Antsirabe and its tourist attractions

Pousse-pousse Antsirabe

Visit to the town of Antsirabe in Madagascar

Antsirabe is a popular tourist destination for locals and visitors to Madagascar. It is a 2-hour drive from Antananarivo. For the capital’s inhabitants, spending a weekend here is a great way to visit the region’s tourist attractions and get some fresh air at the same time.

Antsirabe boasts a number of tourist attractions that are second to none in Madagascar. Also known as the « city of waters », it is a beautiful village-town located some 200 km from the Malagasy capital. National road N°7, which links the capital to the south of the country, passes through the town. Antsirabe’s main assets lie in the hot springs that abound in this volcanic region.

In the town center, a century-old building with ancient architecture stands majestically. It houses the famous « Hôtel des thermes ». Nearby is a spa with a medical center, swimming pool and shower cabins. Doctors, physiotherapists and masseurs offer a variety of services. A little further down, the warm waters from several springs form a veritable lake strewn with water hyacinths and water lilies. In the surrounding villages, mineral water geysers welcome tourists.

Hôtel des thermes antsirabe

Hôtel des Thermes – Photo credit: Wikimedia – Hardscarf

Thanks to its mild climate, the first missionaries of the Lutheran Church made Antsirabe their home. Today, their former dwellings (beautiful villas from the colonial era) form a quiet, affluent residential district, much sought-after by foreign residents. In many parts of the city, you’ll find other old buildings that served as workplaces for these Norwegian evangelists.

Antsirabe is renowned for its national and international factories and businesses. These industrial units are the town’s main sources of financing. Agricultural produce such as fruit and vegetables from the villages surrounding the water city supply the markets of the capital and other towns in the provinces of the Grande Île. This is particularly true of carrots, potatoes, apples, pears and peaches.

Lac Tritriva Antsirabe

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Bernard Gagnon

Lake Tritriva is 15 minutes from the town center. It is a place of worship for lovers of all ages. According to legend, a pair of lovers threw themselves off a precipice bordering this lake when their parents forbade them to marry. Their corpses gave life to two semi-aquatic trees whose trunks are entangled, imitating the position of the young people when they committed suicide. Other very attractive sites, such as Lake Andrakiba, Avenue de l’Indépendance and Parc de l’Est, are packed with people during festive periods and vacations.

In short, Antsirabe is a beautiful town with a rich history and many tourist attractions. It’s a popular holiday destination for the capital’s population and a must for visitors.

Main photo: Wikimedia – Bernard Gagnon