

It takes you up to altitude, with significant vertical drops, so that once you’re at the top, you can marvel at the panoramic views. And, every evening, you’ll be proud of what you’ve accomplished, and of the new knowledge you’ve acquired on how to bivouac under a tarp on your own.

At the end of this experience, you’ll be ready to relive it, alone or accompanied. Book this micro-adventure

    💙 We like: a gentler, more respectful approach to the mountains.

Learn about primitive life in Brittany for a weekend with Captain Laurent

Apprendre la vie primitive en Bretagne le temps d’un week-end avec le Captain Laurent

Photo credit: Chilowé

You’re not born a micro-adventurer, you become one! So what better way to introduce your tribe to micro-adventure than with this primitive life experience in Brittany? Laurent will introduce you to gathering, fishing on foot and tracking wildlife as our ancestors did.

You’ll also learn how to carve flint, make a rope, filter your water or start a fire by friction. Simple, natural ancient techniques that are not far removed from bushcraft immersion!

But just because your days are punctuated by primitive activities doesn’t mean you sleep in makeshift shelters! Yes, Laurent provides a fully-equipped camp with tents and sanitary facilities, so that when the day’s over, you can relax in comfort. Book this family micro-adventure

    💙 We love: family learning and discovery.

And if none of these micro-adventures appealed to you, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for among the many other micro-adventures offered in France by Chilowé. See all micro-adventures