Boat rental in Agay: how and where?


Looking for a dream vacation in the Mediterranean? Here’s how to rent a boat in Agay.

Agay is located in the French commune of Saint-Raphaël, in the Var department. The little port nestles between Cap Dramont and Pointe de la Baumette. Here you can admire the foothills of the Estérel massif, or rent a boat for a day.

Agay is a small haven of peace known for its three fine sandy beaches. The port is a small marina exclusively for small boats. Once you’ve disembarked, head for the Place Gianetti, which hosts festivities and a picturesque food market.

If you’d like to go for a walk, the Rastel d’Agay is a mountain peak offering hiking trails and exceptional panoramic views. It’s also a good place to familiarize yourself with the marine environment.

Our advice: opt for a boat rental in Agay to simply admire the beauty of the Var coastline.

What type of boat to rent in Agay?


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If you’re looking for a boat rental in Agay, you should know that the choice is rather limited in this small port. Small motorboats and sailboats are available, especially during the summer season.

How much does a boat rental in Agay cost?


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The price range for boat rentals in Agay is in the lower end of the scale. The small size of the boats available and the confidentiality of the port work in your favor. For a boat without a license, for example, you’ll pay between €50 and €140 per day in summer.

You’ll need to pay twice as much for a sailboat, and between €250 and €400 for a motorboat for 6 to 8 people. As a general rule, a deposit is required.

The presence of a skipper will be charged at between €100 and €250 per day, depending on the size of the boat and the route chosen. Please note that fuel is not included in the rental price.

You’ll need to fill up on the outward or return journey, depending on your arrangement with the owner.

Rent a boat in Agay

How to rent a boat in Agay


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Renting a boat in Agay is fortunately quite simple. Don’t get in over your head, and take advantage of the platforms dedicated to boat sharing. The best, according to Generation Voyage? Samboat, by far.

With just a few clicks, you can book the boat rental in Agay that suits you best. The site allows you to select numerous options, such as the desired date, the presence of a skipper or additional equipment. And all at the best price!

Optional marine leisure equipment depends on your boat and the type of trip you’d like to take. Wakeboards, buoys, fishing gear or paddles can be purchased for as little as a few dozen euros. Agay is ideal for wakeboarding, for example, given the frequent swell in the bay.

Do I need a permit to sail in Agay?


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Renting a boat in Agay is not something you can improvise. You don’t need a license to steer a sailboat, but you do need one for motorboats over 6 hp (4.5 kW). And this applies whether you’re sailing at sea or on inland waters (rivers…).

That said, even if you don’t need a license, knowledge of marine rules is always preferable. The use of equipment such as sonar or VHS is a plus if the weather turns nasty.

If you don’t have a license, a boat without a license may be the perfect way to discover the joys of the sea. In this case, you’ll be issued with a daily boating pass for any checks you may need to carry out.

Ideally, you should put your trust in a seasoned skipper. He or she knows the maritime laws perfectly, and navigation holds no secrets for him or her.

Our tips for sailing in Agay

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With a capacity of 200 berths for boats between 0 m and 8 m in length, the port of Agay is a small, modest marina. It is open to tourists between April and October. The harbor is fairly narrow, so take care when passing another yachtsman.

Navigation in the surrounding area poses no major difficulties, but swells are often present. The nearby Estérel massif channels the winds into the Agay harbor: the waves can be quite impressive when it’s blowing!

Prices range from €4.50 to €22 per berth, from €39 to €132 per week, and from €156 to €582 per month. Of course, this depends on the size of your boat.

When is the best time to sail in Agay?

The best time to rent a boat in Agay is from May to the end of September. After all, the Mediterranean is best enjoyed in summer!

That said, you’re not the only one who wants to sail the blue waves. It’s no secret that the Côte d’Azur is a busy place during the summer season. Be careful and respect other boaters.

Ideas for boat trips from Agay


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One-day itineraries

In just one day, you can sail to Île d’Or, Île des Vieilles or the Îles de Lérins off Cannes. And if you’re curious, the mythical Gulf of Saint-Tropez is just an hour away. We also recommend Pampelonne beach, a little further west.

Two-day itineraries

If you have more time to rent a boat in Agay, we suggest you follow the coastline. In two days or more, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the sumptuous little coves and calanques typical of the Var. What splendor between Saint-Raphaël and Cannes! The rocks of the Estérel massif tower above you, captivating you with their ochre hues.

Our favorite: the Calanque des Anglais, a must-see for tourists.