Boat rental in Porticcio: how and where?

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Want to discover Corsica in a different way? Why not opt for a boat rental in Porticcio?

Located in the south-west of Corsica, Porticcio offers an exceptional landscape. Between sea and mountains, it’s the perfect place for a successful vacation. Popular with holidaymakers for its fine sandy beaches and idyllic climate, the seaside resort offers thousands of activities.

If you want to diversify your activities, a boat rental in Porticcio is an excellent idea. It allows you to discover Corsica and the Mediterranean in a whole new way.

Don’t know how to rent a boat in Porticcio? Don’t panic, Generation Voyage explains it all. Let’s get started!

What type of boat to rent in Porticcio?

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Yacht charter in Porticcio is a must if you want to spend an unforgettable vacation. The seaside resort is strategically located for exploring the Gulf of Ajaccio and the Mediterranean Sea. Whatever your desires, there’s sure to be a boat to suit you. Samboat offers a wide variety of boats for your stay.

For those who prefer to get away from it all for a day or just a few hours around Porticcio, RIBs are the ideal choice. They allow you to sail at full speed and enjoy the Corsican coastline.

If you’re looking for a relaxing dream vacation, a sailboat or catamaran will be just what you’re looking for. And for the ultimate in luxury, take to the open seas aboard a magnificent yacht. Explore the Mediterranean coastline for a day, a week or more. The sea is yours!

Whatever type of boat you choose, it’s possible to sail with a skipper.

How much does a yacht charter in Porticcio cost?

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Yacht charter prices in Porticcio vary greatly depending on the vessel, the time of year, the options chosen and the length of stay:

  • RIB: RIB rentals range from €150 to €650 per day, depending on the number of people on board, the season and, of course, the presence or absence of a skipper. If you opt for a skipper, you’ll need to budget around €200 extra for a day.
  • Sailboat: rates for sailboats vary enormously, depending on the size and power of the vessel. For example, if you opt for a boat without a skipper, the daily rate can vary from €100 to €1,900. If you choose to sail with a skipper, you’ll need to add between €150 and €300 per day.
  • Catamaran: to rent a catamaran in Porticcio, you’ll need to budget between €300 and €2000 per day. And if you wish to add a skipper, an additional €300 is usually required. For the most luxurious trips, you can also request the presence of a hostess.
  • Yacht: yacht charters in Porticcio range from €2 ,000 to €15,000 per day for the larger models. The captain’s presence is often included in the price.
  • Rent a boat to explore Porticcio

    How can I rent a boat in Porticcio?

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    Unless you’ve mastered navigation at sea, it’s often preferable to hire a boat with a skipper. As well as offering you a pleasant sea trip, the skipper will be able to give you all the advice you need to discover the Gulf of Ajaccio.

    The skipper will accompany you throughout your stay on the Mediterranean seas, whether for a few hours, a day, a week or even longer.

    Thanks to the boat rental platforms in Porticcio, you can rent boats from private owners or professionals.

    If you’re going away for several days or even just one day, some owners also offer to hire out buoys, wakeboards or water-skis with their boats. This allows you to diversify your activities and make your vacation even more fun.

    Do I need a licence to sail in Porticcio?

    You don’t need a boating license for semi-rigid boats up to 4.5 kw in power, or for sailboats less than 20 meters long.

    If the boat is too powerful or too long, you’ll need a license. If this is not the case, a skipper to accompany you during your stay is ideal.

    Our tips for sailing in Porticcio

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    Porticcio harbor accommodates over 150 boats of all sizes (from 4 to 15 meters in length). The harbor is divided into six zones, depending on the size and category of your boat. To facilitate your arrival, a free shuttle service is available throughout the summer season.

    In summer, the port of Porticcio is very busy with holidaymakers enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine.

    Rent a boat to explore Porticcio

    When is the best time to sail in Porticcio?

    If you’re in the mood for sunshine, summer is definitely the best time to sail in Porticcio. Beware, though, that there are plenty of tourists on land from July onwards. On the open sea, you should be relatively relaxed (depending on how far you are from the coast). If you don’t have a skipper, let the free shuttles help you moor and avoid the crowds.

    If you’re looking for a more relaxing vacation, don’t hesitate to rent a boat in Porticcio during the low season. For one thing, prices are lower.

    On the other hand, you’ll almost feel like you’re alone in the world once you’re out on the open sea. And rest assured, the Mediterranean climate is mild all year round, so you can sail in Porticcio outside the summer months.

    Ideas for boat trips from Porticcio

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    If you decide to rent a boat in Porticcio for a day, you can discover the Gulf of Ajaccio. From Porticcio, you can easily reach Corsica’s capital, just 3.5 miles away. For a weekend, set sail for the Poets’ Archipelago, also known as the Sanguinaires Islands. You’ll be dazzled by the scenic beauty of this unspoilt area.

    And if you leave Porticcio for a week or more, the whole Mediterranean awaits you. You can circumnavigate the west of the island of beauty and discover its many villages. Head for the southern tip of the island and stop off to discover the beautiful town of Bonifacio.

    A little further on, another island just as extraordinary awaits you: Sardinia. And if you head north, discover Piana and its calanques, the Scandola nature reserve or Calvi.

    Rent a boat to explore Porticcio