Cheap parking near Orly airport: prices, reservation

Parking pas cher à l'aéroport d'Orly

Need cheap parking near Paris – Orly airport? Save up to 70% by reserving a space in one of the low-cost parking lots located near Paris – Orly airport.

Do you have a plane to catch from Paris – Orly airport and don’t know where to park your car? Is there no space left in the official airport parking lot, or are the prices too high for you? There’s a simple, economical solution that lets you leave your vehicle in a cheap parking lot near Paris – Orly airport.

Located 14 km south of Paris, Orly airport welcomed over 32 million visitors in 2017, making it France’s second-largest airport hub. With over 150 direct flight destinations, Orly airport is a major gateway. The airport’s two terminals, Orly-Ouest and Orly-Sud, are mainly used for domestic and European flights, as well as those to North Africa, the Middle East and French overseas departments and territories.

Book cheap parking at Paris – Orly airport

Looking for a cheaper alternative to park your car near Paris – Orly airport? You’ve come to the right place! There are plenty of low-cost parking lots close to Paris ORY airport where you can leave your vehicle for the duration of your trip.

The price of a parking lot varies from around €3 to €10 per day, depending on the location and duration of parking. On average, you’ll save between 40% and 70% when you reserve your cheap parking lot at Paris – Orly airport. Not insignificant when you’re going on vacation.

Parking Pas cher à l'Aeroport

Cheap but secure 24/7 parking

Saving on the price of airport parking doesn’t mean poor service – quite the contrary. The spaces are fully secured, enclosed and sometimes covered. What’s more, the platform you book with provides 24/7 customer service. If your return flight arrives late at night, the shuttle between the airport and the parking lot is still provided.

The longer you stay, the less you pay per day. Note that if you stay longer in a parking lot near Paris-Orly airport, you can benefit from free parking (see below).

Where is this cheapest Paris – Orly airport parking lot located?

You’ll find several low-cost parking lots around Paris ORY airport, so you’re sure to find a space at any time of year.

These low-cost parking lots are generally located between 2 and 7 minutes by shuttle bus from the terminal. Shuttles are free and usually leave every 15 to 20 minutes from the parking lot, so you don’t have to wait between dropping off your car at the parking lot and boarding the shuttle to Paris – Orly airport.

Official Paris-Orly airport parking lot: rates, drop-off & map

Official parking rates

Paris-Orly airport has six official parking lots. Prices vary, especially over the longer term. For example, for one week’s parking, you’ll pay between €129 and €186 in the official parking lots.


The Paris-Orly airport drop-off point is totally free for ten minutes. This will allow you to unload your passenger and luggage before you leave. Then, for a further twenty minutes, you’ll pay €10.50. Only stop at the drop-off point if you don’t have long to wait. If you want to wait for a passenger or drop someone off and stay with them, use the parking lots.

Official parking map

If you need to park at Paris-Orly airport, there are six different parking areas. These are all fairly close to the terminal, and are as follows:

  • P Eco: low-cost outdoor parking
  • P2, P3, P4a, P4b: covered and guarded parking lot
  • P4c: guarded outdoor parking
Plan des parkings de l'aéroport de Paris-Orly

Hotel parking lots near Paris-Orly airport

Some hotels offer packages that allow you to leave your car in their parking lot during your stay abroad. Near Paris-Orly airport, you can choose from twenty-seven establishments, including :

  • Le Novotel Paris Cœur D’Orly Airport
  • Ibis Styles Paris Orly Tech Airport
  • Hotel F1 Rungis Orly
  • Mercure Paris Orly Rungis Airport Hotel

Book hotel parking at Orly airport

Free parking at Paris – Orly airport

To avoid having to pay for your parking space at Paris – Orly airport, there’s a simple solution for taking advantage of a free parking space near Paris – Orly airport: if you agree to it when you book online, you can rent your vehicle while you’re away, provided your vehicle is less than 7 years old and has less than 135,000 km.

Your car is then leased and fully insured by MAIF. You don’t need to take any steps with your insurer. When necessary, a free shuttle will drop you off at the airport terminal and pick you up on your return.

Whether your car is rented or not, parking near Paris-Orly airport is free of charge. If your car is rented, you will be paid according to the kilometers driven. This amount depends on the model and age of your car.