7 bad ways to learn English

How do I learn English? One thing’s for sure: it’s best to avoid these 7 techniques for learning Shakespeare’s language!

If you want to learn English, there are certain techniques to follow and others not to… English under hypnosis, English in your sleep… we’ve listed 7 techniques and methods not to use if you want to learn English effectively!

1. Learning English under hypnosis

Come on! Did you really think you could learn English by falling asleep and filling your head with 40 lessons for almost 600€? Use your 40 hours of conversation with an English speaker instead, and you’ll see that you won’t be missing much to speak English well.

2. Learning written English

English is first and foremost a language that you speak. And while the basics you learn at school will serve you well, once again, it’s by speaking with someone that you’ll learn fastest (and best).

3. Learn English because you have to learn it

If you have to learn English « because » of your job, or simply because you feel obliged to learn it, you won’t succeed. The only thing that counts is the desire to learn. So put this desire to learn to the test by moving straight on to the next stage: talking to people on the Internet, in bars, while traveling, etc…

4. Learn English by reading

If you think you’re going to learn English by reading books and even French/English dictionaries, you’re half right… and half wrong! After all, no miracle will happen: you won’t be able to invent a pronunciation oraccent any better than you could by having an English speaker correct you. However, books are still a good way of learning grammar and conjugation.

5. Learn English by watching series in VOSTFR

It’s a good start, of course, but you’ll soon need to switch to the VOST (original version with subtitles). If you read the French subtitles, you won’t be able to concentrate sufficiently on the dialogue and gestures. This is the best way to retain recurring expressions and words in this language (or any other). So don’t hesitate to watch series in English (in VOST, or without subtitles)!

6. Learn English on your own

You’ll be able to do whatever you want – you’ll never learn a language properly or perfectly without leaving your room. Get out, travel, meet people, and everything will go faster!

7. Reread school lessons

Aside from your conjugation and grammar lessons, you can throw out everything else… At school, you’re taught the polite English of the UK, whereas outside, in the street, in short, in real life, they don’t speak like that at all: remember Gad Elmaleh’s sketch « Where Is Bryan? »

A great way to learn English without leaving home

If you want to learn or perfect your English without having to leave your home or office, there’s an effective solution: take online English courses with experts in the field. In this case, EF ‘s EnglishTown program is a really good choice for all areas (business, travel, TOEIC, professional, etc.) and all levels. A 14-day trial period costs just 1€!

What about you? How did you learn English? Or another language?

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