5 truths our parents should have told us!

Verified on 22/02/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor
Ces 5 vérités que nos parents auraient dû nous transmettre !

In our society, expressing our feelings is sometimes seen as a sign of weakness. Emotions remain difficult to express for many of us.

A psychologist shares with us the 5 fundamental truths that our parents should have passed on to us in order to have good emotional health. Find out!

Feeling emotions is not a sign of weakness

You’re human, and it’s perfectly normal to feel emotions! All people, men and women alike, are programmed to feel emotions such as anger, sadness, excitement, fear, joy or even disgust!

Emotions help us feel alive

It’s our emotions that make us feel alive! Our thoughts alone are flat and lifeless. Emotions are energetic experiences: they color our lives.

Emotions convey strong impulses that drive us to action

Emotions cause our bodies to react quickly to a situation.

For example, fear causes us to flee. Anger prompts us to defend ourselves. Disgust forces us to expel something toxic or bad. Sadness drives us to seek comfort in others.

These emotions enable us to build human relationships.

Society encourages us to ignore, bury or even suppress our emotions.

When we ignore our emotions and live exclusively in our thoughts, we are deprived of vital energy that could be used to live better.

Illnesses such as depression are caused by the blocking of these emotions. Ignoring or repressing our emotions can have harmful consequences for our mental health.

Emotions help us to live better

Our emotions are sometimes difficult to manage and can be synonymous with great suffering, but they are invaluable allies.

You mustn’t hide or ignore them; you must learn to recognize and express them! Emotions are there to help us know ourselves better.

Now that you know these 5 rules, learn how to manage your emotions for a healthier life!