Boat rental in Grau du Roi: how and where?

Le Grau-du-Roi , station balnéaire sur la côte d'occitanie en France

Boat rental in Grau du Roi: discover all the information you need to rent a boat in Grau du Roi, the only seaside resort in the Gard.

A former fishing village revolutionized by the Racine plan, Le Grau du Roi welcomes thousands of holidaymakers every year in search of sunshine and the good life. The Gard seaside resort is an ideal starting point for discovering the Camargue and its riches, both by land and by sea. Indeed, what if your stay was an opportunity to rent a boat and visit the region in a different way? Generation Voyage tells you everything you need to know about boat hire in Le Grau du Roi, how to get started, where to go and at what price.

What type of boat can I rent in Grau du Roi?

Le Grau-du-Roi

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Grau du Roi offers a wide range of boat rentals. In keeping with the sheer size of the port, all sizes of boat are available for hire. You’ll find motorboats of the hull, day cruiser or jet-boat type, as well as sailboats, catamarans and, why not, a yacht.

Boat rental without a license is also very popular in Grau du Roi.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Le Grau du Roi?

Camargue, Grau du roi

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There’s a huge range of prices, from around €60 an hour for a boat without a license, to over €4,000 a day for a yacht with skipper.

Prices are generally quoted by duration: usually half-day or full day. Average low-season rates are as follows:

  • Small boats (up to 4 or 6 people): from €200 per half-day and €400 per day
  • Medium-sized boats (up to 12 or 14 people): from €250 for a half-day to €500 for a full day
  • Monohulls (sailboats, catamarans): from 350€ per half-day and 500€ per day for sailboats, weekly rental for catamarans, from 3200€.
  • Yachts: from €2,500 per day

These rates are quoted for dry hire, i.e. most often without the cost of fuel. You must therefore fill the tank before your departure, and/or on your return, depending on the rental.

Rent a boat to explore Grau duRoi

How can I rent a boat in Grau du Roi?

Marina of Grau du Roi

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Boat rental in Grau du Roi is a very popular activity. You’ll find nearly a dozen professional service providers close to the beaches and Port Camargue.

But why settle for a limited choice of boats? In just a few clicks, book your boat rental in Grau du Roi on platforms dedicated to private boat rentals, such as Click&boat. Here you’ll find all the boats available for hire by local individuals and professionals. Select your town, rental dates and type of sailing, with or without skipper, and choose from the many offers.

If you’re not used to going out to sea, and/or you don’t have the appropriate license, it’s best to opt for a boat rental with a skipper. In addition to ensuring your safety, the skipper can teach you the rudiments of sea and river navigation.

What if, for even more pleasure, you complemented your boat rental in Grau du Roi with some leisure equipment? In fact, a number of private and professional service providers offer complementary services such as fishing equipment, diving equipment, sea kayaks, wakeboards and packed lunches.

Do I need a permit to sail in Grau du Roi?

Yes, you do need a boating license to sail in Grau du Roi. But if you don’t have one and want to go out to sea, don’t panic. There’s nothing to stop you hiring a boat with a skipper in Grau du Roi. The skipper will take care of the navigation, while you enjoy the pleasures of sailing.

Our boating tips for Grau du Roi

Grau du Roi , a resort on the coast of occitanie region in France

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Le Grau du Roi has two marinas. The first in the town, and the second at Port Camargue. In fact, Port Camargue is Europe’s leading marina, and the world’s second largest after San Diego. It welcomes a huge number of visitors, whatever the season. It’s therefore highly recommended to know the rudiments of navigation and maneuvering to get in and out easily, especially in summer.

The harbors are located in the Bay of Aigues-Mortes, and are therefore protected from the elements. Wind is therefore no problem for yachtsmen.

The town has two bridges over the shipping channel. The swing bridge operates five times a day on weekdays, and three or four times on Saturdays, with timetables varying according to the season. It also operates on Sundays between May and September. The lift bridge operates three times a day in low season, and six times a day between May and September. Managed by the municipality, you can call an employee on VHF 73 in the event of a problem.

Rent a boat to explore Grau duRoi

When is the best time to sail in Grau du Roi?

Summer is a particularly good time for boating at Grau du Roi. However, you should bear in mind that the number of boats is multiplied by ten in July and August. So it’s best to make a stopover or rent a boat in Grau du Roi in June or September.

Ideas for boat trips from Le Grau du Roi

Grau du roi bateau

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The wild coast

This outing takes you along the coast of the Petite Camargue as far as Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.

Sail quietly past the Espiguette and Baronnets beaches, the lighthouse, then cross the Aigues-Mortes salt marshes to reach the port from which Saint-Louis set out on his crusade, before calling in at the fortified town. Don’t forget to visit the salt marshes, before setting sail again for Le Grau du Roi. Allow half a day for this tour.

The Languedoc coast as far as Sète

Set sail on a one- or two-day cruise to this unique island. By sea, or via the Canal du Rhône, reach Sète and its gentle way of life. Along the way, enjoy the unique landscapes of the Camargue and its colorful flora and fauna.

You’ll then arrive in Sète, and discover its incredible harbor right in the center of town. After a few hours’ stopover, you’re off for the return journey.

Rent a boat to explore Grau duRoi

Now you know the essentials, and more, about boat rental in Le Grau du Roi. The sea is waiting for you. Enjoy the ride!