9 must-do things to do in Fiji

Visiting Fiji: what are the must-do things to do or discover in these paradise islands of the Pacific?

Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the Fiji Islands bask in their innumerable, paradisiacal and mysterious beauty. More than 322 islands make up the nation of Fiji, only a third of which are inhabited, the rest being a multitude of small islands and deserted islets that travelers can discover during their stay.

When you think of paradise islands, the image of white sandy beaches, idleness and coconut palms inevitably comes to mind. Who doesn’t dream of lying in the warm sand, feeling the sun on their skin and listening to the waves breaking on the shore? Fiji has even more to offer than this dreamy vision: whether it’s snorkeling in the heart of coral reefs, surrounded by colorful fish, or exhilarating treks through verdant jungle, populated by fascinating birds and shimmering waterfalls. A visit to Fiji takes you to the gates of paradise!

So what can you do in Fiji during your enchanting stay? We offer you some answers with these 9 must-see and must-do things in this dream archipelago…

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1. Snorkeling in crystal-clear waters

It’s probably the first thing you should do when you arrive in Fiji, other than marvel at a magnificent sunset! With its countless small islands, there are plenty of opportunities to dive in the open ocean to admire colorful fish and coral. In our opinion, the best spots are on the Grande Astrolabe reef, on Kadavu Island. Don’t hesitate to book a cruise for a day’s seafloor adventure!

2. Visit a Fijian village and drink kava with the locals

Visite d'un village, Fidji

Photo credit: Flickr – Ryan & Nada

Wouldn’t it be a shame to visit Fiji without discovering its age-old culture and local specialties? Take advantage of your stay to visit a Fijian village, chat with the locals and learn more about local habits and customs. You may even have the opportunity to taste Kava, a traditional Oceania drink at the heart of many ceremonies. Sharing it is a sign of friendship in Fiji. Above all, make the most of your stay to sample the local Fijian cuisine: rich in fresh vegetables, fruit and fish, it represents a harmonious blend of different Asian and Oceanic cuisines, particularly Indian!

3. Embark on a fascinating jungle trek

White sandy beaches and coral reefs aren’t the only natural wonders Fiji has to offer. At the heart of the islands lie lush jungles. Some are extremely well preserved, virtually untouched, like the rainforests of the Kadavu Islands or the Taveuni Islands! So if you’re wondering what to do in Fiji, we recommend you embark on an exhilarating trek! You’ll discover amazing birds as well as centuries-old trees, and your guide will be able to point you in the right direction and teach you fascinating things. If you can, take advantage of your adventure to swim at the foot of a waterfall.

4. Fill up on vitamin D on Fiji’s most beautiful beaches

Plage, Fidji

Photo credit: Flickr – Luke Durkin

It’s obvious: when you think of paradise islands, you think of lazing on white sandy beaches and swimming in azure waters! No matter which island you choose to stay on, you’re bound to find a beautiful beach where you can relax. If you’re lucky, a few coconut palms will slip into the background to form a magnificent postcard landscape!

5. Water sports

Kite Surf, Fidji

Photo credit: Flickr – Fil NC_KITE

Where there’s an ocean, there’s a water sport! There are plenty of opportunities to take up a sport or learn a new skill in Fiji. If you’re wondering what to do in Fiji, here’s a short list of water sports you really must try:

– A jet-ski excursion to discover numerous small deserted islets and also to pick up speed in a breathtaking setting!

– Take to the skies on a parasailing tour.

Kayak from beach to beach or around the islands: a great way to explore Fiji in depth!

6. Cruise around the islands

Bateau, balade, Fidji

Photo credit: Flickr – Timo

You’re still wondering what to do in Fiji, and you’re afraid of getting bored, so why not plan a little cruise around the different islands? You can opt for a day or multi-day cruise, on a small sailboat for example. You’ll be able to visit Fiji from top to bottom, and discover many wonderful spots for relaxing or snorkeling!

7. Embracing Fiji from the sky

Tokoriki Island, vue aérienne, Fidji

Photo credit: Flickr – Paul D’Ambra

Why not take advantage of your stay to take a helicopter tour? This is the perfect way to see Fiji from a spectacular new angle! Imagine flying over vast coral reefs, lush unspoilt islands and sparse strips of white sand: there’s no doubt you’ll witness some breathtaking scenes.

8. Discover the Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Jardin du Géant Endormi, Fidji

Photo credit: Flickr – Andrew Massey

If you’re still wondering what to visit in Fiji, then don’t hesitate to discover and explore the Sleeping Giant Garden, just twenty minutes from the town of Nadi. Nestled on a small mountain that lends it its name, this garden is home to over 2,000 varieties of orchid, as well as countless varieties of tropical plants and a piece of Fijian jungle! You can take advantage of this exceptional flora by opting for a guided hike of around 6 hours from Nadi to Lautoka.

9. Relax in a natural hot spring

Source d'eau chaude naturelle, Fidji

Photo credit: Flickr – razel.mella

Fiji has many natural hot springs and relaxation centers. To free yourself from impurities and worries, why not try a natural mud bath? You can then rest, cleanse and release muscle tension by soaking in the warm waters of the hot springs! After such a moment of relaxation, you’ll really feel like you’re in paradise. Perhaps a cocktail and a sunset on the beach afterwards will convince you once and for all?

How to get to Fiji

To visit Fiji, flying is of course the best option. Nadi International Airport is sure to be your gateway to this fabulous world. To find out about cheap flights, visit our partner Ulysse.

Where to stay in Fiji

If you’d like to visit Fiji, there are plenty of accommodation optionsto choose from. But there’s an important question: which islands to stay on during your stay? Each one has its own charms and attractions, whether it’s the peaceful Yasawa Islands, lively Denarau or the magnificent Kadavu Islands! Huts, straw huts, hotels, resorts… Whatever your choice, don’t hesitate to take a look at this hotel comparator to find the best-value accommodation.

Now you know what to do in Fiji during your enchanting and relaxing stay in the heart of the Pacific!

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