Cedar Point, the theme park of all records

Cedar Point, parc d'attractions

The Roller Coaster capital of the world

For all those who like to have fun, for all those who want to experience ever more thrills, there are of course amusement parks with their rides, each as incredible as the next.

Roller coaster rides are surely among the most exciting and exciting of all attractions: year after year, the rides rival each other in ingenuity, becoming faster and faster, more and more vertiginous, ever more spectacular with new constructions, new loops and other unimaginable loops. Cedar Point in the USA, repeatedly cited as THE amusement park in all its glory, is a must-see.

The origins

Cedar Point is home to one of the fastest and craziest roller coasters on the planet. Voted « World’s Best Amusement Park » by Amusement Today, Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, Ohio.

It already boasts several records, with a substantial number of rides (69 in all), including 17 roller coasters, the most famous of which is the « Top Thrill Dragster », with several records to its credit (speed, height, etc.).

Cedar Point, parc d'attractions

Photo credit: Cedar Point

Originally a family picnic area, the park was built in 1870 and has undergone major changes over the years. Today, it is the second oldest American park after Lake Compounce.

Cedar Point’s main attractions are :

  • Roller coasters with the Blue Streak, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Wildcat, Corkscrew, Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force.
  • Water attractions such as Snake River Falls and Thunder Canyon
  • Other adrenalin-pumping attractions include the Demon Drop and MaXair.

Cedar Point is the place for thrill-seekers. There are no parades, no funny characters, no shows. Just rides, just rides.

Cedar Point, parc d'attractions

Photo credit: Flickr – Jeremy Thompson

The Millenium Force

This is surely one of Cedar Point’s strongest attractions. While the Blue Streak, the Raptor, the GateKeeper and the Corkscrew are rides as bewitching as they are nightmarish, there’s nothing quite like the Millennium Force. It’s the undisputed star of the park.

More than just a roller coaster, it’s nicknamed the « giga-coaster », offering a ride at speeds of up to 150 km/h and heights of up to 100 meters. This ride can reach top speed in just 4 seconds, taking you over 130 m above ground level. The Millennium Force is quite simply the world’s best steel roller coaster.

It’s worth noting that this attraction has already won several records, including the longest descent for a roller coaster on a closed circuit and the fastest roller coaster ride in the world.

Cedar Point, parc d'attractions

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Astros4477