6 children’s suitcases to take them with you

Children also have the right to choose their travel accessories… Here’s our selection of the 6 best travel cases for the little ones!

Like many parents, you’ve no doubt been faced with this dilemma when it’s time to go on vacation: your child is reluctant to leave his room because he doesn’t like the huge bag in which you’ve packed his travel gear. To alleviate this situation, or prevent it to a lesser extent, we offer you a selection of travel cases designed for children.

Here are our top 6 best suitcases for kids!

Madisson for children

Valise pour enfant Madisson

Madisson is one of the most renowned brands on the travel accessories market. Usually focusing on models for adults, the brand’s catalog includes a host of travel cases designed for children. Our choice was the Cabin, a perfect blend of noble and more popular materials, fabric and plastic, to delight the youngest and the deepest of parents’ wallets.

The Cabine range is available for both boys and girls, and if you’re feeling artistic, you can pass the torch to your child by choosing one of the many designs available.

Disney by Samsonite

Valise pour enfant Disney Samsonite

For over 20 years, the Disney world has been an integral part of children’s lives. We ourselves grew up watching episodes of Mickey Mouse and other timeless animated films, and now the American animation company has teamed up with suitcase and travel bag manufacturer Samsonite to develop a range of suitcases for children.

Suitable for both boys and girls, in this department it’s the trolley suitcase that appeals most to us, not least because of the multitude of franchises on offer in terms of design. Dory, Minnie, Mickey, Cars and even Buzz Lightyear, your kids can choose which of their favorite friends they’d like to travel with!

Cabin Max

Valise pour enfant Cabin Max ours

Does your child have an adventurous spirit? Treat them to this wheeled suitcase, ideal for accompanying budding globetrotters on their adventures… accompanied by their teddy bear on the front! Suitable for children aged 4 and over, this suitcase will make a real mess of your child’s belongings.

Featuring an XXL-sized main compartment, as well as notches (on the sides) for juice or water bottles, Cabin Max’s suitcase also has a front pocket for travel documents, for example.

Cuties and Pals

Valise pour enfant Cuties and Pals

If, like you, your sister’s son Theo is a forest animal fanatic, why not give him a travel case featuring his favorite beast when you next visit the online retailers? Cuties and Pals is a specialist in this field, offering a range of hard cases in the shape of tigers, elephants, hippos and all kinds of wild animals.

In addition to matching your children’s animal choices, Cuties and Pals’ suitcases and travel backpacks feature large compartments for easy storage of their clothes and toys.


Valise pour enfant Trunki

Another brand that allows children to travel in the company of a replica of their favorite animal, Trunki offers a vast catalog of suitcases in the shape of zebras, cows and rabbits, making it easy to store clothes and toys for children aged 3 to 6.

Trunki is the Motorola of its kind, allowing parents (no doubt assisted by their children) to create tailor-made suitcases to suit the desires of their young owners. Multifunctional and featuring a large storage compartment, the rigid suitcase will also serve as a toy, since your child can sit on it and use it to roll down airport aisles.


Valise pour enfant Skoot

The Skoot carry-on suitcase is a clever blend of vintage look and utility, since its wheels and scooter look also make it easy for your children to get around airport aisles. Aimed primarily at 3 to 6 year-olds, the suitcase is available in a range of colors and features a vast storage compartment that will easily accommodate the essentials of your little one’s belongings.