Airbnb Sofia: the 14 best Airbnb rentals in Sofia

Appartement typé industriel à Sofia

Find the best Airbnb rentals in Sofia, selected for you by Generation Voyage.

Sofia may be a pretty name, but it’s also Bulgaria’s capital and largest city. Nestled between the Balkans and the Vitosha mountains, it is the country’s largest city. This city, with its varied influences and sometimes turbulent history, is a jewel of the East. Authentic, picturesque and open to the world, it welcomes few foreign visitors, who prefer more prosaic destinations. We now invite you to reverse this trend by visiting the region itself.

To help you do just that, the best Airbnb rentals in Sofia have been carefully selected by our team. We’ll let you choose yours!

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1. Splendid two-room apartment in Sofia

Deux-pièces splendide à Sofia

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • The accommodation’s plus points: splendid neighbourhood

This beautiful apartment can accommodate three travelers right in the center of Sofia. It’s located just opposite the Catholic monastery, on the third floor of a building bordering a quiet street. You’ll appreciate the brightness of the space, as well as the view of the church and the adjacent park.

With its modern atmosphere and comprehensive facilities, this accommodation is ideal for exploring the Bulgarian capital. The neighborhood is also very pleasant, with a number of food shops, including a French bakery. But the city is no less of a change of scenery!

2. Nice apartment for two

Bel appartement pour deux

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • Housing benefits: bright, mountain views

Suitable for three people, this Airbnb rental in Sofia is located in the heart of Sofia’s historic center in a renovated building. Warm and comfortable, it boasts exquisite light and a magnificent view of Vitosha Mountain. Fully equipped kitchen, cable TV, beautiful dining room and state-of-the-art amenities are all at your disposal.

The district includes shopping areas, trendy restaurants and cafés and picturesque farmers’ markets. The central Serdika metro station and the « triangle of tolerance » are within easy reach. Home to a synagogue, the mosque and the church of Sveta Nedelya, this area bears witness to Bulgaria’s centuries-old multiculturalism in its own right.

3. A cozy little pied-à-terre

Petit pied-à-terre douillet à souhait

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • The property’s plus: private courtyard

This charming two-room apartment in the heart of the capital is one of the best Airbnb rentals in Sofia. It will be ideal for four visitors with its ocean-inspired decoration. It features a large, cosy bedroom opening onto a living room with a comfortable sofa and 4K TV. The exterior is not to be outdone, with a pretty private courtyard that’s very pleasant during the summer months.

Conveniently located, you’ll reach trolleybus line 9 in just a few minutes. It takes you directly to Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Slaveykov Square and the National Palace of Culture. These prestigious sights are what make this beautiful Slavic city so famous… and the delight of the tourists who visit them.

4. Charming apartment in a good location

Appartement de charme bien placé

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • Plus points: vintage design, location

Our selection of the best Airbnb rentals in Sofia would be incomplete without this lovely two-bedroom apartment. Its design and layout have earned it a place in the pages of many a decorating magazine. The retro, post-Soviet atmosphere, combined with modern amenities, is truly seductive.

It’s also close to Alexander Stambolyski Boulevard, one of the city’s main thoroughfares. Sofia’s shopping mall is just five minutes away: ideal for shopping. You’ll be able to sample local specialties such as stews and stuffed peppers to take away. Tarator, a kind of cold soup emblematic of Bulgarian cuisine, is sure to delight gourmets’ palates.

5. Exceptional loft in the Bulgarian capital

Loft d’exception dans la capitale bulgare

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • Benefits of this accommodation: top-of-the-range facilities

This superb one-bedroom accommodation can accommodate four visitors eager to explore the Bulgarian capital. This Airbnb rental in Sofia offers incredible views from the center of the city. The sunset from the living room is simply breathtaking! A balcony, full kitchen and bathroom are the little extras that make this loft so special.

E-mail addicts, even on vacation, will appreciate the workspace with fast Wi-Fi access. The spacious playground is more suitable for children. If you’d like to get some fresh air, head for the historic center and its marvels, such as the Saint-Petka church, St. George’s rotunda… and many others, all within easy walking distance.

6. Large studio with terrace

Grand studio avec terrasse

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • Benefits of this property: very recent building

Charming, sunny and comfortable 45 m² form a brand-new space near the city center. Among the best Airbnb rentals in Sofia, this one stands out for its huge terrace with unique mountain views. Located in the central Reduta district, it’s on the top floor of a six-story building.

Free parking is available to take you as far as Vitosha Mountain, less than ten minutes away. This middle-class neighborhood is one of the most pleasant places to live, even if it’s only for a short stay. You’ll see for yourself the next time you’re in Bulgaria.

7. Industrial-style apartment in Sofia

Appartement typé industriel à Sofia

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • Benefits of the accommodation: tasteful decor, terrace with view

Wow! We invite you to take a look at this bright, comfortable apartment with its meticulous industrial design. It’s located in the heart of Sofia, close to Nevsky Cathedral and a five-minute walk from Serdika metro station. It boasts free underground parking, a large living room, a fully equipped kitchen and a large terrace.

This Airbnb rental in Sofia allows you to take advantage of the Sofia Tour, a tourist attraction that will take you around the city’s main sites. This guided tour will tell you all about the rich history of this city of strong character.

8. Charming accommodation for two

airbnb Sofia : Logement de charme pour deux

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€
  • Accommodation plus points: exceptional value for money

Bulgaria for two? An excellent idea! And that’s why we’ve come up with this splendid, fully renovated loft in the city center. Access is via the Serdika metro station. Once there, visitors take possession of a space that’s perfectly suited to a couple’s stay. Small but cozy, the apartment boasts unobstructed views from its windows and is brightly lit.

Bulgaria is a particularly sunny country in the East. What better way to appreciate this than to take a bucolic stroll, hand in hand, through Borisova Gradina Park? Its wide paths wind through a wooded area ideal for contemplation. A true Bulgarian wonder.

9. Comfortable accommodation right in the center

Logement confortable en plein centre

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • Home’s plus points: meticulous design

Oh, a beautiful apartment decorated in the purest English style… but in the heart of Sofia. Its two bedrooms can accommodate four or even five people. They’ll appreciate the easy access to public transport, the spacious living room, the view of Vitosha mountain and the fully equipped kitchen. The industrial design of this Airbnb rental in Sofia dominates the top floor of a beautifully renovated building.

In fact, it’s just a stone’s throw from the pedestrianized Vitosha boulevard (yes, like the mountain). Enjoy a cocktail in one of the trendy cafés, a gourmet meal in one of the adjacent restaurants, a nightclubbing experience… During the day, stroll the aisles of the National Palace of Culture, one of Bulgaria’s major cultural sites. It’s a local must-see.

10. Sublime 80 m² space for four

airbnb Sofia : Sublime espace de 80 m² pour quatre

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • Plus points: decoration, location

Do you love space, whether at home or on the move? Take advantage of this Airbnb rental in Sofia, featuring a gigantic living space and a bedroom. Here, an artistic atmosphere seduces visitors just a stone’s throw from Vitosha Boulevard. Quality furnishings combined with the latest high-tech items are included in this splendid Sofia pied-à-terre (yes, that’s how we say it). You’ll soon feel right at home.

Nearby, cross the Vladaya River on the Lion Bridge. Built in the late 19th century by Czech architect Václav Prošek, it is one of the city’s landmarks. Paris itself would have dreamed of it!

11. Beautiful apartment with view

Bel appartement avec vue

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • The home’s plus: all renovated

This gigantic Airbnb rental in Sofia will be perfectly suited to six people thanks to its two beautiful bedrooms. In addition to the breathtaking views of the mountain range adjacent to the city, its highlights include its living space with cleverly scattered touches of color.

It’s located right next to the Palace of Culture park in a lively neighborhood. The building is close to Sofia’s main shopping street. An afternoon of shopping in Bulgaria has the advantage of being very economical. The country is one of the cheapest in the European Union: make the most of it!

12. Charming loft in Sofia

airbnb Sofia : Loft de charme à Sofia

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • Plus points: bright, picturesque historic district

This beautiful apartment is located in a century-old house in the historic district. Your Airbnb rental in Sofia is a sunny loft with exposed beams and warm wooden floors. Vintage objects add an authentic touch to the otherwise modern accommodation.

A small garden opens onto a quiet street just a few steps from all the main tourist attractions. For example, you can visit the ancient Roman city of Serdika, which has given its name to a metro station. Construction work on the metro brought this ancient city to light. It can now be visited as one of Sofia’s wonders.

13. Choice rental with refined design

Location de choix au design raffiné

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • The accommodation’s plus points: tasteful decor

It’s surely in the beautiful kitchen with wooden counters and exposed brick walls that you’ll find yourself before and after your visit to the Bulgarian capital. This Airbnb rental in Sofia is capable of keeping six travelers happy.

Industrial decor, filament chandeliers, black mesh room dividers and a top-notch location are all part of the program. We particularly like the modern amenities and high level of comfort on offer.

The house is just a stone’s throw from Central Park, Parliament and the splendid National Theatre. A must-see!

14. Nice central apartment for four

airbnb Sofia : Bel appartement central pour quatre

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • Benefits of accommodation: close to famous tourist sites

This Airbnb rental in Sofia is located on the fourth floor of a luxury building. This elegant, cozy apartment boasts a minimalist look and particularly well-thought-out furnishings. With its small balcony, it’s comfortable enough for four guests.

Located in the heart of the city, you’ll appreciate the proximity of the National Opera, the Ballet and City Garden. Art lovers will love the National Art Gallery, the city’s finest museum. The area also boasts countless bars and restaurants to satisfy night owls. Something for everyone!