Cheap parking lots in Bordeaux: where to park in Bordeaux?

Trouver un parking pas cher à Bordeaux

Fancy a gourmet trip to the city of Canelés, Gironde caviar and (very) good wine? Here’s all our advice on stress-free parking and cheap parking in Bordeaux, for a successful weekend in the sleeping beauty.

If there’s one city that’s all the rage right now, it’s Bordeaux, France’s most hipster city. And in a way, it’s easy to see why: between its architectural wonders, its love of fine wine, its sublime water mirror and its tasty culinary specialties, Bordeaux has a lot to offer for a weekend or a week.

But when you think of a dream city, you also think of traffic problems. And Bordeaux is no exception. To help you enjoy the city without the stress of parking, here’s our complete guide and all our tips for finding cheap parking in Bordeaux.

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Parking in Bordeaux: parking on the street

Parking dans la rue à Bordeaux, stationnement

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To make street parking easier, the capital of Gironde has set up a system of parking zones, defined by the city’surban planning department. There are two zones, A and B, with different rates. However, in both cases, the maximum parking time is two hours, and parking is charged from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 7pm, except on public holidays.

For the price, expect to pay €1.30 in zone A and €0.90 in zone B for 30 minutes, €2.50 in zone A and €1.80 in zone B for 1 hour, and €5 in zone A and €3.60 in zone B for 2 hours. You can pay directly at the pay station by coin, credit card or even smartphone. But don’t forget that it’s possible to park cheaply in the streets of Bordeaux, and with good reason: parking is free between 7pm and 9am from Monday to Saturday, as well as all day on Sundays and public holidays. A great deal for those who want to save money.

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Parking in Bordeaux: covered parking lots

In Bordeaux, there are a number of parking lots that are cheaper than street parking. Generally speaking, the cheapest parking lots are located in the south of the city, but you’ll also find them in Bordeaux’s neighboring towns, including Pessac, Mérignac and Bouliac. On average, you can expect to pay €2.20/hour, €27/day and €98/month.

Some examples of low-cost parking lots in Bordeaux: Parking Bourse – 2 place de la Bourse – Parking Front du Médoc – rue Robert Lateulade – Parking Cité mondiale – 20 quai des Chartrons – Parking République – place de la République – or Parking Victoire place de la victoire. For even greater savings, don’t hesitate to use the parking reservation websites before your trip: you should be able to get even better prices.

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Cheap parking in Bordeaux: park-and-ride facilities

Unlike many metropolises, the city of Bordeaux regularly encourages its residents to use public transport. To promote its network, the city provides park-and-ride facilities on the outskirts, with excellent public transport links to the city center.

For TBM season ticket holders, this is a real bargain, as parking in these parking lots is included. All you have to do is show your ticket at the ticket machine to benefit from free parking. On the other hand, if you’re not a TBM season ticket holder, the door won’t be closed to you: you can buy a Tickarte, a €4.50 day ticket with one round trip per passenger included in the price.

Please note, however, that these parking lots are not available 24 hours a day: they are usually open from 5am to 1am, except on Thursday, Friday and Saturday when they remain open until 2am. A real bargain for those looking for cheap parking in Bordeaux.

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Main photo credit: Flickr – Stas