Boat rental in Lorient: how and where?


Discover Southern Brittany and its islands this summer with a boat rental in Lorient. Follow the Guide!

A multi-faceted city of art and history, Lorient is above all the gateway to Southern Brittany. Located in a harbor, it benefits from an exceptional environment between sea and river.

This summer, discover Lorient and the Breton islands by renting a boat. Generation Voyage will advise and assist you in finding your boat rental in Lorient at the best price.

What type of boat to rent in Lorient?

Lorient Vue Aérienne

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Renting a boat in Lorient means having access to dozens of different models. In the city of 5 ports, you’ll find rigid or semi-rigid motorboats, inflatable zodiacs, fishing boats and yachts.

But boat rentals in Lorient are mainly for sailboats! The sailing conditions are ideal for enjoying these sublime craft. Sailing or motor, vintage or modern, let yourself be charmed by the discovery of yachting aboard an exceptional boat.

Unlicensed boats can be rented near Lorient, but only for sailing on the calmest stretches of water.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Lorient?

Louez un bateau - Lorient Port

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Boat rental prices in Lorient depend mainly on the season, the model of boat, and its power.

Medium-powered boats, between 50 and 250 HP, can be rented from €200 for a half-day in summer, and €450 for a full day. This rate rises by around €100 if you wish to hire the services of a skipper.

Sailboats come in a wide range of prices, depending on whether or not the captain or skipper is on board. In fact, some providers require this presence or at least co-sailing, while others allow you to rent a sailboat in Lorient on your own.

This explains the wide range of prices, from €300 to €750 per day solo, and from €700 per day with a skipper.

In the vast majority of cases, prices do not include fuel. So, depending on your provider, you’ll need to refuel on departure or return from your outing.

How can I rent a boat in Lorient?

Louez un bateau - Port de nuit Lorient

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Boat rental in Lorient is a popular activity. Indeed, the city boasts no less than five harbors, and the presence of numerous marine professionals. During your stay, you can go directly to a boat rental company in Lorient, mainly located around the marina and in the city center.

Depending on the composition of your group and your wishes, they can advise you on the type of boat to rent in Lorient, and help you find a skipper if necessary. A skipper on board your charter boat is always preferable if you’re unfamiliar with the region, the boat model or if you only sail occasionally.

But you can also book your boat rental in Lorient directly from your sofa! Find all the boats for rent in Lorient on the platforms dedicated to this activity, such as Samboat.

In just a few clicks, select the date, location and duration of your charter, and the site will list all available offers in real time. All that’s left to do is choose the boat model, whether or not you’d like the captain on board, and study the various options on offer.

Extend the pleasure of a sea excursion by adding a variety of leisure equipment to your boat rental in Lorient. You can borrow fishing, diving or snorkelling equipment, hire a paddle or water skis from most private or professional rental companies, and try out these activities at your leisure.

Rent a boat to explore Lorient

Do I need a license to sail in Lorient?

You’ll need at least a coastal boating license to sail in Lorient. However, if you’re not a seasoned sailor, or don’t know the type of boat you’re renting, it’s best to hire a skipper.

Our tips for sailing in Lorient

Lorient Bateau

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Lorient has five harbors, dedicated to fishing, commerce, shipping, the military and, of course, yachting. Lorient’s marina is located right in the center of town, making access to the city and its shops particularly easy.

It has 50 pontoon berths and can accommodate boats up to 40 meters long. The harbor is sheltered from all winds, and comprises two sections:

  • The outer harbor, accessible every day, without time restrictions
  • The wet dock, open only during the day (opening hours vary according to season).

Mooring rates are divided into 8 categories, defined by boat length. For 2020, in high season, daily mooring fees are as follows:

  • For category A/B/C (boats under 7 m): €18
  • Category D/E/F (boat under 8.50 m): €22
  • Category G/H/I (boat under 10 m): €30
  • For the J/K/L category (boats under 11.50 m): €38
  • M/N/O category (boat under 14 m): €46
  • Category P (boat under 16 m): €54
  • For category Q (boat under 18 m): €66
  • R category (boat under 24 m): €89

Boats over 24 meters are subject to a personalized stopover tariff, which can be requested directly from the harbor master’s office.

Rent a boat to explore Lorient

When is the best time to sail in Lorient?

Navigation in Lorient is at its most pleasant in summer. This is when the ocean offers the best conditions. It’s worth noting, however, that the Interceltic Festival takes place in August, greatly increasing the population, including on the water.

Itinerary ideas by boat from Lorient

Archipel Glénan

Photo credit: Flickr – CELINE NAEGELEN

Discover two itinerary ideas from Lorient marina.

Conquering the islands of Brittany

Lorient’s harbor is the ideal starting point for discovering the islands of Southern Brittany. Head for the island of Groix, with its superb Grands Sables beach and turquoise waters. Continue on to Belle-Île-en-mer, where you’ll be greeted by the imposing Vauban citadel of the island’s capital.

Unless you prefer to anchor at Sauzon, with its natural harbour sheltered from the winds. Take advantage of your stopover to discover Brittany’s largest island via its many hiking trails, before enjoying freshly caught seafood.

The Glénan archipelago

Crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches and a wild environment – better than the Seychelles, set sail for the Glénan islands. You’ll reach the archipelago in around an hour and enjoy a complete change of scenery.

Sail between the 22 islands and islets that make up the island, or drop anchor on Saint-Nicolas Island for a relaxing stopover between heavenly beaches and local flora and fauna.

Rent a boat to explore Lorient