6 unusual places to sleep near the water in Alsace Lorraine

Logements insolites en Alsace Lorraine

Visiting Alsace-Lorraine? Follow our selection of 6 unusual accommodations for a stay by the water.

Alsace-Lorraine is a region rich in tradition and picturesque landscapes. From the charm of a floating cabin on a lake to the originality of a treehouse in the middle of a forest, you’ll find here a selection of unusual accommodations that will transport you into a fairytale world. Forget conventional hotels and plunge into the adventure of an unusual overnight stay.

The 100% Nature geode, Milky Way

La géode 100% Nature, Milky Way

Photo credit: Abracadaroom

Nestled in the Calonne forest in Lorraine, this solid Douglas-fir structure boasts a transparent facade, offering mesmerizing views of the starry sky and nearby lake. Enjoy the terrace on stilts, overlooking the reed bed, and the Mexican brazier.

Marie’s Chello

Les Chello de Marie

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Discover Marie’s Chello, charming cabins in the heart of the Vosges Méridionales. Choose from three cabins around the pond and enjoy a soothing experience to the sound of lapping water and frogs singing.

Indian Tipi

Indian Tipi

Photo credit: Abracadaroom

In the heart of the forest, this stilt-mounted tipi offers a lovely view over one of the two ponds on the Domaine du Longeau. With a diameter of 5.5m and a height of 6m, it can accommodate up to 4 people. Inside, the meticulously-crafted decor features a Native American style, with furniture, decorative objects such as drums, feathers and dreamcatchers, as well as bed linen and animal skins.

Tiny House La Rivière

Tiny House La Rivière

Photo credit: Abracadaroom

Situated in the magnificent Ballons des Vosges nature park in Lorraine, this Tiny House can accommodate up to 4 people and boasts views of the Vosges mountains and a splendid riverside location. To reach this accommodation, you’ll need to take a short path through the forest. The river is also ideal for fishing.



Photo credit: Abracadaroom

Also located in the Ballons nature park, in the heart of the Vosges mountains, Chalet L’Authentique featuresa terrace perched in the middle of nature. To get here, you’ll have to walk through a stretch of forest.

Tiny House Ô P’tit Nid Milie

Tiny House Ô P'tit Nid Milie

Photo credit: Abracadaroom

With its many windows, this little house immerses you completely in the fabulous natural surroundings. You’ll have access to a private sauna for total relaxation, as well as a selection of books and board games to enhance your time with family and friends.

The environment is a priority in this Tiny House, with ecological products for cleaning and hygiene, as well as a hot drinks kit to accompany your relaxation.

So, are you ready for a unique waterside experience in Alsace Lorraine? These 6 unusual accommodations will surprise you and give you unforgettable memories. Don’t hesitate to share your suggestions in the comments! So, what are you waiting for to book your next getaway?