A list of the best fetas to add to your shopping list!

Verified on 06/06/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
La liste des meilleures fetas à ajouter à votre liste de course !

In France, feta is a seasonal product, mainly consumed in summer!

Protected by a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) which guarantees that the product has been processed and produced in a specific geographical area, this famous Greek cheese is widely copied!

A study has examined the various fetas available in stores and analyzed their composition. What are supermarket fetas worth? Here are the results!

Feta, a controversial name

60 millions de consommateurs magazine studied 11 PDO fetas and 5 cheeses that look like feta, but aren’t. Since 2002, feta has been a PDO protected by European regulation.

This name can only be used for cheese from Greece! A cheese made in France therefore has no right to be called feta.

 » This doesn’t stop many manufacturers and distributors from mentioning Greece on products with the same format and appearance, generally at a lower price , » explains Audrey Morice, Campaigner at Foodwatch.

For example, the magazine singles out Lidl’s Milbona brand, which claims «  Greek cow’s milk cheese » on its packaging, when in fact the cheese is made in Romania.

What about French fetas?

The magazine explains that  » those of the U Bio, U Saveurs, Monoprix Gourmet, Roussas and Grèce Authentique brands have the same health stamp, which means that they come from the same Roussas Dairy group factory: we deduce that it manufactures not only its own brand, but also the brands of the three distributors ».

For their part, Greco and Salakis fetas are indeed made in Greece by a production site belonging to a French dairy giant!

Cheeses that look like feta but aren’t!

When it comes to feta-like cheeses , the picture is more mixed.

The magazine explains «  that only the Salakis brand’s ‘goat’s cheese with a touch of sheep’s milk’ is made in Greece, in the same factory as its PDO feta.

On the other hand, Salakis « 100% ewe  » cheese is made in France, at the Le Massegros cheese dairy. This is also the same plant that produces the « 100% ewe » cheese for the Les Croisés brand (E. Leclerc).

The best fetas after tasting

Non-PDO fetas are less expensive than the real thing. After tasting, U Bio feta is the most popular, as is Dodoni feta.

However, these are the most expensive fetas on the panel! But don’t panic, there are affordable PDO fetas like the E. Leclerc Les Croisés brand, which also won unanimous approval.