Air traffic in real time

How can you follow air traffic live, at any time of the day or night?

Want to know where a loved one is in the sky? Or simply know the air traffic over your home… or in Warsaw, New York, Buenos Aires? It’s simple, and there’s a great American site for the job: Flightradar24 gives you real-time air traffic information.

Monitor air traffic with Flightradar24

Much more advanced than any of its competitors, Flightradar24 is a really useful tool for viewing air traffic in real time!

To find a flight on the map, simply use the search bar. You can search by flight number or even by airport to find the flight you want to monitor. As you can see below, once you’ve found your flight. You’ll get a wealth of information about it, including altitude, route on the map, model, speed, international codes…


You can also search by plane, displaying a list of all the planes on the map with their characteristics to find the right flight!

Here’s a sneak peek at the real-time map offered by Flightradar24:

Access the database

In the « Database » tab, you have access to all the world’s airports with their scheduled flights, as well as data on virtually every airline in existence! No more airport-by-airport searches for information. You’ll find all your real-time air traffic on Flightradar24.

Go premium with Flightradar24

If you’re really interested in this data, you can also upgrade to premium for $2 a month. When you go premium, you get access to more options on the site, the ability to display data in full screen, no latency for aircraft movement, radar mode, alerts, and all the free bonus apps.

What do you think of this site for viewing air traffic in real time?