Airbnb Kyoto: the best Airbnb rentals in Kyoto


Prepare your trip to the ancient imperial capital of Japan: find where to stay among the best Airbnb in Kyoto!

Once the imperial capital, Kyoto is – after Tokyo – Japan’s second most visited city. A perfect blend of spirituality and tradition, it has preserved the mythical Japanese soul. A Unesco World Heritage Site, it is home to a myriad of historical gems, including the Kinkaku-ji and Ginkaku-ji temples, fantastic gardens, the mythical Geisha quarter and much more.

Surprising and fascinating, it offers a unique experience where culture, history, gastronomy and architecture create a picturesque and lively picture that will take you on an unforgettable journey. Admire its typical wooden houses, let yourself be seduced by its nature of pine and bamboo, and take the time to discover the many facets of this unmissable city.

Thinking of staying locally? Here’s a selection of the best Airbnb rentals in Kyoto!

1. Kyoto Machiya style suite

Suite de style Kyoto Machiya

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Budget: €€€€

Location’s plus points: close to several emblematic sites

Located in Shimogyō-ku district, close to the city center and Kawaramachi station, this machiya-style house is a charming place to set down your suitcases and immerse yourself in the local lifestyle.

During the day, arrange visits to several nearby landmarks, such as Yasaka Shrine and Koudaiji Temple. In the evening, relax in a zen, uncluttered interior resembling a bubble of tranquility.

2. traditional house with garden

Maison traditionnelle avec jardin

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Budget: €€€

Accommodation plus points: the traditional atmosphere of the area

Immerse yourself in the traditional Japanese atmosphere at this sublime Airbnb in Kyoto. Nestled in a picturesque area of the city, just minutes from various temples and Nijo Castle, this house is a call to escape.

After several hours spent discovering the secrets of the region, you’ll love lounging in the bath of its small garden.

3. sophisticated bedroom

Chambre sophistiquée

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Budget: €€

Lodging advantages: located in downtown Kyoto

A perfect blend of local craftsmanship and modernity, this elegant room is a charming place to stay in the heart of the city.

Ideally located close to the train stations, it guarantees easy access to the various tourist sites, while offering a relaxing setting that you’re sure to appreciate after a jump into the urban hustle and bustle.

4. Shinsen


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Budget: €€€

Benefits of this accommodation: close to public transport

Built during the Taisho period, this splendid century-old machiya is today a perfect blend of traditional Japanese and contemporary touches. Let yourself be seduced by the softness of its interior, sip sake in the small lounge and soak up the scent of cypress in the bathtub overlooking the verdant courtyard.

Much more than an Airbnb in Kyoto, Shinsen is a true experience.

5. Kawama


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Budget: €€€

Accommodation highlights: view of the Kamo River

Nestled between the Kamo and Takase rivers, and just a few steps from the « Kawaramachi-gojo » bus stop, this modern apartment is an ideal base for discovering the wonders Kyoto has to offer.

In the morning, enjoy a cup of tea on the balcony, taking in the panoramic views. Afterwards, why not organize a few visits to famous landmarks such as Ginkaku-ji temple or the mythical Gion district?

6. renovated studio

Studio rénové

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Budget: €€€

Benefits of accommodation: located within walking distance of several tourist attractions

With its interior garden and large open spaces, this Airbnb in Kyoto is an atypical place immersing you in a unique and surprising atmosphere. Located in the old geisha quarter, it promises a singular journey between historic buildings, cultural visits and gourmet breaks in local cafés and restaurants.

Need to recharge your batteries during the day? Give in to the call of the siesta in the hammock knotted in the middle of the living room.

7. annex house

Maison Annexe

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Budget: €€€

Benefits of this accommodation: located within walking distance of Nijo Castle

With friends or family, take up residence in this pleasant townhouse. Decorated in a minimalist spirit with top-of-the-range finishes, it has many arguments to make you fall under its charm.

Share special moments in the subdued ambience of the living room, gaze out over the small inner courtyard and soak in the bath for a moment of relaxation after a long walk in the surrounding area.

8. house art gallery

Maison Galerie D'Art

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Budget: €€€

The apartment’s plus: atypical gallery space

Designed to showcase art and creative people, the Komorebi house takes on the air of a gallery full of originality. More than just a place to meet and relax, this Airbnb in Kyoto is a space with character that is a pleasure to contemplate.

Take a look at every nook and cranny, wander through the corridor featuring works by various artists, and fall asleep with mandalas in your eyes.

9. Taishi


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Budget: €€€

The property’s asset: its central location

Treat yourself to an enchanting interlude in this harmonious home in a prime central Kyoto location.

Immerse yourself in an authentic Japanese universe, where tatami mats, shōji, Zen gardens and tea tables combine wonderfully for your pleasure.

10. natural wood and light

Bois naturel et lumière

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Budget: €€€

The property’s advantages: its location in a traditional district

Located in Higashiyama, one of the city’s most traditional districts, this two-storey house is a sumptuous jewel box flooded with natural light. After a comfortable night’s sleep, wake up gently to the sun’s rays streaming through windows and bay windows.

Then head for the picturesque streets, where many surprises await you. And don’t miss a stop at the legendary Kiyomizu temple, just 10 minutes from the Airbnb.

11. view of Machiya garden

Vue sur le jardin de Machiya

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Budget: €€

Lodging advantages: located a few steps from the Kyoto Aquarium

Imagine waking up in golden and silver rooms where dreaming seems possible even while awake. Imagine taking your shower with a view of the garden, and having breakfast in soft, natural light. There’s no need to imagine – that’s exactly what this machiya offers you!

When it comes to entertainment, don’t worry. With Umekoji Park, the Kyoto Aquarium and the Railway Museum just a stone’s throw from your accommodation, you’ll be able to put together a program that’s just right for you.