According to Jimmy Mohamed, this is the best snack for your kids!

Verified on 10/30/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Selon Jimmy Mohamed, ce goûter est le meilleur pour vos enfants !

Children love snack time, and it’s their favorite meal of the day! But what do they need to make their snack both balanced and tasty?

Dr Jimmy Mohamed is a well-known French doctor and medical columnist who frequently appears in the media to talk about health issues. This time, he’s taking to social networking sites to share his top tips for preparing healthy, balanced snacks for children! Find out more!

According to Jimmy Mohamed, there are 3 things you can offer as a snack. These 3 products include…

A fruit

We’re often in the habit of feeding children compotes. In reality, it’s not a very good idea.

The child will gobble it up in 2 seconds and it will take up very little space in the stomach. An apple, on the other hand, takes a long time to chew and taste, and is therefore more satiating!

What’s more, as the doctor reminds us, a child will eat 2 or even 3 compotes because he’ll tend to be very hungry and won’t be satisfied with just one. With an apple, on the other hand, he’ll eat just one and be satiated.

Good to know: « Fruit skins contain fibers such as pectin, which help line the inside of the stomach and digestive tract, » explains Jimmy Mohamed. This pectin helps maintain good digestion by regulating the absorption of sugars and fats!

It’s the whole fruit that’s best, not the compote.

A cereal product

Then, to complete the snack, choose a cereal product.

Be careful : « We don’t take industrial snacks, because they suck, they’re expensive, they’re full of additives and they’re full of sugar », explains the doctor.

To give you an example of an unhealthy product, nothing beats a muffin! A muffin contains around 30g of sugar per serving! It may taste good, but it’s not healthy, » warns Jimmy Mohamed.

The doctor mentions another possibility for the cereal product.  » Even if it’s not perfect, you can offer wholemeal bread or wholemeal sandwich bread. One slice contains the equivalent of 2.5g of sugar. There’s less sugar, more fiber and even some protein.

You can also add a little jam ! Yes, it’s sweet, but you control the quantity and you also control the ingredients. What’s more, it’s not very expensive compared with the industrial cakes sold in supermarkets.

A dairy product

To round off this balanced snack, we add a dairy product. But not just any dairy product!

« Children love sweetened milk drinks, which are almost as sweet as a Coke […]. […] Once in a while, it’s not forbidden, it’s not dramatic, but it mustn’t become a habit! » reminds the doctor.

You can simply give your children a glass of milk that contains sugar(lactose), but half as much sugar as this type of milk product, and costs less!

In short, if you give your children a banana, a glass of milk and a slice of jam, it’s much more balanced than industrial junk food, it costs less and it’s a quality snack.

Good to know: Still hungry? Have an extra piece of fruit!

As you can see, a balanced snack consists of a cereal product such as wholemeal or sandwich bread, a whole fruit such as an apple, banana or kiwi, and a dairy product such as a glass of milk!

Goodbye to industrial cookies, sugar-laden muffins, additive-laden milk drinks and calorie-packed compotes.