Become a soigneur for a day at Zoo de Beauval

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Put yourself in the shoes of an animal caretaker at Zoo de Beauval and make one of your greatest dreams come true!

Zoo de Beauval is one of Europe’s finest animal parks. Here you can admire hundreds of species and thousands of animals from all over the world. One of the park’s star activities is the chance to become a soigneur for a day at Zoo de Beauval. Is this something you’ve always dreamed of?

Find out what’s in store for you with this experience!

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The Principle

Soigneur Raccoon Zoo Beauval

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Becoming a soigneur for a day at Zoo de Beauval will enable you to share in the exciting missions of the park’s different sectors. You’ll spend an entire morning up close and personal with the animals that inhabit this exceptional animal park. You’ll also be accompanied bya scientific mediator anda mediator-groomer.

Activities and tasks include preparing meals and feeding the animals. By the end of this unforgettable experience, you’ll know everything there is to know about the workings of the Beauval Zoo and its professions.

The park offers two different activities depending on the time of year: a spring/summer version, and two autumn/winter versions.

The park also offers a similar experience for juniors. Children aged 10 to 17 can become animal caretakers for a day at Zoo de Beauval. Accompanied by scientific mediators, your children will learn more about the job of animal caretaker, animal welfare, medical training and species protection.

Spring/summer version

Singe Déjeuner

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This program runs from April 1 to September 30. It costs €220 per person over 16. The activity lasts a total of 4h15. The activity begins at 8am, at the entrance to the ZooParc, where the mediator and mediator-guardian will welcome you.

During the activity, you’ll learn more about the job of animal caretaker at Zoo de Beauval, animal care and the animal park itself. You’ll also visit the park’s falconry. You’ll be given an introduction to falconry with a Harris’s hawk. Then you’ll go to the elephant building and help prepare their food.

Participants will also visit the dromedary building and take part in the cleaning of their stalls. Finally, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the orang-utan/chimpanzee sector. You’ll prepare and distribute enrichment to the orangutans. Then you’ll feed the stingrays in the gorilla greenhouse. At 12.15 p.m., you’ll be escorted back to the park entrance, armed with precious memories.

Autumn/winter version

Soigneur Singe

Photo credit: Facebook – Zoo de Beauval

During autumn/winter, two programs are offered. They are available for €195 per person.

The usual program from October 1 to 31

The activity begins at 7:45 with a welcome and presentation of Zoo de Beauval by your two guides. You’ll then be taken to the African turtle area, where you’ll take part in feeding the turtles.

You’ll then discover the African savannah, with a tour of the building, an introduction to the species and a chance to take part in the clean-up.

Your guides will then have you feed the birds in the tropical greenhouse and the little monkeys. Then you’ll help create and distribute enrichment for the orangutans. Finally, you’ll feed the penguins before finishing the activity at 12 p.m.

The usual program from November 1 to March 31

After the welcome, your guides will explain the job of a Zoo de Beauval caretaker and the care given to the animals. You will then visit the hippopotamus building. You’ll also help prepare their food and clean up.

Participants will then observe and feed the giant tortoises in the equatorial dome. Then you’ll take part in the creation and distribution of enrichment for the saimiris. Finally, the day’s caretakers will feed the penguins.

Please note that these programs may change between your purchase date and the day of the activity.

Frequently asked questions

Phoque Zoo de Beauval

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Would you like to become a soigneur for a day at Zoo de Beauval? Here are the most frequently asked questions when you want to take part in this activity.

How to book your activity?

You can book the activity on Zoo de Beauval’s online ticketing service here.

To reserve by cheque, you can also contact the park’s education department on Please note, however, that your registration will only be confirmed on receipt of your cheque.

What do I need or can I take with me during the activity?

Dress appropriately for working with animals. If possible, comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, as well as boots.

You can also bring your own camera. However, you are responsible for your own equipment.

What are the possible restrictions?

Working as a soigneur for a day at Zoo de Beauval requires the ability to move around easily in areas that are sometimes difficult to access. Good physical condition is therefore essential. Pregnant women and people suffering from immunodeficiency are strongly advised against this activity.

What rules or instructions do I have to follow?

Before you make your purchase or visit, be sure to consult the ZooParc de Beauval’s safety instructions and house rules. Your guides will also give you the instructions to follow. If you do not follow them, the activity may be interrupted without refund.