Banana spider cures erectile dysfunction?

Verified on 05/11/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
L'araignée banane soigne les troubles de l'érection ?

One of the most dangerous of all spiders, the banana spider could well be a boon for many men. Brazilian researchers have discovered that a molecule in its venom can combat erectile dysfunction.

Nobody wants to cross its path. Indeed, the banana spider, also known as Phoneutria nigriventer, is considered one of the most dangerous species in the world.

Although it’s best to stay well away from this South American specimen, which can grow up to 18 centimetres long, it’s nonetheless interesting, since according to Brazilian researchers, its venom can be used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Have we found a hyper-potent alternative to Viagra?

A neurotoxic venom to treat erectile dysfunction

While the banana spider’s bite can be fatal, its neurotoxic venom also causes convulsions, increased blood pressure, blurred vision and… prolonged erections, so long that they become painful.

It is on this last point that the team of scientists has been working to develop a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the results of the study extol the virtues of a molecule extracted from the venom of the banana spider, PnPP-19, which the scientists succeeded in applying in gel form to diabetic and hypertensive rats and mice.

Gel on the market soon? Tests underway

The result ? The scientists found that the rodents had erections lasting between one hour and twenty minutes after application of the famous gel.

Writing in The Sun, Ezequiel Dias Foundation (Funed) researcher Maria Elena de Lima believes that it « could fill a huge gap in the market and help millions of people worldwide », including diabetics, patients with high blood pressure and women with libido problems.

At present, tests are underway to determine whether the gel will soon be available as a medicine.