8 must-see things to do in Belcastel

Visiter Belcastel en Aveyron : que faire et que voir dans l'un des plus beaux villages de France ?

Visiting Belcastel: what are the best things to do and see in this Aveyron village? Immerse yourself in one of France’s prettiest villages!

Located in the heart of the Occitanie region, in Aveyron, come and visit Belcastel. Just 25 kilometers from Rodez, don’t miss out on a visit to this delightful village. The village boasts a rich and magnificent medieval heritage to be discovered without moderation. Its magnificent stone houses, and the Aveyron river that runs through it, give it a peaceful feel. You’ll have no choice but to succumb to the charm of this timeless little village.

Follow the guide to discover a real little treasure!

1. The heart of the village

Village de Belcastel

Photo credit: Shutterstock – leoks

Visiting Belcastel on vacation? Then the first thing to do is stroll through the heart of the village. The special atmosphere of this medieval village is most soothing.

Along the winding cobbled lanes, you’ll discover the bread oven and the lord’s chairs. The latter, carved out of the Roquecante rock, date back to the 16th century. A real step back in time awaits you during your visit.

2. Belcastel castle

Visiter Belcastel : Château de Belcastel

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Nicotrex

The castle is a must-see in Belcastel! And with good reason: this medieval vestige overlooking the village has a rich and eventful history. Founded in the 1040s, this magnificent fortress was the home of the Saunhac family, and a refuge for nobles during the French Revolution. In 1975, it was purchased and fully restored by architect Fernand Pouillon.

Today, it is open to the public, and displays a magnificent collection of medieval weaponry. The château also offers a sublime bed & breakfast… For an exceptional experience!

3. The Forge and Old Crafts Museum

Musée de la forge et des anciens métiers

Photo credit: Facebook – Maison de la forge et des anciens métiers

On your way to visit Belcastel, don’t miss a short detour to the village’s old forge, now fully restored. Today, you can discover the trades that were practiced in the village in the last century. Immerse yourself in the life of a blacksmith or a fisherman, admire the tools of a clogmaker, or learn all there is to know about sylvistructure. A great activity to do in Belcastel!

4. Sainte Marie-Madeleine church

Visiter Belcastel : église Sainte Marie-Madeleine

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Begir

If you visit Belcastel, you’ll immediately notice the village’s sublime church. Dating from the 15th century, it was built by the owner of the château at the time: Alzias de Saunhac. The family coat of arms can be seen inside the building. In addition to its sublime architecture, the church contains a tomb, covered by a recumbent bed, and four statues, listed as historic monuments.

5. The Old Bridge

Vieux Pont de Belcastel

Photo credit: Shutterstock – leoks

Another work by the de Saunhac family to discover if you visit Belcastel. This medieval bridge was also built in the 15th century. Its purpose? To enable local residents to cross the river and gain easy access to the Church of Sainte-Madeleine. This magnificent testimony to the past is very photogenic!

6. Le Roc d’Anglars

Le Roc d'Anglars

Photo credit: Flickr – Can Pit Roig Barcelona

If you’re looking for something to do in Belcastel, then head for the Roc d’Anglars, 500 metres upstream from the village. It’s actually the ruins of an ancient defensive fort, estimated to have been built around the 5th century. Perched 50 metres above the river, its fortification system measures some 20 metres in diameter. From here, the view of the river is simply breathtaking.

7. The Lourdou site

Grotte du Lourdou, Belcastel

Photo credit: Facebook – Météo-Millau

Another thing to do in Belcastel is the Lourdou site. In Occitan, Lourdou means « Little Lourdes ». And indeed, this Catholic site below the Roc d’Anglars, on the banks of the river, is reminiscent of the grotto at Lourdes.

Here you’ll find a statue of the Virgin Mary, erected in a grotto that has been converted into a hotel. To get there, you’ll cross a small wooden footbridge, making the place even more bucolic.

8. Summer night markets

Marché nocturne de Belcastel

Photo credit: Facebook – La Ferme de Fadiols

If you’re visiting Belcastel in July or August, then don’t miss its traditional night market, held every Friday.

Artisans and producers set up their stalls in the village center, to the delight of locals and visitors alike. It’s an opportunity to sample delicious fresh local produce in a convivial atmosphere.

How do I get to Belcastel?

Want to visit Belcastel and wondering how to get there? We’ll tell you all about it here!

By car

  • From Montpellier (2h30): take the A75 to exit 44.1-Gorges du Tarn, then the D29 towards Rodez, and the D994 to Belcastel.
  • From Clermont-Ferrand (3h): take the A75 to Séverac le Château (exit 42), then the N88 to Rodez. Take the D994 towards Villefranche de Rouergue.
  • From Bordeaux (3h30): take the A62, then the A20 (exit n°59) and the D926 to Villefranche de Rouergue. Then take the D1 towards Rodez to Belcastel.

By plane/train/bus

If you’re traveling by plane, the nearest airport is Rodez-Marcillac, 22 km away. The nearest SNCF train station is also in Rodez. You can then take the 203 bus to Mayran (the nearest village to Belcastel, 5km away), or rent a car in Rodez, which is essential if you want to visit the region.

For your flight tickets, don’t hesitate to check out the offers on the Skyscanner flight comparator, which will help you find the best prices.

Where to stay in Belcastel?

If you choose to visit Belcastel, we recommend you read our article « Where to sleep in Belcastel?« . You’ll find all the best addresses for hotels and apartments in and around the village.

You should be aware, however, that this is a small village, with a limited supply of accommodation. So don’t forget to book in advance. With the help of this hotel comparator, you’ll find the cheapest rates according to your departure dates.

Enjoy your stay in Aveyron!

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