Airbnb Vichy : the best Airbnb rentals in Vichy

Lodge-Belvédère sur les hauteurs de Vichy

For your next vacation, why not rent an Airbnb in Vichy? On the banks of the Allier, this spa town promises a pleasant stay in the Auvergne region!

Vichy has been famous for its thermal springs since ancient times. Summer and winter alike, it welcomes hundreds of visitors every year, which is why you can find some very nice Airbnb accommodations in Vichy. Tourists come to relax for a real cure, or simply to enjoy a pleasant vacation.

The town lies on the edge of the Bourbonnais mountains and their splendid landscapes. It is the starting point for several hiking and cycling trails.

Vichy is also home to numerous historic relics, such as the Couvent des Célestins and the Castel Franc. Vichy is a must for those who love nature and discovery. For an unforgettable vacation, why not opt for an apartment in Vichy.

1. The independent apartment

Joli appartement indépendant pour 2 personnes

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Budget: €

Plus: a private garden for your stay

This charming apartment in Vichy is ideal for couples. Very functional, it can indeed accommodate up to two travelers. But it’s undoubtedly its modern layout that makes this Airbnb in Vichy so charming. Its cozy decor invites you to relax.

Its private courtyard promises pleasant evenings in the mild Auvergne sunshine.

2. The lodge-belvedere

Lodge-Belvédère sur les hauteurs de Vichy

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Budget: €€€

Benefit from exceptional views over the Auvergne countryside

What could be better than a sumptuous apartment in Vichy for your vacation? This luxurious accommodation is perfectly equipped for traveling couples. It’s very spacious, and will take you to the heights of the city. In fact, it’s located in one of the most peaceful neighborhoods, close to numerous shops.

But the main attraction of this Airbnb in Vichy is its magnificent panoramic terrace. Its unobstructed view of the mountains lends it a romantic atmosphere.

3. Le Studio du quartier thermal

Studio quartier Thermal, idéal vacances, week-end

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Budget: € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € €

Lodging advantages: close to the thermal baths

When visiting the Auvergne region, you could opt for this splendid Airbnb in Vichy. Just a stone’s throw from the town center, you’ll be close to the thermal baths. You’ll be in the perfect location for your relaxing trip.

What’s more, this Vichy apartment boasts state-of-the-art amenities and a layout ideal for two people.

4. The RoomChic n°16

Roomchic n°16 - Opéra/Centre/Thermes/Parcs

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Budget: €€

The accommodation’s plus points: absolute comfort for your vacation

This magnificent apartment in Vichy is located on the peaceful banks of the Allier River. It’s also close to restaurants, shops and the thermal baths. So you can easily visit the main monuments on foot and stroll through the town.

What’s more, this Airbnb in Vichy is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities for the coziest of stays.

5. Calm and Tranquility

Calme et tranquillité sur cour privative

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Budget: € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € € €

Benefits: a charming private courtyard in a quiet neighborhood

Spa resorts are usually a sign of tranquility and a therapeutic stay. That’s what this charming Airbnb in Vichy promises. Indeed, it plunges you into the heart of a peaceful district of the commune, just a stone’s throw from the thermal baths.

With room for ten travelers, it’s ideal for vacations with friends or family. This Vichy apartment has its own private courtyard for the ultimate in comfort.

6. L’appart’ de la gare

Appart. entier 100 m2 9personnes 2 salles d'eau

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Budget: €€

Accommodation highlights: XXL accommodation for your trip

What better way to spend an unforgettable vacation than with friends? With this apartment in Vichy, you’ll have all the space you need for your trip. Its four large bedrooms and two bathrooms promise the utmost comfort.

Also, its modern decor and equipment give it a soothing atmosphere for its visitors. What’s more, this Airbnb in Vichy is located in the heart of the city’s historic center, close to the monuments.

7. La Jolie Maison

La Maison Hz Jolie maison avec terrasse plein sud

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Budget: €

Benefits of this accommodation: an unusual setting for your vacation

This charming Airbnb in Vichy promises a relaxing stay. Its rustic decor and cozy atmosphere will be ideal for couples. What’s more, it’s nestled in the heart of a traveler-friendly neighborhood.

To get to the city center, all you need to do is walk for ten minutes or take your car. However, this Vichy apartment also brings you close to delicious specialty restaurants.

8. Luxury apartment

Appartement LUXE proche Thermes, Parcs, Opéra

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Budget: €€

Benefits of this accommodation: a typical early 20th-century building

What would an unforgettable holiday be without the right accommodation? With this apartment in Vichy, you’re sure to have a most enjoyable trip. It’s part of a traditional 1900s building. Entirely renovated, it still has an exceptional cachet.

This splendid Airbnb in Vichy will invite you to cross the ages and discover the town’s history.

9. Vichy getaway

Escapade à Vichy, 72m² hyper centre Classé 3⭐

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Budget: €€

Benefits of accommodation: close to the Callou and Célestin thermal baths

This Vichy apartment has the advantage of being located in the town’s hypercenter. It’s therefore just a stone’s throw from numerous shops and restaurants, as well as the thermal baths. Among tourist accommodations, this Airbnb in Vichy has been awarded a three-star rating.

It promises the utmost comfort to its guests. Its modern layout is highly functional and can accommodate up to six travelers. It’s perfectly suited to family vacations or stays with friends.

10. La Villégiature and la Maisonnette

La Villégiature et la Maisonnette

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Budget: €€€€

Benefits of this accommodation: ideal for family vacations

This magnificent Airbnb in Vichy is located in the heart of the Auvergne town. However, it stands out from the crowd thanks to its contemporary and unusual layout. Indeed, this ten-person accommodation boasts a most atypical decor for your stay.

What’s more, its cozy atmosphere promises a pleasant vacation. Also, this Vichy apartment has a large courtyard for travelers.