Airbnb Cagliari: the best Airbnb rentals in Cagliari

Loft de la vieille ville

Looking for an Airbnb in Cagliari? Find what you’re looking for in our selection of Sardinian accommodation!

Floating in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia rivals its neighbors Corsica and Sicily in beauty. Heavenly beaches, archaeological sites and thousand-year-old cities will take you on a voyage of discovery.

To get the most out of this Italian island, we recommend a stopover in the capital, Cagliari. You can set foot here for a few days on a Sardinian tour, or stay for the duration of your getaway. Your Airbnb in Cagliari will be an excellent base from which to explore the whole island. Now all you have to do is choose from our selection of the city’s best rentals!

1. Romantic apartment on the Vecchio Corso

Superbe appartement romantique du Vecchio Corso

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€ to €€€ depending on season
  • Housing advantages: in the heart of downtown

Looking for a taste of the city? Just step outside this Cagliari apartment to enjoy the shops, restaurants and bars. The famous Castello district is just a few steps away. You’ll be able to reach most of the sites on foot from this vacation-style duplex.

2. Old town loft

Loft de la vieille ville

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€
  • Benefits of accommodation: close to museums and palaces

Looking for a historical immersion experience? This renovated loft is located in the bastion of Santa Croce! This exceptional location opens up a host of possibilities for sightseeing. You’ll be a 10-minute walk from the Royal Palace and the National Museum of Archaeology. The latter is a not-to-be-missed rendezvous with Sardinian civilization.

3. Design center accommodation

Logement design du centre

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  • Budget: €€€
  • Benefits of this accommodation: close to the station

The Marina district is home to some nuggets, including this Airbnb in Cagliari. With its contemporary lines, it will particularly appeal to design enthusiasts. In addition to its aesthetics and functionality, the accommodation boasts an undeniable asset: its location. Not only is it close to the quays, but also to the station. This makes it easy to explore Sardinia without hiring a car.

4. Luxury apartment near ExmA

Appartement de luxe pres de l'ExmA

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€
  • Benefits: free parking, close to Exma

Your apartment in Cagliari offers a stopover in the Villanova district. To be more precise, you’ll be in Piazza Gramsci. By booking your rental here, you’ll have the opportunity to walk to the Bastion Saint-Rémy in just 5 minutes. Also nearby, the Exma is well worth a visit. This arts and cultural center organizes numerous contemporary exhibitions.

5. Karalis Relais: Private apartment with Jacuzzi

Karalis Relais: Appartement privé avec jacuzzi

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • Plus point: view of the Gulf of Cagliari

Is the view your main criterion for accommodation? This apartment is sure to please! Open the windows and admire the panoramic view of the gulf. You’ll also appreciate its location in the historic district. All the sights are within easy reach.

So you can enjoy the sights and bustle of life from the moment you walk through the front door.

6. Beautiful apartment in Stampace

Bel appartement à Stampace

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€
  • Plus point: central location

Head for the Stampace district and your Airbnb in Cagliari for a Mediterranean stay. Put your bags down in this beautiful, uncluttered apartment before exploring the city. It invites you to stroll along the marina. But perhaps you’d prefer to wander around the nearby Castello district.

7. Modern apartment in a historic building

Appartement moderne dans un bâtiment historique

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€
  • The property’s advantages: its proximity to shops and transport links

This apartment in Cagliari features a pop decor combining antique and modern elements. From your rental, set off to discover the island’s capital. Keep your eyes peeled for stunning buildings. Palazzo de Candia, Palazzo Marini-Devoto, Palazzo Regio and many others are well worth a visit.

8. Luxury apartment opposite the cathedral


Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€€
  • The accommodation’s plus points: location opposite the cathedral

This Airbnb rental in Cagliari is the unexpected answer to your wildest desires, for a romantic trip by the side of your other half! From its burgundy and off-white tiled floor, to its direct view of Santa Maria Cathedral, to its ultra-modern mezzanine, nothing about this apartment will leave you speechless.

It’s located in the heart of Cagliari’s historic center, in the medieval Castello district, and gives you access to many of the city’s typical little squares, where you can sit and enjoy breakfast (or an aperitif) under the mild Italian sky.

Finally, the only advice we can give you about this Airbnb rental would be to book in advance, as it’s in high demand.

9. Downtown house

Maison du centre-ville

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€ to €€€ depending on season
  • A plus for this apartment: its small terrace in the heart of Stampace

Your Airbnb in Cagliari is located in Stampace, the city’s emblematic district, next to Castello. Stores and transport are within easy reach. For example, you can take the nearby bus to Poetto beach. After a day full of activities, relax in this seaside home-style accommodation.

10. Cosy, designer apartment

Appartement cosy et design

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: € to €€ depending on the season
  • The accommodation’s plus points: in a quiet, typical lane

This pretty loft with exposed beams and stonework welcomes you to the center of the capital. You’ll have the opportunity to explore a multitude of sites. The necropolis of Tuvixeddu, the Roman amphitheater, the cathedral and many other places open the doors to Sardinian history.

11. Magnificent accommodation near Corso Vittorio

Magnifique logement près du Corso Vittorio

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€ to €€€ depending on the season
  • Benefits of this accommodation: located on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

Looking for an Airbnb in Cagliari? With its beautifully preserved beams, this apartment has an undeniable cachet. Another plus: it’s right in the center of town. Ideal if you want to explore Cagliari. Just a few yards away, the Villa di Tigellio and the Orto Botanico invite you to enjoy a day of nature and archaeology.

12. House in the heart of town

Maison en cœur de ville

Photo credit: Airbnb

  • Budget: €€€
  • Plus point: small courtyard, close to tourist attractions

Among the Airbnb properties in Cagliari, this pleasant house is hidden in Via Giardini, a traditional side street. Walk up it, then take Via San Giovanni, which leads to the bastion of Saint-Rémy. On the way, pass the beautiful Palazzo Valdès. Nearby restaurants will delight you with local specialties.