Car rental in Tunis: tips, rates, itineraries

Itinéraire de 7 jours à Tunis

Planning to visit Tunisia and explore its capital? Here’s our mini-guide to renting a car in Tunis!

Tunis is the economic and political capital of Tunisia, and a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. A metropolis divided between tradition and modernity, it is known for its Haussmann-style architecture, wide avenues, mythical squares and the Medina. Numerous cultural and archaeological sites attract the curious, including the Bardo National Museum and the ruins of Carthage.

To get around this city of character and discover the whole country with ease, Generation Voyage advises you to opt for a rental car in Tunis. Visiting this sublime Maghreb country has never been so easy: just switch on the ignition and off you go!

Where can I rent a car in Tunis?

Location voiture Tunis

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At the airport

As soon as you step off the plane, you can rent a car on your way to the exit. There are a number of rental agencies at Tunis-Carthage airport.

In central Tunis

In the city center, the majority of car rental agencies in Tunis are located around Avenue Habib Bourguiba. This is the Tunisian capital’s main thoroughfare, making it easy to find the vehicle of your dreams. It’s the cultural and tourist heart of the Tunisian capital.

Itineraries in Tunis by car: some road trip ideas

2 to 4-day itinerary in Tunis

Itinéraire de 2 à 4 jours à Tunis

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  • Visit the Medina and its souks: a World Heritage site, it is one of the most beautiful in the Arab world.
  • Visit the Bardo Museum, the second-largest museum on the African continent: a true marvel.
  • Discover the village of Sidi-Bou-Saïd: perched on a rocky outcrop, it is one of Tunisia’s major tourist attractions.
  • The site of Carthage, very close to the capital: its archaeological ruins have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

7-day itinerary in Tunis

Itinéraire de 7 jours à Tunis

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  • Contemplate the Great Mosque of Kairouan, the first holy city in the Maghreb. The carpet museum and the old town are well worth a visit.
  • Visit Sousse: admire its Medina, discover its archaeological museum, souks and traditional homes.
  • Go to the island of Djerba: stroll through its palm groves, the narrow streets of Houmt-Souk, discover the Ghriba synagogue and… enjoy a nice swim on the beach.
  • Further south, Ksar Douiret, a fortified village, will delight visitors with the beauty of its surrounding landscapes.

Two weeks or more in Tunis

Itinéraire de deux semaines et plus à Tunis

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You can tour the country in 15 days, which is enough if you drive two or three hours every day. You could visit

  • El-Jem and its amphitheatre, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Mahdia and its pretty fishing port.
  • Sfax, the country’s second largest city. Its ancient center is a pure splendor.
  • Gabès and its palm grove.
  • The ancient sites of Tabarka, Bulla Regia and Dougga.
  • The seaside resorts of Nabeul and Hammamet.
  • Ghoumrassen, Chénini, Guermessa and Ksar-ouled-Soltane for their ksours.
  • The troglodyte village of Matmata.
  • The Douz oasis: the gateway to the desert, a true marvel.
  • Tozeur: its Ouled-el-Hadef district, its palm grove, its great opportunities for excursions.

How to compare and book online your car rental in Tunis?

Location voiture Tunis

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Renting a car in Tunis is the same as anywhere else. Once you’ve decided on your vacation itinerary, you select the type of vehicle you want and the desired dates. It can be difficult to find what you’re looking for, as prices vary and some cars are not always available. This is often the case in high season…

Instead of searching through the countless car rental companies online, use Rentalcars. This price comparator will find you the best car rental companies in Tunis. The platform allows you to precisely set numerous criteria to select the best offer for your stay.

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How much does a rental car cost in Tunis?

Combien coûte une voiture de location à Tunis

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In this tourist destination par excellence, car rental in Tunis is quite affordable.

Prices vary according to the type of vehicle, options and length of rental. Let’s take a look at the average rates:

Per day

  • The average daily rental cost for a city car is between €18 and €24.
  • The average daily rental cost for a sedan is between €30 and €50.
  • The average daily rental price for a convertible is between €45 and €70.
  • The average daily rental cost for a 4×4 vehicle is between €60 and €90.
  • Daily rentals of top-of-the-range vehicles (German brands, sports cars, etc.) can exceed €120.

Per week

  • The average weekly rental cost for a city car is between €100 and €150.
  • The average weekly rental price for a sedan is between €180 and €260.
  • For a weekly rental of a 4×4 vehicle, you’ll pay between €350 and €550 on average.
  • The average daily rental cost for a 4×4 vehicle is between €60 and €90.
  • Weekly rentals of top-of-the-range vehicles (German brands, sports cars, etc.) can exceed €600.

Driving in Tunis: traffic rules to know

Conduire à Tunis : les règles de circulation à connaître

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If you choose to rent a car in Tunis, you’ll appreciate the high quality of the road network. Its 20,000 kilometers are particularly well maintained, whether on main roads or highways. The country’s main highway is the A1, which links Tunis to Sfax and Gabès.

Roads are rarely congested, except in built-up areas, especially in downtown Tunis. The Tunisian highway code is identical in every respect to that of France. The only difference is that red lights go through amber before turning green. Make sure you wait for the green light to come on before driving!

    National speed limits are as follows:

  • Speed in built-up areas: 50 km/h
  • Speed outside built-up areas: 90 km/h
  • Speed on freeways: 110 km/h

Rental cars in Tunisia have blue license plates, making them easily recognizable. This may be an opportunity to meet Tunisians eager to sell you their wares or point you in the direction of a business: don’t worry, it’s almost a tradition here, and good humor is the order of the day!

Tunisians, moreover, drive slowly but hardly ever obey the highway code… so be careful, especially at night. Especially as there are far fewer lights than in France. Be aware that police checks are very frequent. In the event of a check, simply present your car papers, rental contract and driving license.

Finally, the good news is that petrol is much cheaper in Tunisia, costing around €0.60 for a liter of petrol. Note that very few service stations accept credit cards.

Our tips for your car rental in Tunis

Renting a car in Tunis: what conditions need to be met?

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In most cases, the main driver must be at least 23 years old and have held a driving license for at least two years. To rent a car, you will certainly need a credit card in your own name.

To create your rental contract, you’ll need to provide the following documents and information: ID, driver’s license, address (home and e-mail), landline telephone number and, of course, the means of payment for your rental. If you wish to register a second driver, he or she must provide the same guarantees when the contract is drawn up.

The hirer must return the vehicle in the same condition on delivery. Deductibles may apply in the event of damage. If you lose your papers or keys, you will of course be charged for the loss – in most cases, around 50 euros. Fuel is at the customer’s expense, and the vehicle must be returned with a full tank.

Please note that use on unpaved tracks is absolutely forbidden. The precise duration of your rental is shown on your rental contract, so make sure you don’t exceed it, or you’ll be charged additional fees.

Limited or unlimited mileage?

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If you want to rent a car in Tunis, you can choose between limited and unlimited mileage. We recommend the latter, as it allows you to drive freely at no extra cost. It may be slightly more expensive, but the difference is modest. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about the number of kilometers you drive, so you can enjoy your stay without a care in the world.

Do I need insurance to rent a car in Tunis?

Faut-il une assurance pour louer une voiture à Tunis

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You bet! Don’t worry, most rental agencies include it in their packages. Third-party insurance, comprehensive insurance, fire, theft… It’s best to drive with comprehensive coverage. If the deductible is very high, you can reduce it by taking out additional insurance. This is sometimes included with your bank card: check whether you are covered before renting a car in Tunis.

When you pick up your vehicle, check the fuel level carefully, and don’t hesitate to take photos of the interior and exterior. The rental agency may ask you to clean the vehicle before returning it.

Where to park in Tunis?

Faut-il une assurance pour louer une voiture à Tunis

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Tunis is a city where most tourist sites have parking facilities nearby. You can find parking spaces in residential areas or directly in your hotel’s private parking lot.

For years now, traffic in Tunis has been plagued by traffic jams, especially during rush hour. You can sometimes rely on the twenty or so municipal parking lots to find a space, but it’s not always easy… As a general rule, you’ll only pay 2,500 dinars (€0.80) for six hours.

What is the most practical category of car for visiting Tunis?


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For a car rental in Tunis, we recommend a city car or compact sedan. They’re easy to move around in and offer decent comfort. Air-conditioning is almost always available, and you’ll find it easy to stow your luggage. Bear in mind that you’re booking a category, not a specific model: the rental company will allocate you a vehicle according to availability. The price difference between two categories can be very small, so don’t hesitate to compare!