5 vacation villages to go with your dog

Belambra - Le roc

Because dogs aren’t always allowed on vacation, here are 5 vacation villages where you can take your dog!

Would you like to take a break with your pets? Belambra offers pet-friendly vacation rentals, exclusively in certain clubs… By the sea, in the mountains, in the city or in the countryside, enjoy exceptional destinations to choose from, according to your desires. However, pets are only allowed during certain periods, notably outside school vacations. For more information, please consult the « Practical info » tab of your Belambra club.

Your pets will be admitted subject to Club rules and basic hygiene. This is your chance to make the most of your vacation in comfortable accommodation, without having to part with your pets.

So for your next getaway, book one of the 5 vacation villages where your pets are welcome.

1. Lyon « Villemanzy » residence

Belambra Lyon - vacances chien

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Looking for excitement, trendy places and museums? A good « bouchon lyonnais » and the rosy facades of an old city center listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site? The Lyon Résidence « Villemanzy » vacation village is the perfect destination for you and your dog. It’s just a stone’s throw from the tourist attractions and picturesque districts of the capital of Gaul.

Nestled on the slopes of the Croix Rousse, in an authentic former convent, it also opens onto an exceptional panorama. The whole city and the Rhône are at your feet. In addition to urban and gastronomic strolls, Lyon offers beautiful green and natural spaces where it’s good to stroll with your pooch: parks, riverbanks, gardens and even two emblematic hills.

2. Chambonas « Les Vans » residence

Belambra Chambonas

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Spectacular cliffs, a kaleidoscope of colors, wild nature and typical villages: the Chassezac gorges and the Ardèche region promise a breathtaking vacation. Lovers of Mediterranean scenery and outdoor activities couldn’t dream of a better destination to take your dog. What do you prefer on a mountainside? Hiking, mountain biking or canoeing? To make the most of this exceptional location, opt for the 100% green, pedestrian-friendly vacation village of the Chambonas « Les Vans » residence.

Your stone cottage is set in unspoilt countryside, close to some lovely Ardèche villages. The ideal place to relax, sample local market produce, soak up the sun and stretch out your summer evenings. If you’re a history buff, you won’t be left out in the cold either. The poetic and enigmatic palace of the horse factor and the villages of character carved out of the rock will captivate you.

3. Carcans-Maubuisson Club « Les Sentes

Carcans Belambra - Les sentes

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Seaside vacations just don’t taste the same without our faithful companions frolicking on the beach. This year, take to the coast of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and put down your suitcases right on the water. In the Carcans-Maubuisson Club « Les Sentes » residence, you’ll enjoy immediate proximity to the ocean and a lake.

Nearby must-sees include the Gironde estuary, Dune du Pilat, Lac de Lacanou, Cap-Ferret, Fort Boyard and the Cousseau and Contaut nature reserves. You can also follow the gourmet route of the Châteaux of the Médoc and explore historic architectural gems such as the Ville d’Hiver. An ideal vacation spot for a dip in the iodine, the area also boasts kilometers of bicycle paths. Beautiful walks departing from the village and water sports sessions await you.

Individual chalets bathed in a peaceful ambience, open onto a garden or on stilts, just a stone’s throw from sports and creative facilities.

4. Les Menuires Residence « Le Hameau des Airelles

Clubs Belambra hiver : Le hameau des Airelles - vacances chien

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If you dream of taking off with your dog and soaking up the chlorophyll, there’s nothing better than a 100% nature holiday in a nature park! The Les Menuires residence « Le Hameau des Airelles » is nestled in the Vanoise National Park: a traditional Savoyard resort, as welcoming as a good tartiflette and as relaxing as a good sauna session. On the agenda for your vacation with your dog: relaxation, sport, games and, above all, nature. In fact, it’s hard to resist the call of the mountains that face your furnished terrace…

In your cosy cocoon, a subtle blend of stone and wood, you’ll enjoy all the comforts you need to recover from your mountain bike rides and hikes with your pooch. If you love historical walks, don’t miss the famous Baroque paths, discovering Savoy’s unsuspected architectural and religious heritage.

5. Orcières Club « Le Roc Blanc

Belambra - Le roc

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When you think of places to go with your dog in the mountains, the images that come to mind are very similar to those of Orcières Club « Le Roc Blanc« . Embellished by the Écrins, Lac de Serre-Ponçon and the unusual landscape of the « demoiselles coiffées », the setting is simply breathtaking. At the foot of the slopes of the Southern Alps, go hiking in summer or hit the ski slopes in winter.

The vacation village offers a wide range of activities in a friendly, typically mountain setting. Hot chocolate, fireplaces, hiking boots, chamois, breathtaking peaks and bubbling waters: what more could you want? What’s more, your faithful companion is welcomed here like a king. You can also discover a more confidential side of the Alps: that of its architectural and religious heritage, particularly in the harmonious pastel town of Gap.

Tips for going on vacation with your pet

Before you set off on vacation with your dog, how about a final check-up? Because even if you’ve already found the perfect accommodation in one of our 6 dog-friendly vacation villages, a few extra tips can still save the day.

First of all, think about your companion’s comfort during the journey, as well as your own safety, especially if you’re going by car. That’s why you should choose a crate adapted to your dog’s size. He must be able to move and lie down freely inside. Second option: the dog seat belt. This is more suitable for smaller dogs. Finally, for larger dogs, a separation net is a good option.

In addition to this equipment, provide a water bowl and regular breaks so that your dog can stretch its legs and relieve itself. If you’re traveling by public transport, train or airplane, find out about the conditions that apply to the weight of your pet. Don’t hesitate to discuss this with your veterinarian. If necessary, your veterinarian may even prescribe medication to help relieve motion sickness or travel stress.

Then, once you’ve arrived at your vacation destination, set up a little cocoon for your dog. Place his basket or favorite blanket in a reassuring corner. To ensure that your dog retains his food habits, take his usual food with you. As with you, your pet’s brain doesn’t like sudden changes: it’s best to limit the damage. Speaking of damage, don’t forget your poop bag either. Tourist resorts (and anywhere else for that matter) don’t tolerate dog mess.

Don ‘t forget your pet’s health record, and make sure its vaccinations are up to date. And don’t forget to bring all the equipment you’ll need for minor injuries, as well as a first-aid kit: tick remover, disinfectant, anti-wrinkle cream, sun cream for nose and ears, paw pad protector, nail clippers, mild shampoo, cooling or heating clothing, depending on the season and destination. If you’re a fan of swimming, be sure to rinse your dog thoroughly to remove sand and salt.

Furthermore, it is not advisable to take your dog on vacation if it is not perfectly socialized. In crowded places, your dog must be able to remain calm. Walking on a leash without pulling, responding to calls, remaining in a static position, not destroying, being clean: these are all behaviors your dog needs to have acquired before leaving. Finally, take your dog’s usual walking equipment with you: this will help him to familiarize himself quickly with new environments.