6 YouTube channels for learning Portuguese

Want to learn Portuguese? Instead of spending money on private lessons at home, try free online learning!

Learning a new language can be complicated! The best way is to take private lessons or talk to locals. But courses are expensive, and it’s not always easy to meet native speakers from Portugal or Brazil. There are other, simpler and more economical ways to learn Portuguese: YouTube videos.

Today, you can find thousands of tutorials on a wide variety of topics. And learning Portuguese is one of them. You’ll be taught by native speakers or fluent bilinguals. They give you instructions on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary… and you progress at your own pace! Wouldn’t that be the miracle solution?

Here’s our selection of the best YouTube channels for learning Portuguese. Pedagogical, the videos allow you to progress as if the screen were your private teacher.

1. Learning Phrases with Chris & Friends

Learning Phrases is a Youtube channel founded in 2017 by Chris, a language enthusiast. You can learn Portuguese and lots more.

To get started, all you have to do is choose your mother tongue, and you’ll have access to a playlist of over a hundred videos. As its name suggests, Learning Phrases teaches you ready-made phrases. It’s a great way to discover Portuguese. There’s a video lasting over an hour, containing no fewer than 200 phrases in Portuguese. You’ll learn how to introduce yourself, ask for information or give your opinion. Some typically French phrases are repeated in Portuguese, such as Comme-ci, comme-ça.

In addition to these 200 phrases, you’ll also find videos with over a hundred formulas. And if you want to count in Portuguese, there’s a video with numbers from 1 to 100. Thanks to Learning Phrases, you can travel to Brazil or Portugal and make yourself understood quickly and easily.

2. Prolingoo

Founded in 2017, Prolingoo is a Youtube channel for learning foreign languages. The specialty of this channel is that the discovery of Portuguese takes place at bedtime. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that memorization is much greater when you fall asleep. As you sleep, your subconscious remembers what it did or listened to just before falling into the arms of Morpheus.

That’s why Prolingoo has developed this technique to help you learn Portuguese or any other language. Set to soft, relaxing music, a soothing voice teaches you several phrases in Portuguese. You’ll learn vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar rules.

The video lasts over 5 hours and is mainly aimed at A1 level Portuguese speakers. So it’s ideal if you want to learn the basics of Portuguese with a minimum of effort. If you listen to Prolingoo regularly before going to sleep, you’ll be able to express yourself in Portuguese very quickly.

3. Learn Portuguese with me

Learn Portuguese with me is a YouTube channel entirely dedicated to learning Portuguese. The channel’s creator is passionate about Portuguese culture. He teaches you all the grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, as well as some more cultural aspects. He’ll also teach you some tips on how to master Portuguese perfectly.

Learn Portuguese includes over twenty 3-minute videos. All you need to do is devote just a few minutes a day to learning Portuguese. If you keep up your training, you’ll be able to speak Portuguese in no time.

The videos are mainly aimed at beginners, and the level gradually increases as the lessons progress. In the beginning, you’ll learn pronouns such as me, I, you, he, we, etc. This allows you to introduce yourself simply. This enables you to introduce yourself simply. Gradually, you’ll learn complete sentences that will enable you to communicate in specific situations. For example, if you’re on vacation, you can ask for information at the hotel or restaurant, ask passers-by for information, etc.

4. Lingua Lusa

Lingua Lusa is a YouTube channel for learning Portuguese. It was created in 2008 by Hugo Perez, a Portuguese living in France. As well as learning Portuguese, Hugo Perez teaches you about the origins of the language. You’ll learn about the history of the language and the countries in which it is spoken. After all, Portuguese isn’t just used in Brazil and Portugal. Many African countries speak Portuguese, including Cape Verde and Equatorial Guinea.

The videos last between 10 and 15 minutes and are always devoted to a particular theme, such as pronunciation, colors, similarities between French and Portuguese, verbs, vacation or Christmas vocabulary… In addition to the videos, the channel has integrated a playlist of music from Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola and other Portuguese-speaking countries. It’s a musical way to learn Portuguese. After your Portuguese lessons, will you understand the meaning of the lyrics?

5. Education World

Education World is a YouTube channel dedicated to learning in general. Among the courses offered, you’ll find Portuguese lessons.

A 50-minute video offers you a challenge: Learn Portuguese in five days with 300 common phrases. These Portuguese phrases are divided into categories such as people, presentations, the human body, basics, travel, time, vocabulary and sentence structure. This comprehensive course covers all the essentials for speaking Portuguese. In addition to this video, you’ll find more in-depth lessons on Portuguese vocabulary and learning Portuguese for children.

6. Learn Portuguese

As its name suggests, this YouTube channel is dedicated to learning Portuguese. The channel was created by a Franco-Portuguese blogger who doesn’t speak Portuguese. So she decided to take up the challenge of speaking her father’s mother tongue.

Through 2-minute videos, she explains the methods she uses. The idea behind this YouTube channel is above all collaborative. She explains the steps you need to take to dare to speak Portuguese, so as to help you in your mission. But above all, the channel’s creator is in favor of exchanges and mutual help, so that there’s something for everyone.