7 adventure trips to discover the most beautiful treks in the USA

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Looking for adventure in the USA? Whether you’re looking for a long trek or just a few road-trip hikes, discover 7 dream trips to the USA!

The United States boasts an incredible diversity of landscapes to suit every taste. Nicknamed the land of excess, this is also evident in its wide-open spaces. To fully appreciate the beauty of the USA, nothing beats the experience of trekking. It’s by walking through these sumptuous panoramas that you can fully immerse yourself in these spectacular places.

For a successful trip to the USA, you can call on our partner, a specialist in adventure travel, who offers a wide range of organized tours. Whether you want to focus on hiking or road trips, she’ll take care of everything. Then all you have to do is enjoy your trip! Looking for western landscapes, mountains, big cities or heavenly beaches? Discover our selection of 7 adventure trips where you can survey the most beautiful treks in the USA.

Trekking in the USA’s great parks

parc de yosemite

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  • Duration: 22 days
  • 📍 D eparting from : San Francisco
  • ✅ Groups from 4 to 12 people
  • 💙 We love: walking in legendary landscapes

Set off on an exceptional trip to the USA with a small group of travelers, ensuring a great atmosphere and authenticity. After visiting San Francisco, trek to some of the USA’s most beautiful national parks. Moderate in level, you’ll hike for several hours (between 2 and 6 h), divided into 11 stages along the way. You’ll spend the nights in town at a hotel, and the rest of the time at a serviced campsite.

During this trip, you will hike in :

  • Yosemite Park,
  • the famous Grand Canyon,
  • Zion National Park,
  • Bryce Canyon hoodoos,
  • Canyonlands National Park,
  • Arches National Park,
  • Yellowstone National Park.


You’ll also discover Death Valley, the hottest spot in the United States. Take a jeep tour of Monument Valley and imagine yourself in a western setting. Take in Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon and the stunning Grand Teton National Park.

Loop tour of the American West

Antelope Canyon

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  • Duration: 14 days
  • 📍 D eparting from : Las Vegas
  • ✅ Groups from 4 to 12 people
  • 💙 We love: discovering new landscapes every day

For this trip to the American West in a group of 12 people maximum, accompanied by an English-speaking driver-guide, you’ll make a loop starting from Las Vegas. This itinerary focuses on the trekking possibilities in these US parks. You’ll do one or more hikes (between 2 and 6 hrs) almost every day, but the level remains accessible to all good hikers. Your nights in Las Vegas will be spent in a hotel, while the rest of your stay will be spent in a campground.

Your trek in the USA begins in Zion National Park, where you’ll enjoy two legendary hikes. First, Angels Landing, for the best view of the canyon, then The Narrows, which takes you down to the river in the hollow of the canyon. Then on to Bryce Canyon to admire its fairy chimneys, one of the country’s most astonishing panoramas. You’ll also explore the little-visited Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

You’ll also hike through the unique landscapes of Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Arches. Discover the flamboyant colors of Monument Valley on a jeep tour. The American West as you’ve always dreamed of it! Your journey continues with a visit to Antelope Canyon, followed by the Grand Canyon. Finally, you’ll end in Las Vegas, where you can try your luck at the slot machines!

Trek in USA national parks and visit cities

far west usa

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  • Duration: 14 days
  • 📍 D eparting from : Las Vegas
  • ✅ Groups from 4 to 12 people
  • 💙 We like: exploring such varied places in a short space of time

A tour designed to offer you a memorable experience in some of the USA’s most beautiful national parks, in small groups with treks of between 6 and 15 km per day. The hikes are accessible, with little change in altitude. Accommodation is in hotels in Las Vegas and San Francisco, and camping in the parks.

Start your exploration of the American West in style with hikes in Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Both offer exceptional panoramic views. Discover Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend. Jeep through Wild West landscapes in Monument Valley and admire the intensity of the orange colors at sunset. Then head for the famous Grand Canyon, which you can explore on several trails. Followed by a guided tour of the splendid Antelope Canyon, one of the most photogenic spots in the American West.

You’ll return to Las Vegas before heading off to some amazing places in the American West: Death Valley, Mono Lake and the ghost town of Bodie. You’ll continue your road trip in Yosemite National Park, where you’ll be able to hike in a beautiful setting, home to exceptional flora and fauna (giant redwoods, brown bears…). Your journey ends on the Pacific coast, in San Francisco, with a visit to the city and the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Hiking from Colorado to the Rockies

colorado dans les rocheuses

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  • Duration: 17 days
  • 📍 D eparting from : Las Vegas
  • ✅ Groups from 4 to 12 people
  • 💙 We like: spending most of the trip in the great outdoors

Trek through the varied and magnificent environments of the USA. The hikes are almost daily and of moderate level (between 1 and 6 hours of walking). Accompanied by a group of no more than 12 people, you’ll sleep in camping sites on this road trip, except in towns where you’ll stay in a hotel.

Start your trip in style by exploring the Grand Canyon. You’ll have a choice of several marked trails in the park. Then it’s on to another mythical landscape of the American West: Monument Valley. You’ll pass through Antelope Canyon before reaching Zion National Park. Here, you’ll take the famous Angels Landing suspension trail, which offers an impressive view of the canyon.

Then on to Bryce Canyon, where you’ll hike through a labyrinth of surprising rocks. Then discover Canyonlands before hiking through the natural arches ofArches National Park. Then a day off to relax or enjoy the activities in Moab, before trekking through the spectacular scenery of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. So, are you ready for adventure? Take a look at the departure dates selected by our partner, a responsible tour operator, and pack your bag!

New York and its hinterland

vue sur new york

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  • Duration: 8 days
  • 📍 D eparting from : New York
  • 💙 We like: combining city and nature in the same trip

Would you like a trip to the United States that combines a visit to the most iconic of American cities with the discovery of natural landscapes? Then this tailor-made tour is for you! In New York, you’ ll stay in a hotel, then choose between camping or cottage rental.

First of all, explore New York’s legendary landmarks: Manhattan, Central Park, Rockefeller Center… Take in a Broadway show and taste New York’s famous cheesecake.

Afterwards, you’ll leave the city to explore the backcountry in your rental car. You’ll find yourself in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, a protected natural area that ‘s a paradise for outdoor activities. Enjoy hiking, birdwatching, kayaking or rafting… A breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of New York!

Road trip and hikes in the Hawaiian archipelago

les Haikus Stairs escalier du paradis à Hawai

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  • Duration: 10 days
  • 📍 D eparting from : Lihue
  • 💙 We love: exploring Hawaii’s 2 most beautiful islands

Take advantage of Hawaii’s tropical climate for a superb independent vacation in the sun. During your tailor-made self-drive tour with Nomade Aventure’s expert teams, you’ll stay in hotels and enjoy hiking in the most beautiful landscapes of Kauai and Big Island. You’ll also have the chance to try out other activities such as helicopter flights, catamaran sailing and volcano climbing…

While in Kauai, you can hike the Canyon Trail, discover splendid viewpoints and taste local coffee. Explore the marine life and hike along the Napali Coast, one of the most spectacular spots in the archipelago. Then head to Hawaii’s main island, Big Island, to explore its lush jungle, waterfalls and, of course, sumptuous beaches. Take a trek into the heart of the volcanoes to admire this unique landscape, get up close to the craters and take a dip in a natural pool heated by volcanic activity.

Travel and trekking in the mountains of the USA and Canada

trek dans les montagnes canadiennes

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  • Duration: 23 days
  • 📍 D eparting from : Salt Lake City
  • 💙 We love: hiking in wild landscapes

Set off on an unforgettable tailor-made road trip through the most beautiful Rocky Mountain parks between the USA and Canada, and get up close and personal to these panoramic vistas by hiking.

After a quick tour of Salt Lake City, you’ll escape to the wide-open spaces of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. A hiker’s paradise, you’ll marvel at the scenery and come across animals along the way: black bears, deer, bison… Then on to Glacier National Park, where you’ll see waterfalls, lakes and, of course, glaciers.

It’s here that you’ll cross the border into Canada to explore the stunning panoramas of Waterton, Banff and Jasper national parks. Here, mountains, immense forests and turquoise lakes follow one another. Hikers will be delighted by the many trails! Don’t miss the Miette Hot Springs, where you can relax after all your hard work. Then make your way to Wells Gray Park, an undiscovered haven of nature. Finish your road trip with a visit to the pleasant city of Vancouver, before returning to the USA for Seattle.

Advice before setting off on your trek

Before setting off on a trek in the USA, find out what the local climate is like. It varies greatly from region to region and from altitude to altitude. Even in summer, make sure you have several layers of clothing. Don’t forget a waterproof windbreaker and good hiking boots (which you’ve already used, so your feet won’t hurt!).

Nomade Aventure provides all camping equipment , except for the sleeping bag. Opt for a partitioned comforter with a comfort temperature down to 0°C. It can get cold at night in some parks.

All these trips offer treks as varied as they are beautiful, all over the USA. Which of these places most appeals to you?