Attend a flamenco show in Barcelona

Flamenco, tablao, Barcelone

Enjoy an evening of flamenco in the Catalan capital, with a show on a « Tablao » stage!

Flamenco is one of the strongest symbols of Spain: it’s a dance that combines several powerful ingredients, such as guitar, singing, gestures, music and an unusual atmosphere. Why not discover this extraordinary atmosphere for yourself?

Close to flamenco

Flamenco, tablao, Barcelone

Photo credit: Flickr – Bernardo Wolff

You’ll have the opportunity to visit a « tablao »: a venue where flamenco dance performances are usually held. Although flamenco originated in southern Spain, in Andalusia, Barcelona is never far behind when it comes to parties and shows.

You’ll have the opportunity to go to the heart of the Ramblas, one of the city’s liveliest and trendiest districts, to witness a show that will not leave you indifferent, and which will surely even make you want to get your groove on.

The show takes place on a « Tablao » stage, the ancestor of the first concert cafés. This is a unique opportunity to experience an intense show of traditional Spanish music, song and dance.

An experience that will give you goose bumps, so powerful and dramatic are the dances that will excite you, put you in a trance and sweep you off your feet.

While admiring this flamenco show, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy a complimentary drink of your choice of sangria, beer, wine or soft drink.

A complete show

Flamenco, tablao, Barcelone

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Jean

In an intimate, passionate and warm atmosphere, come and plunge into the heart of one of Spain’s oldest traditions for an evening.

The show lasts around 2h30 and brings together a wealth of talent from all over the country; the artists you’ll see are accompanied by young up-and-comers for whom tablaos today serve as a springboard and artistic school, while remaining as close as possible to the audience.

Flamenco is an art form in its own right, rich in variety and rich in expression: dance, song and music. The rhythm and gesture of the dancers create a spellbinding spectacle that will transport you back to the time of Carmen.

Enjoy this wonderful Spanish experience in the heart of a typical – albeit touristy – district of Barcelona, and travel for over two hours in an atmosphere full of fire and passion: each artist improvises, interpreting dance and music in their own personal way, as they feel it deep down inside.

A real communion between artists and with the audience, to deliver an extraordinary, timeless performance.

This is THE show not to be missed in Spain, and particularly in Barcelona. A must-see at least once in your life!

Have you ever seen a flamenco show?