Bordeaux, in eco-friendly and eco-responsible mode!

Bordeaux en Mode Eco-Responsable

How can you visit and live in Bordeaux in an eco-responsible way? Here’s all the information you need to discover Bordeaux in eco-friendly fashion.

The French are increasingly keen to take responsible vacations and nature breaks. Find out how to enjoy an eco-friendly and eco-responsible holiday in Bordeaux! If you’re planning a visit to the city of Bordeaux, here are a few tips for discovering it in eco-friendly and eco-responsible fashion.

Where to stay in eco-friendly Bordeaux?

Here’s a tip for choosing environmentally-friendly accommodation in Bordeaux: check out the labels that establishments are sure to display on their website or in front of their building. There are several labels that can ensure you a more or less ecological and responsible stay:

  • Clé Verte/Green Key
  • ATR (Agir pour un Tourisme Responsable – Acting for Responsible Tourism)
  • European Ecolabel
  • Green Globe

Via this link you’ll find a downloadable PDF file on ecolabeled accommodation in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Les refuges périurbains: an original ecological and artistic creation designed by urban artists from Bordeaux, 6 refuges are open to the public in summer, free of charge. You can choose between different locations:

  • Le Hamac in Gradignan
  • La Belle Etoile in Floirac
  • La Vouivre in Ambès
  • Les Guetteurs in Bègles
  • Le Tronc creux à Pessa
  • Le Nuage in Lormont

N.B: remember to book in advance!

How to get around Bordeaux in green mode?

The city of Bordeaux has an extensive streetcar and bus network (TBM). Using public transport is much cheaper and less polluting than renting your own car.

Tramway: 3 lines run along both sides of the city, from Blanquefort to Bègles, from Mérignac to Floirac and from Pessac to Lormont. Click here to see the Tram map.

Bus: dozens of lines serve the city center and surrounding areas. Click here to see the bus map.

VCub/V³: self-service bicycles are available at stations all over the city. All you have to do is go to a terminal and insert your bank card: a minimum of €200 on your card is required to collect a bike (for the deposit). The first two hours are free.

Cycle paths: Bordeaux has no less than 700km of cycle paths, ideal for touring the city.

Citiz: a nationwide car-sharing initiative.

Bordeaux en Mode Eco-Responsable

Photo credit: Pixabay – Goran Waldt

How can you go green in Bordeaux?

Frigo Zéro Gaspi: a self-service fridge, open to all and the first of its kind in Bordeaux. Accompanied by a pantry for non-perishable foodstuffs such as tinned food, it takes in foodstuffs that can still be consumed by residents, whether private individuals or restaurateurs. The project was initiated by CREPAQ (Centre Ressource d’Ecologie Pédagogique de Nouvelle-Aquitaine) and subsidized by Bordeaux Métropole.

N.B.: please do not place any meat in this fridge, which is strictly vegetarian for food safety reasons.

Address: 2 rue de Tauzia / Tram C (Tauzia stop)

Etu’récup: a « ressourcerie » that recovers end-of-life objects destined for the garbage bin and finds new uses for them. By recycling them, this association enables students on the Pessac campus to obtain objects at reduced prices.

Address: 13 Avenue Pey Berland / Tram B (Doyen Brus stop)

Generation 2.0

Let’s use apps!

HopHopFood: an anti-waste application that enables users to donate their surplus food to other individuals.

Where to eat green in Bordeaux?

Graines de Sauvage: a Bordeaux-based café-restaurant with its own foodtruck-style mobile kitchen. Treat yourself to a healthy brunch on the green terrace, or just enjoy one of their natural beers!

Address: 2 Rue de Saintonge, Tram B (Victoire stop)

Magasin Général: if you’re looking for an organic brunch, head to Projet Darwin. You’ll also have access to their Enercoop, a citizen cooperative 100% powered by green electricity.

Address: 87 Quai des Queyries, Tram B (Victoire stop)

Marché Bio des Chartrons: France’s second-largest organic market, where you’ll find organically grown food and flowers every Thursday morning.

Address: 157 Quai des Chartrons, Tram B (Chartrons stop)

Where to go green in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux’s « apéros écolo »: once a month, in a different place, with a different theme, let’s talk ecology over a drink in the open air.

Le Projet Darwin: they sometimes host eco, cultural and artistic events.

Enjoy your visit! Long live the green attitude!

Main photo credit: WikiMedia – Pliny