An excursion around Florence to discover the Chianti region

A one-day tour of the Chianti region from Florence, including visits to hilltop villages, wine tasting and a Tuscan dinner!

Florence is one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations, just behind Paris and London. Its population makes it Italy’s eighth-largest city. This capital of the Tuscany region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Florence has no shortage of monuments to visit, including the Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore and the Galleria degli Uffizi, where you can admire works by Boticelli, Raphael and Michelangelo. But the beauty of the Chianti region doesn’t end in Florence. That’s why the excursion offers you the chance to spend a day discovering this region, which stretches between Florence and Siena.

A day that begins in Siena

Sienne, Chianti

Photo credit: Flickr – Kok Chih & Sarah Gan

The tour begins with a visit to Siena, famous for the Palio delle Contrade horse race held every summer. A guided tour of the old town will take you to the Basilica of St. Dominic, the Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption and the Museum of a Contrade. You’ll also be given some free time to wander around freely, whether you’d like to see more of the city or browse the tourist stores.

If you choose the first option, we recommend a visit to the Palazzo Publico. This 18th-century public palace once housed the city’s government and is now a museum. You can also climb the Mangia Tower for a spectacular view of the whole city and its surroundings.

From typical villages to Chianti wine tasting

Village de San Gimignano

Photo credit: Flickr – Kevin Poh

Your tour continues with a bit of history, with a visit to San Gimignano, a UNESCO World Heritage site. San Gimignano has retained almost all of its 13th and 14th century architectural features. Your free time here will give you the chance to visit many of the monuments found in this medieval town. These include the town hall, Sant’Agostino church and the San Gimignano 1300 museum. The latter, located in the heart of San Gimignano, houses an important collection of ceramic reproductions of the town in medieval times.

The next stop on the tour is a local winery. Here, you can visit the vines and wine barrels. To delight your taste buds, we offer a gourmet break during which you can sample a selection of four wines and local produce.

Cave de vin dans le Chianti

Photo credit: Flickr – Daniel Stockman

The last stop on the tour is the typical Tuscan village of Greve in Chianti. Every year in September, a wine festival is held here, known far beyond the region. Regardless of the season, apprentice oenologists can taste the excellent wines that have made this region such a success. You can also stroll through the old town and take advantage of the small stores selling excellent local produce.

Main photo credit: Flickr – Jyll and Tom Skinner