Cabs in Lisbon: fares, tips and information

Taxi Lisbonne

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How do you get around Portugal’s capital by cab? Here’s everything you need to know about taking a cab in Lisbon!

At first sight, getting around Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is certainly going to be difficult: streetcars make it hard to get around by car, and getting caught up in the spider’s web of private public transport companies can be a real headache. So, opting for a cab can be a comfortable solution, but make sure you choose carefully to avoid any scams. Here are our tips for taking a cab in Lisbon with complete peace of mind.

Cabs in Lisbon: what you need to know

We don’t usually recommend cabs in favor of buses and the metro in cities where we travel, but for once, taking a cab in Lisbon comes in very handy. Whether you’re transferring from the airport, going to the beach or coming home late at night, there are many reasons to hop into a cab in Lisbon. First of all, you should know that the cab is in service and free when the LED on the roof of the car is lit up green.

Cabs are easily recognizable, with just three colors: black, creamy white or green. Make sure you can see the meter – which is only turned on when you leave – and the driver’s business card. In Lisbon, you’ll find cabs on every street corner, which you can hail simply by raising your arm. Make sure the driver doesn’t offer a flat-rate fare, as this will be more expensive and the law stipulates that the meter must always be on.

How much does it cost to take a cab in Lisbon?

Taxi Transport Lisbonne

Photo credit: Pixabay – Room46

In Lisbon, cab fares must be displayed in the cab. Fares vary during the day and night (from 9pm to 6am), as well as on weekends and public holidays. Here are the different rates:

  • Day Fare 1 (in Lisbon urban area) :
    • Minimum fare: €3.25,
    • Price per kilometer: €0.47.
  • Overnight Fare 1:
    • Minimum price: €3.90,
    • Price per kilometer: €0.56,
  • Service-per-kilometre » rate (for journeys outside Lisbon):
    • Minimum fare: €3.25 day, €3.90 night,
    • Price per kilometer: €0.94 day, €1.13 night,
  • Additional charges:
    • Telephone booking: €0.80,
    • Luggage in safe: €1.60,
    • Pets: €1.60.

It will be difficult to estimate the cost of your trip, unless you know the exact number of kilometers to be covered.

Some tips for taking a cab in Lisbon

We recommend you book your cab online: the driver will be waiting for you at your location – airport, hotel, accommodation, etc. – and you minimize your wait. – and you minimize your waiting time.

Next, we advise you to define your itinerary carefully, then look for a simulator to find out how much it will cost. For example, the Coop Taxis website.

Have you just landed at Lisbon airport? Book your cab online with the TaxiTender service: you pay for the fare in advance, and eliminate the risk of any scams. What’s more, you won’t be counting the minutes in a rush-hour queue.

To do so, visit the official website of the Lisbon Tourist Office, or the Coop Taxis Portugal company.

Alternatively, the mobile application option is also available: « Uber », « MyTaxi », « Taxiclick App » and « App Taxis Lisboa ».

Or how to get peace of mind on the first day of your stay!

Main Photo Credit: Flickr – Daniel Mesas Atero