Airbnb Saint-Petersburg: the 12 best Airbnb rentals in Saint-Petersburg


Open « a window on Russia » by taking advantage of the best Airbnb rentals in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg may be the world’s largest northern city, but it is above all Russia’s cultural capital. Located at the mouth of the Neva River, it was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great. The Tsar, who became « Emperor of all the Russias », also left his name to the city.

Renowned for its historic monuments, prestigious cultural sites and canals, it’s a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. If you’d like to join them, here’s our selection of the best Airbnb rentals in St. Petersburg. Will one of them convince you to set off and contemplate the immensity of the Baltic Sea?

1. Beautiful apartment in old town


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  • Budget: €€€€
  • Location advantages: historic district

This first Airbnb rental in St. Petersburg is clearly our favorite, with its two beautiful bedrooms. The spacious, stylish apartment is just a stone’s throw from the Moscow train station, close to Nevsky Avenue. It can accommodate up to four people, who will appreciate the full amenities and bright decor.

In this vibrant part of town, you’ll have no trouble finding cafés, bakeries and restaurants. Make the most of your visit to the State Hermitage Museum on the banks of the Neva. Founded in 1764, it is the world’s largest museum in terms of exhibits. In addition to pieces from Antiquity, it houses a collection of European art from the classical period. A must-see.

2. Dream loft in St. Petersburg


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  • Budget: €€€€
  • Benefits of this accommodation: ideal location

This splendid loft is an Instagrammable masterpiece. Close to Nevsky Prospect, the city’s main thoroughfare, it can accommodate four travelers.

If it’s one of the best Airbnb rentals in St. Petersburg, it’s above all for its elegant interior. High ceilings, huge windows, paintings and quality furnishings ensure a refined style. In winter, the underfloor heating will be much appreciated.

You don’t have to go far for a stroll: Nevsky Avenue offers a wealth of possibilities. Luxury boutiques, restaurants, historic buildings and various attractions line this prestigious, oversized boulevard. To give you an idea, it’s 2.5 times longer than our own Avenue des Champs-Élysées…

3. Ideal studio for exploring the city


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  • Budget: €€€€
  • Home’s best features: underfloor heating

This ground-floor studio in a new house in the center of the Tsarist city offers a pleasant setting for visitors. This modern pied-à-terre includes a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom with underfloor heating, and a tastefully furnished living and dining room. We recommend it for a romantic couple visiting this city, which is romantic in many ways.

In fact, it’s the most romantic in Russia. Overlook the city from St. Isaac’s Cathedral to admire the sunset. Walk along the sandy shores of the Gulf of Finland. Go for a kiss on the Potseluev bridge (also known as the « kissing bridge ») or visit the botanical garden, surrounded by many famous restaurants: your other half won’t be able to resist you!

4. Splendid accommodation in a historic building


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  • Budget: €€€€
  • Benefits: fully renovated

Built in 1857, this architecturally grandiose building along Voznesensky Prospect is striking from afar. The apartment we present here, refurbished in July 2021, will accommodate four travelers. This Airbnb rental in St. Petersburg consists of two beautifully appointed rooms. Its sophisticated look blends in perfectly with this lovely building.

Nearby, the famous Mariinsky Theatre is the ideal setting for an unforgettable outing. Built in « Renaissance Baroque » style in 1860 (three years after the building you’re staying in!), it’s one of Petersburg’s main cultural sites. Here, you can attend remarkable ballets and fabulous plays. Don’t hesitate to book your tickets – it’s well worth it.

5. Bright downtown pied-à-terre


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  • Budget: €€€€
  • Benefits: exceptional view

We’d better warn you, you’ll have to climb the six floors without an elevator: this Airbnb rental in St. Petersburg has to be earned. But once up there, what a sight!

From the soft sofa in the living room, you’ll be able to watch splendid sunsets, with the light streaming through huge bay windows and reflecting off the rooftops as far as the eye can see. The sound of seagulls is imperceptible, but their aerial acrobatics will enchant visitors.

You’ll appreciate the quality of the facilities as much as the surprisingly unusual but stylish decor. Nearby, don’t miss the Peter and Paul Fortress, where every Russian emperor since Peter the Great is buried. Historically, this is the place where the city was founded in 1703… and a must-see if you want to know everything about Saint Petersburg.

6. Cosy nest for a visit to St Petersburg


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  • Budget: €€€
  • Accommodation plus points: value for money

This small studio in the center of St. Petersburg caught our eye. It’s just a few minutes’ walk from Moskovsky station, close to Nevsky Prospect. The Stockmann and Gallerea shopping centers are within easy reach of this comfortable apartment.

Decorated in a « café branché » style, it offers luminous volumes and a large oak windowsill. It’s the perfect place to sip your coffee and watch the world go by. A real gem at a very reasonable rental price.

Don’t forget to visit Peterhof Palace, with its sumptuous gardens and fountains, or Kronstadt Fortress. Built by Peter the Great in 1703 on the island of Kotline, this is the perfect place for a day cruise.

7. Large, stylish space to share


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  • Budget: €€€€
  • Benefits of the accommodation: spacious, facilities on offer

This Airbnb rental in Saint Petersburg is gigantic! It can accommodate up to ten people in its four beautiful rooms. Located just off Elagin Island at the mouth of the Neva, it’s part of a vast modern complex. A gym, playground and even a beauty salon are available at all times.

You’ll appreciate the brightness of the carefully furnished living spaces. Air-conditioning is of course included, as are quality fittings.

Nearby is the prestigious Primorsky district. Enjoy endless strolls along the Bolshaya Nevka promenade, admiring the river and the Gulf of Finland. Supermarkets, parks, cinemas and fun attractions are just a five-minute walk away. Ideal for a carefree family vacation!

8. Beautiful apartment in a good location


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  • Budget: €€€€
  • Home’s best features: unique decor

What prompted us to include this two-room apartment in our selection of the best Airbnb rentals in St. Petersburg? Certainly its unique decor, combining modern elements with classic-style furnishings. Here, a luminous interior serves as a showcase for the furniture and design objects collected by the owners. You’ll feel right at home from the moment you arrive.

Four people can take possession of this unique place nestled in the Petrovskaya district. The city’s first building, Peter I’s house (now a museum), is just across the street. The Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Summer Garden and Nevsky Prospect are also within walking distance. Perfect for exploring this beautiful city at your own pace!

9. Large family home in St. Petersburg


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  • Budget: €€€€
  • Housing benefits: spacious, stylish

Fontanka is the left branch of the Neva River that runs through downtown St. Petersburg. The area is part of the « golden triangle » of the city of the Tsars and hosts this Airbnb rental in St. Petersburg.

Eight guests will share the three bedrooms and pastel interior. Original lamps and furniture create a warm atmosphere. You’ll also appreciate the efficiency of the reversible air conditioning, complemented by efficient underfloor heating.

With roller shutters, you won’t be bothered by the famous « white nights ». These peak between June 11 and July 2, when the midnight sun dips just 6° below the horizon… creating a twilight atmosphere in the middle of the night. Extraordinary!

10. Beautiful pied-à-terre on Nevsky Prospekt


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  • Budget: €€€€
  • The apartment’s plus: futuristic decor

This one is simply incredible from a design point of view. This three-room apartment features unique wall coverings created from tree trunks, sleek, futuristic-inspired furniture and potted tropical plants. Five people can take shelter from the « terrible » Russian winter… moderated, here, by the presence of the sea.

What makes this place special? Underfloor heating, state-of-the-art equipment, a prime location between Nevsky Prospekt, Neva and Fontanka… and the owners’ delightful attentions. Lovers of modern art will be keen to visit the St. Petersburg Street Art Museum (SAM). This cultural space dedicated to contemporary art is located on the premises of a former plastics factory. A great idea for a fun afternoon out.

11. Cosy accommodation for lovebirds


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  • Budget: €€€€
  • Benefits of this accommodation: ideal for couples

Although it sleeps four, we’d recommend this Airbnb rental in St. Petersburg to a visiting couple. This renovated apartment boasts one bedroom and a design that’s, shall we say, eccentric. But nicely realized and complemented by high-standard amenities and a courtyard view.

The apartment is located on the fifth floor on one of the city’s liveliest streets. The area is perfect for a romantic getaway: shopping, bars, restaurants and boutiques. The Stroganov Palace, with its famous pink façade, is just around the corner. Designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli in the 1750s, this monument is emblematic of the city of the Tsars. The city of Pushkin and Tchaikovsky is all yours.

12. Large, typically Russian living space


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  • Budget: €€€€
  • Benefits of this accommodation: historic building

Let’s complete our ranking of the best Airbnb rentals in Saint Petersburg with this superb 150 m² three-room apartment. It can accommodate five people, who will share the sumptuous 19th-century living room. A gigantic kitchen and modern dining room contrast with the 1912 building.

Your balcony overlooks the famous Rubinstein Street and its remarkable buildings. Here you’ll find delicious restaurants serving typical Russian dishes. Try the varenikis, borscht, Russian salads and beef stroganov served for lunch and dinner. Pure delights that would not have displeased the Tsars themselves!