6 must-see things to do in Liège

Visiting Liège: what are the best things to see and do in the Cité Ardente?

Liège, a city on the banks of the Meuse, is located in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium. Often less well known than its neighbors Brussels or Namur, it nevertheless abounds in wonders to discover. With its unique architectural and religious heritage, Liège boasts numerous buildings dating back to medieval times. A multitude of imposing cathedrals and churches take pride of place in its city center. If you’d like to visit Liège, you’ll need to know that everything here can be done on foot. You’ll need a good pair of sneakers, though, as the city is full of steep streets.

Want to know what to do in Liège for a weekend or more? Don’t miss these 6 must-see places to visit in Liège.

1. Downtown

Palais des Princes Evêques, centre-ville, Liège

Photo credit: Flickr – jpl1140

Liège boasts a unique cultural heritage. As you approach the city center, you’ll first come across the Palais des Princes-Évêques. Located on Place Saint Lambert, it was built in the 16th century and now houses the city’s Palais de Justice.

Liège was also the capital of an ecclesiastical principality for several centuries. Its city center still bears witness to this, which is why it’s nicknamed « the city of a hundred steeples ». These include Cathédrale Saint-Paul, Eglise Saint-Jacques and Collégiale de Saint Barthelemy.

2. Bueren Mountain

Escaliers, Montagne de Bueren, Liège

Photo credit: Flickr – Ton Nolles

You’ll need a pinch of motivation when you get to the bottom of these stairs… But climbing the 375 steps to the Montagne de Bueren is guaranteed to be a rewarding effort. It’s the best way to enjoy the most beautiful views of Liège, with the added bonus of being immersed in the countryside. The stairs of the Bueren mountain also lead to the Coteaux promenade.

3. Les Coteaux de la Citadelle

Les Côteaux de la Citadelle, Liège

Photo credit: Flickr – Philippe_

For an original walk, take the Coteaux de la Citadelle trail, which starts at the Esplanade Saint Léonard. Located close to the city center, this 2-hour walk takes in the city’s history through its religious and architectural heritage, while giving you a chance to take in the sights. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, this is a great way to visit Liège and enjoy its green spaces at the same time. In particular, we recommend you try the night-time tour for a truly enchanting spectacle.

4. The Hors-Château district and its narrow streets

Quartier Hors-Château, Liège

Photo credit: Flickr – jpl1140

In Liège, the city’s charm is heightened tenfold when you take a stroll through the narrow streets, a little removed from the hustle and bustle. To discover this, head to the area around rue Hors-Château, where you’ll find overgrown facades, cobbled floors, brick walls and, to make this discovery even more enjoyable, cats lounging quietly at the bottom of doorways often take the place of humans. If you’re looking for something to do in Liège, the Hors-Château district is a true haven of peace.

5. Liège gastronomy

Peket, bar de Liège

Photo credit: Flickr – Kmeron

A visit to Liège would not be complete without sampling an authentic Liège waffle. To fill up on these delicacies, visit one of the city’s artisanal bakeries, such as Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette, on Rue des Mineurs. You’ll melt for this sweet, soft and crunchy treat.

During your visit to Liège, you can also indulge in a pint of craft beer at one of the city’s breweries, or a glass of Peket, the local beverage. But of course, in moderation.

6 The city’s contrasting architecture

Cathédrale Saint-Paul, Liège

Photo credit: Flickr – jpl1140

Liège is a skilful blend of history and modernity. To give you an idea of its charm, the first thing to do in Liège is to admire the Grand Curtius from every angle. On the banks of the Meuse, this red building is one of the city’s most beautiful. Built in the early 17th century, this former palace is now a huge museum with fine art and history collections. The Cathédrale Saint-Paul, a remarkable monument, is also worth a visit: it holds the Trésor de la Cathédrale Saint-Lambert, a treasure trove of medieval treasures to be discovered during your visit.

A few steps further on, prepare for a leap into the 21st century with Liège station. This building, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, features a glass and steel vault with circular lines. Often the first thing you’ll see in Liège, it’s a sight to behold from both inside and out.

If you’re wondering what to do in Liege during a longer stay, here are some additional activities to do in this city:

Museums: From the Cité-Miroir to the Musée d’Ansembourg, from the Maison de la Science to the Aquarium-Museum, Liège offers a wide range of museums to visit on your own or with the whole family.

Typical houses: Visiting Liège also means admiring its typical Walloon half-timbered houses, the oldest of which date back to the 16th century. Rue du Carré and Quai de la Batte are ideal for this activity.

Parc de la Boverie: This park is located on the banks of the Meuse. With its lake, animals and vegetation, it’s a place where time stands still, giving way to contemplation. It also recently opened a museum.

How to get to Liège

The best way to get to Liège quickly is by plane. Numerous flights are available from Paris and all over France. To find an inexpensive flight, consult the website of our partner Ulysse. The train is a particularly good option from Paris. The journey takes 2h30 and takes you directly to the city center. Alternatively, you can fly to Brussels, then take a train or bus to Liège. You can also get there by car, although you won’t be able to use it to explore the city.

Where to stay in Liège

Whether you fall in love with Rue Hors Château or prefer the liveliness of the historic center, you’ll have a wide choice of places to stay in Liège. If you’re looking to reduce your budget while still finding a pleasant place to stay, you can find a cheap hotel in Liège by searching on this hotel comparator. However, if you prefer to feel at home during your stay in Liege, you can also find an apartment on Airbnb for a reasonable budget.

Do you now know a little more? All you have to do now is plan your stay and let yourself be captivated by the charm of this small Walloon town.

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