According to Dr Jimmy Mohamed, these 4 gestures could prevent 40% of cancers!

Verified on 06/12/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Selon le Dr Jimmy Mohamed, ces 4 gestes permettraient d'éviter 40% des cancers !

While cancer is favored by genetics, it is also associated with other factors.

Half of all cancers diagnosed each year could be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. On RTL, Doctor Jimmy Mohamed recalled 4 essential gestures that play a preventive role in the development of the disease.

One man in 8 and 1 woman in 11 die of cancer every year. Although it is the leading cause of death in France, this disease could be prevented by a healthy lifestyle!

This is the aim of the latest prevention campaign launched by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa), which focuses on four main risk factors that each individual can influence.

Physician Jimmy Mohamed spoke to RTL about these four « modifiable risk factors linked to the environment ».

While he points out that the list is not intended to make anyone feel guilty, he does hope that it will encourage people to take action, and above all not to think that « cancer is genetic or inevitable ».

Stop smoking

According to the French National Cancer Institute, 46,000 deaths each year are caused by tobacco, making it the leading risk factor.

Smoking mainly promotes lung cancer (in 90% of cases), but also mouth and larynx cancer (in 50-70% of cases), bladder cancer (in 40% of cases) and pancreatic cancer (in 30% of cases).

In a cigarette, 250 substances are classified as dangerous, and over 70 have been identified as carcinogenic.

Limiting alcohol consumption

Alcohol considerably increases the risk of cancer, even in the case of « light » alcohols such as wine or beer.

Every year, an estimated 30,000 people die from alcohol-related causes, making it the second leading cause of death from cancer. Almost half the French population is unaware of this fact (only 58.4% are aware of it).

Whether it’s breast, colon, mouth or liver cancer, the ethanol contained in alcoholic beverages has been singled out for particular criticism, because once ingested, it is transformed into carcinogenic compounds in the body.

It is therefore recommended not to drink more than two glasses of alcohol a day, and not to consume alcohol on a daily basis.

Eat a diet rich in fruit and vegetables

Dr Jimmy Mohamed reminds us of the importance ofa balanced, healthy and varied diet in cancer prevention. Obesity, for example, is implicated in the development of breast and colorectal cancers, which are mainly favored by the consumption of red meat and deli meats.

We recommend avoiding ultra-processed foods as much as possible, as well as diets rich in fats, sugars and salts. On the other hand, fiber-rich foods (fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes) should be favored.

Physical activity

Whatever your age, daily physical activity considerably reduces the risk of cancer. In fact, 3,000 new cases of cancer are thought to be linked to an excessively sedentary lifestyle, an inactivity that encourages overweight and obesity, particularly among women, who seem to have become less active over the past 10 years.

Keeping moving doesn’t necessarily require intensive exercise. In fact, 30 minutes of brisk walking, swimming or cycling a day is enough to look after your health and prevent cancer.

According to the specialist, these « small, everyday gestures can prevent up to 40% of cancers ».