9 must-do things to do in Cadiz

Visiting Cádiz: what are the best things to do and see in the city nicknamed the Little Silver Cup?

Discover Cadiz, located in the far south of Spain, in beautiful Andalusia. The capital of flamenco, this peninsula is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, but has a Mediterranean climate. Art, history and windsurfing intermingle in this city where the sea is omnipresent. It’s an ideal destination for combining a cultural getaway with a relaxing holiday!

So don’t waste a second in discovering its rich cultural heritage and gentle way of life. Wondering what to do in Cadiz? It’s right here:

1. Explore the old town

Vieille ville, centre, Cadix

Photo credit: Flickr – Neil Cornwall

As well as being a popular destination for relaxation, Cadiz is a city of preserved historical charm, heir to 3,000 years of history and turned towards the sea. A stroll through the heart of the old town is a veritable voyage into the splendor of centuries gone by. From the church of Santo Domingo to the Roman theater, via the bastion of La Candelaria, you’ll be impressed by the beauty of the monuments.

Stroll along the Plaza de San Juan de Dios to discover the town hall and the church of San Juan de Dios, as well as the fountains and fountain that decorate it. The beautiful streets and parks of Cadiz are enchanting places for a romantic stroll. Place Mina, a beautifully wooded park, is simply magical.

2. Visit Cadiz Cathedral

Built in several stages over a period of 116 years, the cathedral is a blend of Baroque and Neoclassical styles. Long used for purposes other than worship (as a warehouse, a factory and even a morgue during the city’s epidemics), the cathedral today houses magnificent paintings and objects of great artistic value.

In its crypt lie the famous poet José Maria Peman and the renowned composer Manuel de Falla. Climb one of its bell towers, the Poniente Tower, for a panoramic view of the city.

3. admire the view from the Tavira Tower

To admire Cadiz in its entirety, head for the Tavira Tower or « Torre Tavira », the city’s highest point (45 meters high). In fact, it was the official watchtower of the port of Cadiz, where the lookout was set up to monitor the arrival of ships from America. The darkroom offers a 360° view of the city, thanks to an ingenious system of lenses and mirrors.

4. Marvel at the Cadiz market

Marché de Cadix

Photo credit: Flickr – Ana Fuentes

If you’re wondering what to do in Cadiz, one of the must-sees is certainly the city’s market. It’s the ideal place to soak up the atmosphere of the city. Fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables and flower stalls will parade before your astonished eyes and will certainly whet your appetite!

So don’t hesitate to go for a sandwich made with better-quality cheese and charcuterie.

5. Step back in time at the Roman Theatre

Visiting Cádiz also means soaking up the different influences that have left their mark on the city. Dating back to the end of the 1st century BC, the Roman Theatre was only discovered in 1980, completely by chance. It is the oldest of all known theaters in Spain, and also one of the largest, with a capacity of 20,000.

Visits to the museum and theater are free, so don’t hesitate to take a stroll through the underground corridors beneath the stands.

6. Discover the white villages of the hinterland

If you’re visiting Cádiz, don’t hesitate to rent a car! Take to the roads in the hinterland of the province of Cadiz, to discover the white villages, those famous hamlets of brightly-walled houses. Often located high up in the hills, these white villages stand in stark contrast to the surrounding countryside, all the more so as the houses are covered in red tiles, accentuating the magic of the place.

A cultural itinerary known as the « Route of the White Villages of Andalusia », linking Cádiz to Arcos de la Frontera, is particularly enjoyable. The steep streets, the typical Andalusian setting and the generous smiles of the locals will enchant your visit.

7. Relax on the beach

Plage, Cadix

Photo credit: Flickr – Emilio

With glorious sunshine most of the year, Cadiz and its long, sandy beaches invite you to relax and enjoy a swim.

Thanks to the many paths that criss-cross the coast, you can go from beach to beach to vary the pleasures and discover a wide range of water sports.

8. Whale watching and windsurfing in Tarifa

Une orque à Tarifa, Cadix

Photo credit: Flickr – Tom Ingless

From Cadiz, it’s easy to reach Tarifa, close to the Strait of Gibraltar. From April to October, you can board a boat to discover the marine mammals. Dolphins and several species of whales swim peacefully.

For the more sporty, don’t hesitate to book a windsurfing session in Tarifa, also known as « The Windy City »!

9. A boat trip

Balade en bateau à Cadix

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Fabio Peixoto

Visiting Cadiz also means taking advantage of its coastline! In fact, there are a number of wonderful boat excursions from Cadiz that allow you to discover the city in a different way, from its crystal-clear waters.

So it would be a shame not to rent a boat in Cadiz, and miss out on the magnificent setting! With or without a license, with or without the help of a skipper, you’re sure to have one of the most relaxing afternoons of your stay!

Find a boat to rent in Cadiz

How do I get to Cadiz?

The nearest international airport is in Jerez de la Frontera, 35 km from Cadiz, about 25-30 minutes by car. Most flights are domestic, although more and more airlines are offering international services. The second airport is Seville, approximately 1 hour from Cadiz. You can find cheap flights on the website of our partner Ulysses.

Where to stay in Cadiz?

If you choose to visit Cádiz, there are several neighborhoods to choose from! The old town is ideal if you want to enjoy the charms of the city on foot. If you head further south, you’ll find newer neighborhoods closer to the beach. You can find a cheap hotel in Cadiz by searching on this hotel comparator.

To be in Spain and have the sensation of being both on the paradisiacal shores of the Caribbean and in the alleys of ancient Greece – that’s Cadiz, a destination that promises a change of scenery and entertainment! Still wondering what to do in Cadiz?

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