8 must-see things to do in Yport

Visiter Yport

Succumb to the charms of the Pays de Caux valleys! We take you on a tour of the 8 must-see things to do or visit in Yport.

The valleuses, small valleys between two cliffs that open out onto the sea in the Pays de Caux in Upper Normandy, hide little jewels. So it’s worth indulging your curiosity to discover their attractions and the villages that nestle in them. One of the best preserved is Yport.

This small fishing village has it all. Much less well known than its neighbors Etretat and Fécamp, Yport offers an ideal setting for a quiet getaway. Even in the heyday of seaside resorts, Yport was a popular destination for artists and intellectuals. Its charm seems to have remained intact, as it still attracts painters thanks to its superb setting.

Let yourself be tempted and follow the guide with these 8 must-do things to do in Yport.

1. Downtown

Où loger à Yport

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Take the time to visit Yport and discover its attractions. It’s a family town, and although there aren’t as many fishermen here as there used to be, alas. But the town center has retained its charm of yesteryear, with its red brick houses and flower-filled windows. So, let yourself be guided by your desires and see where your steps take you. And above all, open your eyes.

The Belle Époque has left many traces, such as the bourgeois villas you can see here. Among the most beautiful, look out for the Villa des Roses or the Moorish manor house, said to have been built for the1878 Universal Exhibition. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across the ghosts of some illustrious painters or writers, all of whom fell under Yport’s spell.

2. The church

Visiter Yport et son église

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You’re bound to notice it, with its twin-turreted bell tower, when you visit Yport. Its history is rather recent and original. Yport only gained official independence as a commune in 1843.

The people of Yport had been asking for it for some time, and also wanted their own church. So, starting in 1838, they built the edifice themselves. Everyone pitched in, and the building was finished in 5 months, measuring 40 meters long and 10 meters wide. The church is dedicated to sailors, and the walls are decorated with ex-voto statues in tribute to them. In fact, every August 15, Yport celebrates the Feast of the Sea, and an ex-voto procession is organized.

3. The beach

Loger à Yport, près de la plage

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It’s hard to imagine a more charming sight than the beach at Yport. The little white huts on the pebbles are a reminder that the village was once very fashionable and has been a seaside resort since 1929. Framed by the tall silhouettes of the cliffs, the beach is also home to a few multicolored wooden fishing boats.

If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a caïque, a typical local fisherman’s boat that was hauled up the beach using capstans. It’s easy to see why painters so often took out their brushes in front of this landscape.

4. A boat trip


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You’ve had enough of lounging on Yport’s beautiful beach, and now you’re in search of adventure? Don’t worry, there’s another must-do that’s just what you’re looking for: a boat trip!

In fact, a boat rental in Yport promises you an afternoon full of emotions, as you sail along the sometimes rough seas along the Normandy coast. If you don’t have a boating license, you can hire the services of a skipper, who will ensure that your trip is a safe one. What’s more, he’s sure to take you to some of the region’s most beautiful spots, including its cliffs…

Find a boat to rent in Yport

5. The cliffs

Visiter Yport et les falaises

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Situated on the Alabaster coast, Yport is of course surrounded by beautiful cliffs on which the waves crash furiously. Numerous footpaths criss-cross the cliffs, ideal for admiring the views. If you walk along them in the direction of Etretat, you may catch a glimpse of the aiguille de Belval, a 70-metre-high boulder in the middle of the waves.

6. The casino

Visiter le Casino d'Yport

Photo credit: Facebook – Casino Tranchant – Yport

What seaside resort doesn’t have its own casino? The village is no exception, and if you have the opportunity to visit Yport, do so. It may not look like much, but it’s renowned for its welcoming atmosphere. Its big plus point is that it has a restaurant with a panoramic room upstairs, so you can admire the seafront while enjoying a good meal.

7. Hiking trails

Visiter Yport

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With its cliffs and landscapes typical of the Pays de Caux region, it would be a shame to visit Yport without taking the opportunity to enjoy some beautiful walks. The GR 21 and 21 B pass directly through the village. The former literally follows the coast from the heights, with breathtaking scenery all the way. The second is more inland, allowing you to make a loop back to your starting point.

8. Water sports


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When you think of the sea, you think of water sports! Granted, the English Channel isn’t renowned for having the warmest waters, but a good wetsuit and you’re off!

Surfing and bodyboarding

And yes, Yport is reputed to be a very good surf spot in Haute-Normandie. This is due, among other things, to the cliffs that protect the waves from strong gusts of wind. For those in the know, the spot is known for having a nice left and, when conditions are optimal, you can even surf on a nice right.

Canoeing and kayaking

Visiting Yport from land is all very well, but why not change your point of view and admire it from the sea? The nautical base offers an introduction to sea canoeing and kayaking. It’s the ideal way to discover the cliffs in complete safety. Some clubs even organize day trips along the coast. Let yourself be tempted!

How do I get to Yport?

By car

Yport is easily accessible by car. From Paris, take theA13 and exit at Fécamp, then head for Etretat. You’ll be there in under 3 hours. From northern France, take theA29 and exit at Fécamp.

By train

From Paris Saint-Lazare, you can take the TER towards Fécamp. Once there, take bus 24 towards Le Havre, stopping at Yport.

By plane

The nearest airport is Deauville. Alternatively, if you’re coming from outside France, you can fly into Paris and then on to Haute-Normandie. We recommend that you check the options available on a flight comparator, such as Skyscanner, given the small size of the airport.

Where to stay in Yport?

There’s a wide variety of tourist accommodation in Yport despite the village’s small size. You can find hotels, charming gites and B&Bs as well as Airbnb rentals. The advantage is that there’s something to suit every budget, as you’ll see on a hotel comparator. There are even campsites. So you’ve got plenty to choose from.

As far as the area is concerned, the seaside and the historic village are obviously to be preferred. It’s the perfect way to add a visit to your home.

Now that you know what to see in Yport, we’d like to wish you a pleasant stay!

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