8 must-see things to do in Perth

What to do in Perth, the largest city in the state of Western Australia? Here’s our list of must-see things to do in Perth!

Capital of the state of Western Australia andAustralia ‘s fourth-largest city after Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Perth is located in the southwest of the immense island-continent, with a population of 2 million. Closer to East Timor or Jakarta (Indonesia) than to Melbourne or Sydney, Perth is one of the world’s most isolated cities of over a million inhabitants. Moored by the waters of the Swan River, the city was founded in 1829 and boasts a number of coastal beaches that have become seaside resorts, enjoying a mild Mediterranean climate. What to do in Perth Perth’s urban area is huge – 5,386 km² – but the city center is the only place where you’ll find all the things you need to do to visit Perth. So, if you’re wondering what to do in Perth, you’ll be able to explore the coastline or inland fairly quickly.

If you’re looking for things to do in Perth and don’t want to miss out on any of its treasures, we’ve put together an estimated list of must-sees when visiting Perth.

1. Downtown

Centre ville, Perth

Photo credit: Flickr – Daniel Lee

In itself, the downtown area has little tourist interest, other than wandering between green spaces and stores to live a Western-style life, similar to Europe. There are, however, a few historic buildings, built by convicts in the 19th century: The Barracks Arch, Government House. These stand in stark contrast to the modern buildings of Central Park.

When visiting Perth and its city center, take the opportunity to see the Swan Bells, a set of 18 bells suspended in an 82.5-metre-high copper and glass bell tower. These are the only royal bells outside England (entrusted to Australia in 1988 to celebrate the country’s bicentenary). How can you visit Perth without visiting a few museums? To discover Australian culture, here are a few cultural visits to make: Art Gallery of Western Australia, Aviation Heritage Museum, Western Australia Museum, Berndt Museum of Anthropology, Fire Safety Education Centre & Museum .

2. Kings Park

Kings Park, Perth

Photo credit: Flickr – Ref54

Here’s the first must-see when visiting Perth: Kings Park, a 400.6-hectare lung of greenery right in the middle of the city on the northern banks of the Swan River. The park overlooks Perth Water and offers breathtaking views of Perth’s central business district. A true jewel of the city, the park boasts an attractive botanical garden – one of the largest urban gardens in the world – which attracts 6 million visitors a year. On foot, by bike or even by Segway, take a stroll through Kings Park!

3. Mount Eliza

Just on the eastern flank of Kings Park is Mount Eliza, a hill where you can admire a beautiful view of the city and see a series of historic monuments and museums: the First World War memorial – many Australians fought the Germans on the Somme front – the Kennedy Fountain, the century-old Baobab tree.

4. Perth Zoo

Wondering what to do in Perth? Take the NarrowsBridge to the City of South Perth and visit Perth Zoo, if you love tropical animals. Perth Zoo is a 17-hectare zoological park housing over 1,300 animals of 164 different species. Open since 1898, it welcomes an average of 600,000 visitors a year.

5. Western Australian Aquarium

Aquarium of Western Australia, Perth

Photo credit: Flickr – Elaine Tan

What to do in Perth when you’ve already seen it all? The Aquarium of Western Australia is a privately-owned aquarium located in the township of Hillarys, on the coast north of Perth. Since its opening in 1988, it has been the largest aquarium in Australia. It is home to 400 species!

6. Visit Fremantle

Fremantle, Perth

Photo credit: Flickr – Mark爱生活

At the southern gateway, 19 kilometers from Perth, lies a tourist town that’s a must-see if you have time to visit Perth. Built by convicts, the city boasts some of the oldest colonial buildings on the west coast, such as the Roundhouse, built in 1831, making it the oldest monument in Western Australia. If you’re looking for something to do in Perth, a stroll around the colonial center, the marina and the beaches is well worth your while. For example: Fremantle Prison, Fremantle Market, Roundhouse, Maritime Museum, Fremantle Arts Centre.

7. Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island, Perth

Photo credit: Flickr – Mark爱生活

Visiting Perth without seeing Rottnest Island is like going to Australia without seeing Ayers Rock or going to the Whitsundays to visit the Great Barrier Reef: it would be a real shame! Rottnest Island is a must-see on any visit to Perth. This island of just 19 km², 17 kilometers off the coast of Perth, was once inhabited by Aborigines and is now home to 300 permanent residents. Motor vehicles are forbidden, so you’ll need to hire a bike to visit Rottnest Island. Chiseled coastlines and limestone reefs, salt lakes and picturesque little bays for swimming and snorkeling will reveal themselves to you.

8. Rockingham and Penguin Island

Penguin Island, Perth

Photo credit: Flickr -Tom De Mulder

Located south of Perth and Fremantle, Rockingham is a town of 14,159 inhabitants from where you can set off to discover numerous marine animals in total freedom: sea lions on Carnac Island and penguins on Penguin Island, off the coast of Shoalwater Island Marine Park (Rockingham’s seaside park). Between Shoalwater Island Marine Park and Penguin Island, fine sandy beaches drenched by crystal-clear turquoise waters are ideal for swimming (if there are no sharks!).

How to get to Perth

Several cities from France offer flights to Perth, and you can find yours at the best price on the website of our partner Ulysses. From Australia, getting to Perth is easy from the international airport: regular flights arrive from Sydney, Melbourne, South East Asia and New Zealand. The low-cost airlines Jet Stars, Tigerair and Scootfly also offer cheaper travel.

Where to stay in Perth?

Accommodation in Perth requires a certain budget. If you’re aiming for a hotel, don’t hesitate to take a look at this hotel comparator, which will be able to offer you the best deals. A few weeks before you leave, you can spend some time on Airbnb and find affordable accommodation. In particular, you can target Backpackers Hostels for smaller budgets. In our opinion, the best areas to stay in Perth are Northbridge, East Perth and West Perth.

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