ANCV vacation vouchers: how to use them abroad?

Do you have ANCV vacation vouchers and can’t spend them? We’ll tell you how to use them for your trip abroad!

Your company offers you vacation vouchers, but they’re just piling up in a drawer and you don’t know what to do with them? It’s possible to use your ANCV (which stands for Agence Nationale des Chèques Vacances) vacation vouchers abroad.

Going to New York, Barcelona or Rio? How do you sell your vacation vouchers outside France? We give you the trick in this article!

By the way, what is an ANCV vacation voucher?

Introduced in 1982 to help French people go on vacation, the « chèque-vacances » is a nominative voucher that enables its beneficiary to optimize his or her travel budget thanks to a financial contribution from the employer or works council (in both the private and public sectors). Although it is not compulsory for employers, many companies offer it. How does it work? You pay a portion of your salary into a monthly savings account, which is topped up by your company or a social organization (works council, public sector mutual insurance company, etc.). The money accumulated entitles you to vacation vouchers in denominations of 10, 20, 25 and 50 euros.

Chèques-vacances ANCV en voyage

How do I book a trip with vacation vouchers?

The first thing to do is check that the agency or service provider you plan to book your trip with is one of the 170,000 partners approved by ANCV for Chèques-Vacances. To do this, type the name of the agency into the ANCV search bar. Chèques-Vacances can usually only be used in France, but how can they be used abroad?

The answer can be found on the international activity booking platform Ceetiz. It sells activities in France and abroad, in cities such as London, New York, Melbourne and Rome.

How can I pay with vacation vouchers on Ceetiz?

A French company, Ceetiz lets you pay for an activity abroad with one or more vacation vouchers. But how do you do it?

Once you have selected the activities you are interested in and validated your shopping basket, you will be asked to create an account and pay for your purchases either by credit card or by Chèques-Vacances ANCV: select this option, then follow the next steps:

4 simple steps :

1) You will not be able to pay for your order immediately with your paper vacation vouchers. To confirm your order, you must first pay in full by credit card (you will be reimbursed later).

2) Download the ANCV form in PDF format from Ceetiz

3) Print out the form and complete it, don’t forget to sign it, then send it within 72 hours of your order by post (or registered post with acknowledgement of receipt), together with your vacation vouchers made payable to Ceetiz in the « Provider details » box. The address is: Ceetiz, 13-15 rue des Sablons, 75116 Paris.

4) Upon receipt of the form and your vacation vouchers, the credit card used to pay for the order will be credited with the amount of the vacation vouchers. It takes between 20 and 30 days to receive the refund.

What should I do with my vacation e-vouchers?

For several years now, ANCV has been developing a range of « e-vacation vouchers », i.e. vouchers that can be used on partner websites (,, Futuroscope… See the full list online). The virtual chequebook is made up of 60-euro denominations, which can only be used on the Internet, are valid for 2 years beyond their year of issue, and can be exchanged directly on the Internet at the end of their validity.