Airbnb Krakow: the best Airbnb rentals in Krakow

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On vacation in Krakow? What could be better than renting an Airbnb in Krakow, enjoying the city like a local?

Poland’s second-largest city after Warsaw, Krakow is probably the country’s most beautiful. Krakow is also a symbol of the Second World War. On the positive side, its historic center was miraculously spared from the bombardments.

Krakow, on the other hand, is infamous for having been home to one of the largest Jewish ghettos of its time, and for being close to the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Today, it’s a historic town with a friendly, festive atmosphere. A beautiful revenge on history!

Fancy a trip to Krakow? Here’s our selection of the best apartments in Krakow!

1. Studio in the heart of the old town

Studio au cœur de la vieille ville

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

Accommodation highlights: in the heart of the old town

In addition to its excellent location, this Krakow apartment has a clean, modern design. We appreciate the mezzanine bed and the presence of all the necessary amenities.

What really stands out is the attention to detail and the small details that make this home so special. These include the wooden sliding door to the bathroom. Three people can stay together in the apartment.

2. Bright apartment near the market square

Appartement lumineux proche de la place du marché

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€€

Housing plus: proximity to downtown

The good thing about Poland is that the quality of accommodation doesn’t always match the price. This Airbnb in Krakow is a case in point. While the interior is sublime and the equipment high quality, the price per night is still very affordable!

Traveler reviews are unanimous about the apartment’s homelike feel, cleanliness, ideal location and successful layout. The apartment can accommodate up to three people.

3. Boutique apartment in the heart of the old town

Boutique appartement au cœur de la vieille ville

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€€

Benefits of this accommodation: close to the station

When you step through the door of this Krakow apartment, you immediately notice the dominance of white. The host has chosen a simple, minimalist decor, which makes the apartment airy and very pleasant to live in.

The place is cozy, well-equipped and located in the middle of all the city’s attractions. Thanks to the presence of a sofa bed, the accommodation can accommodate up to four travelers.

4. Accommodation on the main square

Logement sur la place principale

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€€

Benefits of accommodation: ideally located in the old town

Do you love special places and immersing yourself several decades back in time? Then don’t hesitate to choose this Airbnb in Krakow! At first glance, you’d think you were staying in a castle from another era.

The wooden ceiling with exposed beams is magnificent. The wood dominates the décor, which combines tradition and modernity, with a state-of-the-art shower. All in all, an ideal accommodation for four travelers in search of originality.

5. Studio design

Studio design

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

Benefits of accommodation: close to town center

Located in a modern building, this Krakow apartment is beautifully decorated and affordable. The small size of this studio is not a problem, as the layout is more than successful.

The king-size bed can be divided into two smaller beds. Ideal for two people not travelling as a couple!

6. Accommodation in the heart of the old town

Logement en plein cœur de la vieille ville

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

Benefits of this accommodation: just a few metres from the market square

We fell in love with this simple, no-frills Airbnb in Krakow, for an unbeatable night’s stay. Its location in the center of the old town is ideal, the basic equipment is present and you quickly feel at home.

With room for two travelers, it is particularly recommended for party-goers, as bars are located nearby, including one on the first floor of the building. Of course, it can get noisy at weekends!

7. Renovated studio in a 19th-century building

Studio rénové dans un immeuble du 19ème siècle

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

Housing advantages: close to the Jewish quarter

The building’s entrance, which resembles a luxury Haussmann-style building, is a foretaste of high-quality accommodation. You won’t be mistaken! This Krakow apartment perfectly matches the quality of the exterior with high-quality decoration and design.

The host knows perfectly how to combine old-world charm, with the presence of decorative bricks in several places, with modern comfort. The perfect layout easily accommodates four travelers.

8. Original, designer apartment

Appartement original et design

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

Benefits of this accommodation: close to the market square

The presence of bricks in the previous accommodation was just an introduction to this one. Indeed, this Airbnb in Krakow owes its charm and reputation to its two huge brick walls! In fact, the host wanted to preserve the original walls in two places.

The result is a highly original accommodation that has been adored by all the travelers who have stayed here. Perfectly equipped for a short stay, the accommodation is ideal for a couple.

9. Modern eight-bed accommodation

Logement moderne huit couchages

Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€€€

The accommodation’s plus points: for those who come in large numbers!

Are you going with a group of friends or a (large) family? Then don’t hesitate to book this Krakow apartment! There’s no historical touch here – everything is very modern, with all the latest equipment.

It quickly feels like home, and you almost want to spend more time here! The accommodation has eight beds and two bathrooms.

10. Fully equipped studio


Photo credit: Airbnb

Budget: €€

Benefits of this accommodation: quiet location

We end our selection with this Airbnb in Krakow. Ideally located in a quiet neighborhood close to the city center, the apartment is very well equipped. In particular, it’s one of the few with a washing machine.

All the basic amenities are present for a relaxing stay. The decor is simple and effective, and the accommodation is ideal for a couple.

So, which Airbnb in Krakow will you choose for your next vacation?