A tropical micro-climate in Germany

Tropical Island Resort dôme Berlin

Tropical Islands is located near Berlin

It’s the world’s largest indoor tropical pool, with over 400 sun loungers and not a cloud in sight. The Tropical Islands Resort is a man-made tropical complex located some 60 kilometers south of Berlin, and is housed in the world’s largest free-standing dome. This immense structure, which resembles an aircraft hangar, is 360 meters long, 210 meters wide and 107 meters high, and is supported by 14,000 tons of steel. That’s big enough to hold 8 soccer pitches together. Even the Statue of Liberty (93 meters) could stand on it, and the Eiffel Tower (322 meters) could be bedded inside.

Tropical Island Resort dôme Berlin

The hangar, named Aerium, cost 78 million euros and was originally designed to house an airship in the early 2000s. Tropical Islands Resort opened in 2004.

Inside the dome is the world’s largest indoor rainforest, with 50,000 trees, shrubs and plants. There are carnivorous plants, banana trees, coffee trees, jungle creepers and other exotic plants. A kilometer-long path winds through the forest, and a bridge over the mangroves almost makes you think you’re in the Amazon rainforest. One side of the dome has a huge window to let in natural light.

Tropical Island Resort dôme Berlin

If you go there, you can enjoy a 200-metre-long beach and water at 26°C all year round.

Around the pools are reproductions of famous Asian architectural wonders such as Angkor Wat, the temple of Pura (Bali), a typical Borneo house, a traditional Thai house… and even large Buddha statues all over the place.

Tropical Island Resort dôme Berlin

The complex is open all year round, 24 hours a day, and is large enough to accommodate up to 7,000 visitors a day. A 25-meter waterslide, mini-golf, gourmet restaurants, boutiques, bars, daycare centers and even jungle tents and lodges for overnight stays are available within the dome.

For €36 (€28.50 for children, and free for under-5s), you can set off for this tropical destination, even in the middle of a European winter.

Tropical Island Resort dôme Berlin Tropical Island Resort dôme Berlin Tropical Island Resort dôme Berlin Tropical Island Resort dôme Berlin Tropical Island Resort dôme Berlin

For more information, visit the official Tropical Islands Resort website. Photos also from the site.

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