Airbnb Saint-Nazaire: the best Airbnb rentals in Saint-Nazaire

Appartement "Le Paquebot"

Visiting Saint-Nazaire? What could be better than renting an Airbnb apartment in Saint-Nazaire and enjoying the city like a local?

Home to the Chantiers de l’Atlantique, one of the world’s largest shipyards, Saint-Nazaire is an internationally renowned port. Those who love huge liners and the navy will particularly appreciate this city!

Of course, it’s true to say that Saint-Nazaire is a city built around its shipbuilding and maritime activities in the broadest sense. Nevertheless, it’s a city that deserves special attention, given its place in French history. And its beaches are beautiful!

Ready to set sail for the Loire-Atlantique department? Check out our selection of Airbnb properties in Saint-Nazaire!

1. Quiet, fully-equipped apartment close to the sea

PROMO Septembre ⭐ Proche mer⭐ Calme⭐ Tout équipé

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

The property’s advantages: proximity to Escal’Atlantic

Located in the Dermurie district, a quiet area close to all points of interest, this brand-new Saint-Nazaire apartment is very comfortable. Its sober, modern decor is a real source of inner relaxation!

All the basic amenities are present. The advantage of the accommodation is a connected code lock, which makes it easier to arrive after 4pm.

2. Apartment in the heart of Saint-Nazaire

Appartement "Le Paquebot"

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

The accommodation’s plus points: location in the heart of the city center

This Airbnb in Saint-Nazaire isn’t far from the city’s main attractions – it couldn’t be closer to the train station! Inside, those who love maps and maritime decor will appreciate the beautiful ship models.

All the necessary equipment is present, and the proximity of downtown shops is appreciated. It can accommodate up to five passengers.

3. Cosy apartment, a few meters from the port

PROMO Septembre ⭐studio Cosy⭐ Commerces ⭐ Calme

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

The accommodation’s plus points: location just a few meters from the port

This refurbished Airbnb in Saint-Nazaire is very comfortable and will make you feel right at home. The decor is of the highest quality, with a touch of wood that we really appreciate!

All the basics are present. The home’s advantage also lies in its connected code lock, which makes it easy to check in after 4pm.

4. Lovely garden apartment 100m from the beach

Bel appartement en rez-de-jardin à 100m des plages

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Budget: €€€

Benefits of this accommodation: location close to the beach

As you enter this Airbnb in Saint-Nazaire, you immediately appreciate the effort put into decorating and pleasing your eyes. Everything is magnificent, and if the weather is capricious, you can console yourself by enjoying this rare gem!

We even have access to a small garden! In terms of equipment, there’s nothing lacking, and the quality is top-notch. Up to four travelers can be accommodated.



Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€€€

Benefits of this accommodation: immediate proximity to the station

This Saint-Nazaire apartment, located right in the center of town, is appreciated for its beautiful terrace and large surface area. In fact, size is the hallmark of this apartment, with its two king-size beds for a great night’s sleep!

The quality is also there, whether on the floor with its superb parquet or in the basic equipment, which is all present. Five people can be accommodated at a time.

6. Atypical studio 200m from the beach

Studio atypique à 200m de la plage

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

Accommodation plus points: proximity to the beach

Situated in a quiet area close to the ocean, this small Airbnb in Saint-Nazaire has an original decor that is much appreciated by travelers. Despite its size, the layout is perfectly designed to ensure that you don’t feel cramped.

All the basic equipment is present, and this accommodation is ideal for a couple.

7. 80m Beach & Seafront – Pleasant T2 apartment

80m Plage & Front de mer - Agréable T2

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

The accommodation’s plus points: location close to the beach

This rare gem enjoys an exceptional location facing the sea. Inside, this Saint-Nazaire apartment is soberly decorated with care, and all the equipment needed for a pleasant stay is present.

With its two beds, four travelers can stay together and the place is ideal for a couple with children.

8. Renovated air-conditioned gîte 300 m from beach

Gîte climatisé rénové 300 mètres plage de Mr Hulot

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

Accommodation plus points: quiet location close to a beach

For those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this Airbnb in Saint-Nazaire is for you! This small gîte, slightly removed from the town and port, is just a stone’s throw from a beautiful beach where Jacques Tati’s film Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday was shot.

The place has been completely refurbished and there’s nothing to be missed. The only downside is the seven-night minimum booking.

9. Waterfront, Saint-Nazaire harbour

Front de mer, port de Saint-Nazaire

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

Accommodation plus points: proximity and view of the Loire estuary

This Saint-Nazaire apartment is a little cocoon with a magnificent view of the estuary and the Saint-Nazaire bridge. Inside, the decoration is meticulous and everything is done to put the traveler at ease.

For those with vehicles, free parking is available. We won’t complain!

So, which Airbnb in Saint-Nazaire will you choose for your next vacation?