Alsace by motorhome: tips, areas and itineraries

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How to visit Alsace in a motorhome or van?

Alsace is a region of just over 8,280 km² in eastern France. Bordering Germany and Switzerland, it is considered one of the country’s most interesting historical and multicultural regions. As you travel the roads, you’ll see many wonders, but also discover Alsace’s best-kept secrets!

Would you like to visit Alsace in a converted van or motorhome? From Haguenau to Mulhouse, via Strasbourg and the National Parks, you’ll see some incredible things. And we’re here to help you plan your trip. Here’s our mini-guide to Alsace by converted van or motorhome!

Rent a motorhome in Alsace

Route ideas in Alsace by motorhome

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Although it’s not as large as Brittany, it’s important to plan your stay. Not all towns in Alsace are alike. You won’t see the same things in Haut-Rhin and Bas-Rhin. Preparing an itinerary to visit Alsace by motorhome is therefore an essential step. This will ensure that you don’t miss a thing, and above all that you learn more about the region’s history and traditions.

If you don’t have any ideas, or don’t know where to start, here are a few examples for you.

7 days in Alsace

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You’ll pass through Haguenau, the Vosges du Nord Regional Nature Park, Strasbourg, Colmar, Mulhouse…

15 days in Alsace

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Start in Haguenau, then the Parc naturel régional des Vosges du Nord, Strasbourg, Obernai, Riquewihr, Colmar. Continue on to the Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park, Wittenheim, Mulhouse, Sierentz and Saint-Louis.

21 days or more in Alsace

15-day itinerary + Illkirch-Graffenstaden, Soultz-les-Bains, Ribeauvillé, Eguisheim, Kaysersberg, Saverne, Hunawihr and Orbey.

Of course, these itineraries are only ideas. They are intended to help you if you don’t know which spots to choose. So don’t hesitate to create your own itinerary according to your interests, but also your dates of stay. Only you know what you want to see while you’re touring Alsace in your motorhome.

From Alsace, you can reach the many border countries:

Driving a motorhome in Alsace: traffic rules you need to know

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Traffic regulations in Alsace are identical to those in the rest of France. As a result, any rules or regulations that apply to cars also apply to motorhomes. So you won’t have to worry about learning any new traffic rules. Nevertheless, here are a few quick reminders before you set off on your van tour of Alsace.

Speed limit

Speed limits in Alsace are the same as in the rest of the country. As for cars, the speed limit is 50 km/h when you’re in a built-up area. Outside built-up areas, the speed limit is 80 km/h, and 110 km/h on dual carriageways. In any case, be sure to obey all road signs and markings as you tour Alsace in a converted van.

Free and toll freeways

In Alsace, most freeways are free of charge, except for a few stretches around Mulhouse. This means you won’t have to pay huge tolls to visit Alsace by motorhome. What’s more, many secondary roads allow you to cross Alsace free of charge, while enjoying its magnificent scenery. Who knows, you might even find the perfect spot to stop for a night or two.

Village traffic

Please note! Some small villages do not allow the passage of heavy vehicles such as campers. These regulations are enforced to preserve the old roads. What’s more, these roads are often narrow, making traffic very difficult. You may find yourself in this situation when you’re touring Alsace in a camper van. In this case, you’ll need to park outside the village to visit it. You’ll usually find a campsite or parking area on the outskirts of the village.

Safety and alcohol

As you know, basic safety rules will apply during your trip. You’ll need to fasten your seatbelt properly, put small children in booster seats, etc. Also note that no passengers are allowed to sleep or ride in the back of the motorhome while the vehicle is in motion.

Finally, as in the rest of the country, the maximum permitted blood alcohol level when driving is 0.5g/l. Apart from the obvious safety reasons, you risk fines and a temporary loss of license in the event of infringement. So be careful while you’re touring Alsace in a converted van. Drink in moderation, especially before you hit the road.

How and where to rent a motorhome in France?

Would you like to visit Alsace in a motorhome on a road trip? If you don’t have your own motorhome, it’s easy to rent one from a private individual. Numerous sites, such as Yescapa, enable you to find a vehicle to visit Alsace in a converted van or motorhome. They make it easy to rent the vehicle you want for the duration of your road-trip.

Renting a motorhome or camper van couldn’t be easier! Just follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, go to the car rental app and choose your city. You’ll find vehicles all over the country! From Paris to Bordeaux, via Nantes, Marseille and many others.
  • Once you’ve chosen your city, select a vehicle according to the number of beds available. However, make sure that the unlimited mileage option is available. This will save you extra costs at the end of your stay when visiting Alsace in a converted van.
  • Then fill in your rental request, which should cover all the important points of your trip. For example, note the dates, approximate mileage, vacation location and options. Don’t hesitate to give the owner as much useful information as possible.
  • You will then receive confirmation of acceptance of your request if the owner agrees. In this case, you can make the payment before arranging a first meeting with the owner. This will enable you to discuss your trip in greater depth, as well as seeing the vehicle for the first time.
  • On the day of departure, complete a rental contract with the owner. To do this, present your driving license and pay the deposit after an inventory of fixtures. Then you can hit the road and explore Alsace in a converted van!
  • When you return from vacation, you simply make an inventory of fixtures with the owner. If nothing is damaged, you’ll get your deposit back.

Rent a motorhome in Alsace

How and where to rent a motorhome in Alsace?

Before starting your vacation itinerary, it’s a good idea to make an online reservation via an online campervan and motorhome rental platform.

There are now many such sites on the road-trip and wild camping market, and they enable you to take advantage of a vehicle at lower cost, like Yescapa, for example.

RV parks in Alsace: where to park?

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When you’re touring Alsace in a converted van or motorhome, you’ll need to make a few stops. Whether you’re visiting a town or resting for the night, choosing a spot is important. However, you should be aware that in Alsace, as elsewhere in France, there are a few rules concerning the installation of your motorhome.

Motorhome parking rules

When you’re touring Alsace in your motorhome, you’ll need to observe a few traffic rules. First of all, always park within the pitches and never overtake them. Secondly, it’s strictly forbidden to set up on the public highway, wherever you are. You can’t set up furniture outdoors, except on campsites and in designated areas. Furthermore, doors and windows must always be kept closed when parking outside the campsite. Finally, it is forbidden to sleep or cook in the motorhome on public roads.

Camping or rest area parking

Alsace has a large number of campsites where you can find a place with or without a reservation. What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to park at rest areas designed for motorhomes. These are places where you can spend the night before setting off again the next day. You’ll find them on the outskirts of towns and villages, but also along the busiest roads.

Backcountry camping

As in the rest of the country, unauthorized camping is forbidden by law and punishable by fine. This means you can’t set up on the edge of a road, whether in a built-up area or not. Nor can you park in fields, forests or by the sea.

However, for the more adventurous, it’s possible to get to isolated spots out of sight. You’ll find them everywhere when you’re touring Alsace in a converted van. In fact, there are apps dedicated to these places, such as Park4Night. This will enable you to find a secluded spot to settle down in peace and quiet. You’ll also be able to see all nearby campsites, as well as places to avoid.

What’s the best season for motorhome travel in Alsace?

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Depending on your interests, any month may be suitable. However, if you want to visit Alsace by camper van, the period from May to September is the most favorable. During this period, you’ll enjoy temperatures between 20° and 22°C for the maxima. Minima, often recorded at night, are between 10° and 16°C. In terms of precipitation, May, June and July are the wettest months. So prefer August to September, or bring your umbrella.

If you prefer to visit Alsace by motorhome in winter, then pack warm clothes! Between December and February, temperatures can drop below 0°C. Precipitation is between 30% and 40%, which can make roads slippery and create black ice. In addition, snowfalls cannot be ruled out, although roads are often cleared quickly. So be careful, and make sure your motorhome is equipped accordingly.