7 must-see things to do in Oppède le Vieux


Visit Oppède le Vieux: what are the best things to do and see in this peaceful medieval village in the Luberon?

In the heart of the Luberon, in the Vaucluse region, discover Oppède le Vieux. Just 35 kilometers fromAvignon, don’t miss a visit to this charming, unspoilt hilltop village. From the top of its rocky outcrop, it overlooks a spectacularly rich and varied natural environment.

It is also known as the « old village of Oppède ». The « new village of Oppède » was created in the 20th century, to provide easier access. It lies 1 km below the village. The charm of the old village lies in its incredible medieval heritage. The 12th-century collegiate church, the ruins of its fortified castle, the remains of ancient shops and much more… You won’t be disappointed!

The surrounding area is also not to be missed, and will delight nature and hiking enthusiasts. You’re sure to fall in love with this charming little village.

So, you’re wondering what to do in Oppède le Vieux? Generation Voyage has put together a list of 7 must-sees!

1. The village


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Visiting Oppède le Vieux on vacation? Then the first thing to do is to take a leisurely stroll… on foot! Yes, because the village is only accessible on foot. So leave your car in the parking lot at the bottom of the village. Then the stroll begins, through the steep, flower-filled cobbled streets.

The atmosphere in this small village is steeped in history. The ruins of the castle, the beautiful collegiate church at the top of the village and the remains of old shops and boutiques will take you back in time. You’ll also be able to admire some superb old houses from the 15th and 16th centuries, tastefully restored and full of charm.

There’s no doubt that if you love old stones, you’ll fall in love with this village, which has already seduced many artists, writers and celebrities!

2. The ruins of the feudal castle


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When you come to visit Oppède le Vieux, you’ll have no choice but to admire the ruins of this ancient 13th-century fortress. At the time, this immense and impressive château belonged to the Maynier d’Oppède family.

Today, only ruins remain, but the site is impressive all the same! You can still see the remains of walls, arches, vaulted rooms and windows, which will take you back centuries.

3. Notre-Dame d’Alidon church

Eglise Notre-Dame d'Alidon-oppèdelevieux

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If there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss in Oppède le Vieux, it’s its sublime Romanesque church. It’s the only perfectly preserved vestige in the village.

This splendid collegiate church is named after Notre-Dame d’Alidon. It was built around the 10th or 11th century. You’ll be captivated by its grandeur and beauty, with its vaulted ceiling and perfectly preserved frescoes and paintings. Concerts are held here in summer to the delight of visitors.

4. Old wash-houses


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If you’re looking for something to do in Oppède le Vieux, then look no further than the village’s ancient washhouses. There’s even a circuit in the village dedicated to them. It’s called the « water circuit ». You’ll be able to admire the Fondos washhouse, the Infirmières washhouse, or a little further out of town, the Valadas washhouse.

The entire village bears witness to the efforts made by men to facilitate the use of water and bring it closer to their homes. Laundries and fountains are just two examples.

5. The Estaillades stone


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The village of Oppède le Vieux has a precious commodity: its stone! Quarries are spread across the commune to extract the « Estaillades » stone. It’s a beautiful natural stone, white limestone with little chalkiness, used in particular for historical monuments, funerary monuments and sculptures.

In these open-air quarries, you can watch from afar as large blocks are extracted and then cut into 2-meter cubes. These are then cut to supply sculptors, stonemasons, fireplace builders and the construction industry.

6. Les Terrasses Sainte-Cécile


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Don’t miss the sublime gardens of Sainte Cécile when you come to visit Oppède le Vieux! They’re hard to miss anyway, as you’ll need to park nearby to visit the village.

It’s actually a landscaped garden, comprising a series of 15 terraces, where over 80 hardy species, herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees from the Luberon region grow. Just splendid!

7. Olive Oil Museum


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When you visit Oppède le Vieux, you’ll quickly realize that olive growing is omnipresent in the area. So don’t hesitate to visit the Olive Oil Museum. It’s located on the La Royère olive-growing and wine-producing estate.

An educational trail has been set up here to help you discover the different varieties of olive trees, their cultivation and the production of olive oil over the centuries.

If that’s more to your liking, you can also visit the village’s Moulin de Saint Augustin, which resumed its olive pressing activity in 2001.

How do I get to Oppède le Vieux?

Want to visit Oppède le Vieux and wondering how to get there? We’ll tell you all about it here!

The village is located 36 kilometers from Avignon. It takes around 50 minutes to reach Oppède le Vieux.

By car

  • From Montpellier (2h): take theA9 to exit 23-Remoulin, then the N100 towards Avignon, and the D900 to Oppède le Vieux ;
  • From Lyon (2h35): take theA7 to exit 24-Avignon Sud, then the D900 towards Oppède le Vieux ;
  • From Nice (2h40): take theA8 towards Plan-d’Orgon, then theA7 to exit 25 towards Cavaillon. Then take the D2, then the D3, and finally the D188;
  • From Marseille (1h10): take theA7 to exit 25-Plan-d’Orgon, then the D188 towards Oppède le Vieux ;

By plane

For air travel, the nearest airport is Marseille-Provence, 68km away. For your plane tickets, don’t hesitate to consult the offers on the Skyscanner flight comparator, which will help you find the best prices.

By train

The nearest train stations are Cavaillon (12 km) and Avignon TGV (37 km).

Where to stay in Oppède le Vieux?

If you choose to visit Oppède le Vieux, we recommend you read our article  » Where to sleep in Oppède le Vieux ». You’ll find all the best addresses for bed & breakfasts, gîtes and apartments in the village and the surrounding area.

It’s a very small village, so there’s not a lot of accommodation on offer. So for peace of mind, remember to book in advance. With the help of this hotel comparator, you’ll find the cheapest rates, according to your departure dates.

Map of hotels and accommodation – Oppède le Vieux, France